My heart is with you ragini epi 5 by sindhura

Chapter 4
my previous episode name changed suddenly..

Sanskar:- say more about ragini swara i want to knew her journey..
Swara:- her journey was very bad sanskar anyone in her position might have ended their life might have done something in anger..
But she was so peacefull person who can be compared to earth goddess and she proved it today that she has more patience than earth because when earth got angry like it destroys everything but she herself destroyed by leaving all her culprits..and she is no longer more

Sanskar:- dont say like that swara she is alive we didnt got her body right she will be alive atleast for sake of me..for sake of giving punishment for sins i commitedto her..she will come back to lisen my confession that i love her alot and i realised it..
All smiles but sadly by not knewing future of their relation ship.
We didnt find her thats means she is alive…i will find her and bring her back..
At eveing whole mansion was looking dull.
Here sanskar was standing near window and see out in lost he looks at a plane and feels like missing something he closes eyes and tears flows from his eyes…
And remembers something..
Ragini walking behind him and pleading him.

Ragini:- please sanskar jii if you want to scold please scold me but do break fast and go .you already skipped you dinner yesterday..
Sanskar angrily:- now you will say me what to do and not and when to eat and how to dont have that wife rights on me and dont dare to show also
Ragini with tears :- i am just saying as humanity purpose thats it sanskar jii please dont show my anger on food.i will never ask you anything….
Sanskar:- if you ask also i am not going to do anything that to for you..
He stroms out and ragini cries..
Flash back ends
Sanskar opens his eyes and sees around…i am sorry ragini i myself dont knew when i fallen for you by hating i came to knew complete truth about you now i am more mad about you..

i should not sit in home by leaving everything in police hands i myself will find you your were my life my love everything now i knew i reliased it lately but it was not so late..
He droves his car out …
Here rajini peeps out threw small window ..
Sameer places hand on her and rajini turns..
Sameer:- where are you looking and it seems u lost somewhere..
Rajini:- i had a feeling that someone is calling me i feel strange in my heart..
Sameer smiles and places her head on his shoulder and caress her hair..
Sameer:- sleep for sometime rajini you will feel may got tired thats why you are feeling like that..
Rajini closes her eyes and sleep..
After few hours they reach delhi..

And their car stops infront of big mansion…
As soon as rajini entred dadaji and dadi came and hugged her and started crying loudly..
Rajini:- dadi dadaji why are crying see i am fine..
Dadi cares her face and says u just look like my daughter i missed you alot beta..
Rajini:- dadi i lost my memory and i just away from you from 4 days thats it but why are behaving like you saw me after many years..or
you trying to hide something from me..
Dadi tries to answer but dadaji says..

dadaji:- you knew na beta your dadi is drama queen yesterday she saw a serial and same scene came like poti meeting their dadi and now what ever she said same dialogues which were in that serial
Dadi understands and acts ..
Dadi:- wipes her tears and says did i said emotional dialogues i praticed alot from yesterday…how was my acting..
Rajini laughs and hugs dadi and says..awesome dadi i wishe i remember my past..
All looks on ..
A man comes towards the rajini and places a hand on her..
So what lets make your future more beautifull..
Rajini looks on ..

Women:- dont confuse her ashok..
Ashok:- come on pragathi bhai has that rights…
She looks at sameer..
Sameer:- pragati our cousion daughter of mama and mami..
And so karan became our bhai.
Karan shakes hands with rajini..
Dadi:- chalo take rajini to her room she needs rest..
Dadi takes her to room.
Rajini entres her room and seez whole room was filled with her pictures from childhood to now..

Their group picture to.
Rajini touched family picture and says ..
I knew that i dont remember anything but i will make my future with new memories…
Rajini smiles..
Here sanskar roams on sides of ganga river and enquires all by showing ragini picture but he didnot get any news ..
He goes towards cars and closes his eyes in pain..
After 5 months..

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  1. Sally_blr

    Nice dada dai were awesome really

  2. Nice epi…

  3. Silent_writer

    Dear i m cnfused ragini is orpahn n live with sheksum n marry to sanskar then after memory loss how can she got a family its really confusing n y r u saying rajini its ragini na

    1. Sindhura

      You have to wait for untill complete flashback dear

  4. Superb episode..I think sameer family is ragini family…but lot of suspense…..waiting next part…but this.update is too short.m.make it long… Are u Tamil..?plz update regularly…..

    1. Sindhura

      I am telugu

  5. Superb episode..I think sameer family is ragini family…but lot of suspense…..waiting next part…but this.update is too short.m.make it long… Are u Tamil..?plz update regularly…..superb…

  6. Fairy

    Wohoooo!a!!!!!awesome update dear….atlast sanky realised dat he loves her? feeelng reallly bad for ragsan…hope dey”ll get united sooon ….keeep rockng n stay blesed dear…post nxt part sooon?????????

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot

  7. Astra

    I have missed the previous epi… I didn’t find it…
    This epi is interesting yar… but confused about rag’s past. May be ragu is double action?? Hehe.. I’m just guessing.
    And why sanskar hated her once..? Her family is too cool… loved them all…

    1. Astra

      I didn’t miss it.. wow.. I thought i hav missed…

      1. Sindhura

        She is single dear

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  9. Rocking Story

  10. Crystal089

    awesome yaar loved it poor ragsan hope thet meet soooon………..

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  12. Ragz_teju

    awesome… feeling sad for Sanskar… hope ragsan meet soon

    1. Sindhura

      They will

  13. Asw

    Nice keep going

  14. SPP

    Waiting for the next one………..

  15. superb…..sorry couldn’t comment on ua last update….so excited to know how ragsan gonna meet n many more…….TC

  16. More than awesome.i loved it

  17. Awesme…update soon..make it longer plzz

    1. Sindhura

      I will try

  18. Asra

    fabulous dear….finally sanskar realise his mistake…waiting for ragini past….It only clear the confusion…..want to see bold ragini and their love story…waiting for nxt one…plz update soon…tkcr dear….

  19. Awesomeeee episode dii

  20. Sreevijayan

    Nice update dear…

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