My heart is with you ragini epi 34 by sindhura

All were busy in party.
Dadaji dp and rp were receiving guest..
Even lak and san to talking with some of their assosiates..
They completely forgotten that few of them knew ragini..
Here ragini was comes and sanskar sees her and smiles..
The person who is is talking with sanskar turns and sees ragini he smiles and says to sanskar.
Person:- your wife is looking beautifull as always.
Sanskar looks on and says thank you.he realises that few of them knew ragini. He searches sameer and goes towards him and says about problem.
Sameer:- dont worry she will handle.
Sanskar:- what.
Sameer bits his tongue and says by covering up:- dont worry she will be handled by me.
Sanskar:- but how..
Sameer:- did you forgot we arranged a mask party and now its going to be appiled.
He goes to stage and request everyone to wear their masks as party gone start…
All wears their masks..

Sameer comes to sanskar and says problem solved ok.
Sanskar:- hmm.
Sanskar sees ragini talking with someone.
Sanskar in heart:- how to knew her feeling towards me. God show me a way he looking upside..swara comes and stands beside sanskar and huffs in anger breaking sanskar thoughts.
Sanskar:- what happen why are you so angry.
Swara:- ask your little brother who flirting with that girl.
Laksh:- arey. I am just talking with her nothing else..
Swara:- achaa, i will also talk in the same way to any boy here like you were talking with her and goes from their.
Laksh:- bhai you knew first jeously born and later girls born.
Sanskar widen his eyes and says.thanks laksh for giving wonderful idea hugs him and goes from their..
He goes and stands near ragini starts flirting with a girl and speaks loudly so that ragini can hear.
Ragini too smriks by seeing vikas who just entered party and coming towards her and ragini too waves her hand to him.
Sanskar:- what he is doing here.
Girl:- who bhai.
Sanskar:- arey idiot dont call me bhai uttara.
Uttara:- then you also dont call me with my name.
Sanskar:- ha ok ok.
Uttara:- but about whom you were talking.

Sanskar:- that vikas who is back of your babhi and flirting with her all time.
Uttara see him and says :- not bad bhai he is looking handsome.
Sanskar:- by seeing in which angel you are saying.
Uttara:- by seeing from girl point of view.
Sanskar:- means ragini will think in this way.
Uttara:- may be babhi also thinks him as handsome.
Sanskar:- shut up.
Uttara:- as per my knowledge you thought to make her jeously but she is making you..
Sanskar:- you were right she is behaving with him like this by seeing me that means she want me to get jeously..
He walks towards her and taps on her shoulder.ragini turn towards him with attitude and says..
Ragini:- yes may i help you.
Sanskar:- yaa i need your help and drags her from their to corner..
Behind pillar.
Sanskar:- what are you doing with him ragini.
Ragini:- i am just talking and trying to understand him sanskar.
Sanskar:- he was engaged whats their for you to understand him.
Ragini:- i am trying to understand him as a friend but you misunderstand me i hurt sanskar and goes from their without stopping by sanskar voice .
Sanskar:- shit i hurted her. Now i should plan to ask forgiveness but how.think sanskar..
Whole party ragini pretends to be
anger at him and ignores him.

At night
Ragini stands at window and renembers all her antics towards sanskar and smiles …
Ragini:- i want yo say truth to u but how ..hmm oh god show meva way so that truth comes out.
Sanskar knocks her door. Ragini turns and finds sanskar.
Sanskar:- can i come in.
Ragini:- hmm ya..
Sanskar:- i am sorry for evening what ever i spoke to you.
Ragini:- its ok but why you were not liking when ever i am speaking to him.
Sanskar:- leave that matter na ya i got something for you and forwards ice cream..
Ragini looks on.
Sanskar:- i knew you wont come out for ice cream as you promised your bhai ,thats why i bought it to you. Take it na.
Ragini takes and starts eating by sitting on chair in balcony.sanskar looks at her with smile.
Ragini:- why you are not eating.
Sanskar:- i am fine you have.
Ragini:- arey have a bite na..
Sanskar and ragini shares ice cream and spends some time with each other..

Precap:- ragini convincing maheswaris to visit delhi.


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Fabulous…dr….ragsan r damnnn cute πŸ˜€ …waitng for nxt part!!!!keeep rockng n stay blessed sweeety πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ …adv. happy nw yr rockstar πŸ˜€

  2. priya

    Very nice..ur authorization is too good..not Able to wait for next episode.upload soon.. Ur writing skill s nice

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