My heart is with you ragini epi 8 by sindhura


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Rajini comes home ..
Rajini:- so ladies and gentlemen how is your my show..
Sakshi:- as always awesome..
Rajini hugs her..
Sakshi:- by the way whom you are missing today..
Rajini:- dont knew..
Dadi:- any way get packed tonight you were leaving to mumbai with your dadaji and bhaiya..
Rajini:- ok
She leaves to her room and finds bojjo sleeping on her bed and hits her tail fastly by seeing her..
Both cuddles to each other.
Rajini:- bojjo di is going to delhi for some work so be a good girl and dont irriate any one ok.
Bojjo keeps her head on her lap..

In mansion.
A man in old age comes and asks for food ap goes and gives him food and few clothes also..
Man:- all your happiness wil return to you and the little sadness will also go away from your life and your family life.
He leaves
Ap feels happy and goes inside..
Sanskar returns home ..
Ap comes with water and gives him.
Ap:- how is your day sanskar..
Sanskar:- fine badai maa..
He drinks water and goes into his room and closes his door.
Ap looks on sadly turns and finds sujatha looking at sanskar room With tears…
Ap goes and places hand on her.she immediatedly wipes her tears and goes inside kitchen.
Ap:- how much you want to hide you can sujatha but you eyes were showing concern and love towards sanskar..

In sanskar room..
Sanskar:- you knew what happen today in hospital .. i found a guy exactly like me but he was lucky that he got his love immediatedly
and that girl to forgived him for his mistakes..he goes towards ragini photo and touches it and says it had been 6 months ragini still how much you want to punish me..
See i am crying everyday and missing you badly..plss come back to me ragini…
He closes his eyes and a tear escapes from his eyes..

In delhi a unknown tear escapes from ragini eyes she realises and wipes her tears and says to her self..
Ragini:- dont knew why but from past days unknowingly tears are rolling from my eyes….
She gets up packs everything and turns and sees bojjo looking at her sadly..
Ragini pouts and says:- do you want to come..
Bojjo(dog) gets excited and jumps in happiness and ragini too laughs….
Ragini comes down with luggage and sameer and dadajii were already waiting for her gets shocked seeing bojjo coming with ragini..
Sameer excitedly:- bojjo is coming with us wow… and see dadajii..
Ragini:- please dadajii..
Dadajii smiles and nodes his head in yes but we are staying in frds house we have to inform them..
All sits in their car and starts to mumbai…

Sanskar comes out from room and sits with all for dinner but stays silent.
Just then laksh comes from upstairs by talking in phone he too joins with all.
Laksh:- deshpandes started dad they are coming threw car.
Dp:- send them our address laksh.
Laksh:- i did dad but they are saying they had a farm house here so they first freshen up their abd then they will come here.
Ap:- although they had farm house they can come here to freshen up say them that we have no problem
Laksh:- they are saying that they are bringing their dog abd staying with dog in our house they feel that we will feel uncomfortable.
Ap:- not at all laksh and what that dog name.
Laksh:- bojjo maa
Ap:- nice name and dp jii you say to them we have no problem.

Next morning…
Ragini sees welcome to mumbai board smiles and gives flying kisses..
Here sanskar closes his eyes and feel like someone kissed him and smiles automatically and turned to ragini photo and says ..
Sanskar:- i had a feeling that you kissed me…i hope some day it becomes true and gives flying kisses to ragini photo..
Here in car ragini closes his eyes and she too feel like some one kissed her and smiles happily…
Ragini:- its just i had a feeling that some one kissed me..
Sameer comes to her and kisses her cheeck and says i kissed you now..
Ragini and sameer both side hugs each other..
Here sanskar comes out of room with little smile where laksh looks
Sanskar smile and he too smiles…

Precap:- ragini meeting dp rp and laksh who gets shocked seeing her…

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