My heart is with you ragini epi 7 by sindhura

Here sanskar is taking rounds in hospital and suddenly a young man runs carrying a girl whoes hand was bleeding..
Sanskar rushes to them.
Man:- please sir save my wife…
They took his wife into icu immediatedly and started treating her and that man was praying to god after few hours sanskar comes out and says that she was out of danger..
He thanks him..
Sanskar:- its a suicide case sir may i knew what happen so that we can help her to overcome her depression.
Man:- i was the reason for her condition sir .we got married in different conditions and she tried alot to save our marriage but i didnt even tried to understand her and shortly without my knowledge i hurted her alot infrustation and she done like this.
Sanskar:- what ever happen it is for good only.
Man:- what good in this sir..
Sanskar:- you realised your love for her and your depth of love bought her back ..
Man:- what if anything happen to her..
Sanskar:- nothing will happen to her because your are safe ..
Man smiles:- your wife will be luckiest in the world.
Sanskar:- no i am unlucky she is far away from me now i understand her importance in my life but she is not with me.. i ruined everything.
Man:- go to her and say how much you love her and what you realised in absence of her i am sure she will definetly comes to you..
Sanskar smiles and goes away by thinking i hope so ragini you come back to me this time i wont loose you or allow you to go away from me..

In maheswaris office cabin.
They sits infront of sameer..
Laksh:- hai i am laksh maheswari younger son ..
Sameer:- hai i am sameer deshpande elder one..
They both talks with each other..
If i was not wrong you have a elder brother right where is he..
Laksh:- he is a professional doctor and he is least interest in business.
Sameer:- oh thats great i will meet him personelly then.
Dp:- sameer beta when you people come here you should stay with us..
Sameer:- its ok uncle we will manage you wont take tension..
Dp:- its not about tension beta..
Shiv narayan:- its not about troubling you but we are coming 4 people and we have some personel work and we also dont want to disturb you.
Rp:- we already knew you especially rajendra deshpande heis my friend so no problem at all.
Sameer:- this time my sister is coming and she recently..
Stopped by dadajii.
Dadajii:- she recently joined business so it may cause her uncomfort thats why..
Dp:- your house daughter is also our daughter shiv narayan jii we treat our bahus as our daughters plss accept our invitation.
Dadajii finally ascepts …
Sameer:- ok then next meeting is in your home..
They cancels conference..

Dadajii:- sameer you cant say anyone that ragini met with accident and dont try to call her ragini infront of all untill we find her past..
Sameer:- ok dadaji…..
Lets stop work now we promised to princess that we will lisen to her show….
Here laksh watches time and he Stands immediatedly..
Dp and rp:- what happen ..
Laksh:- its time for singer raj show.
Dp and rp:- oh yaa on and connect to whole office..
Laksh connects…..
Here swara too connect in her home.
Sameer and dadajii too connects to whole office..
Ashok in his office ..
In deshpande office too everyone are lisening eargerly….
A colligue comes and sits with sanskar and on his phone by forcing him to lisen this lady voice
to relax your self..
Everyone are lisening eagerly.
Voice:- hello frds how are..
Today i dont knew why but from morning i am coughing like anything it seems all my frds and enemies at a time remembwring me so plzz yar give me a gap ..
I dont knew why today i am feeling differently as if missing someone dont knew why so i am dedicating few old songs to those who ever missing their love, families right now so songs starts..
1) Azeeb Dastan Hai Yeh kaha shuru kaha katam..yeh manjile hai kause , na woh samajh sakena hum..
2) bahon ki darmiya… do pyar mil rahe..jane kya..jane man
3) tera hone laga hoon…
4)musukurani ki waja hum ho…
5) lag jaa gale eee dil ki….
I hope you all loved it and lata mangeshkar jii if i sang any wrongs please forgive me and frds meet you next week untill then bye..
All comes out of their senses and feels happy but one person get stuck to her voice…
Frd:- sanskar hi ..
Sanskar comes to his senses..
Frd:- i knew it man who ever lisens to her singing naa they will become her deewana any way i am leaving bye.
Sanskar(mind):- i dont knew why but voice is just like ragini.. closes his eyes immediatedly welled up..
Laksh:- dad i dont knew why but when ever i lisen to her voice it makes me feel like ragini speaking.
Dp and rp nodes remembering ragini..

Flash back:-

Rp and dp were sitting and reading newspaper where ragini comes and offeres them tea..
Dp:- god bless you beta..
Ragini sees rp by standing infront of him.
Rp:- what happen ragini do you want any thing.
Ragini:- offers him a cooling bag and says i lisened u maajii saying that your leg was twisted papajii apply this you will feel better..
Rp:- thank you beta…
Laksh just comes their ..
Good morning babhi..
Ragini smiles and offers him coffee and goes from their..
Laksh:- ragini babhi used to care alot i am missing her dad..
Dp:- even we are missing her laksh..
Deshpande calls them and inform them that they are coming after 2 days..
Maheswari goes home and inform them about deshpandes staying at their home..

No precap first time i tried songs i myself felt wierd and made to feel same

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    1. Sindhura

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      The next day of accident right
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    I loved d song tera hone laga hoon,,,?? thnx for dat?? update ws superbbbbbbbbbbb!!!!litterely yaaar m feeelng really bad for sanky!!??? ragz plz come back sooon dear???? loved d episode sindhu??? keeep rockng n sta blesed dear?????????????

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