My heart is with you ragini epi 33 by sindhura

Next morning all sits on dinning table..
While swara and sameer peeps threw door. Sanskar and laksh goes behind them and says..
What are you both doing..
Sameer:- i dont knew what happen to her today she is cooking.
Sanskar:- who is she.
Swara:- ragini.
San lak :- what..
They two also peeps inside and see ragini managing kitchen well and cooking..
Sanskar laksh both looks at each other and feels doudt..
Sameer sees their doudtfull face and message to ragini and ragini reads it and acts like doing it by seeing from internet.
Laksh gets revealed but some where sanskar still looks at her with confusion.

After few minutes she serves break fast for all.
Ap:- wow ragini you tried first time cooked well not bad and smiles at her.
Ragini:- i took blessing from maa na thats why..
Sameer in mind :- nautanki..
Ragini sits next to him and smiles..
Dadajii:- come lets go to office few work is left after that project will complete.
All looks at him and then ragini.
Sanskar in mind:- how can i forget, only few days left and they will go back to delhi. Before that i have to propose her and i should knew about her feeling too.
Laksh slowly:- bhai dont worry we will plan everything.
Ragini:- bhai finally dadaji annouced and only few days left to do anything.
Sameer:- you just go according to situation and lets see what will happen.
Ragini:- uffff again office and sees dadajii seeing her so she immediatedly says .
But i love to go office , i will get ready for office and goes from their.
All smiles..
Later all leaves to office..

They checks few files dadaji and elders checking machines.
Ragini entres room and see around doesnt find sanskar,so she goes sits next to laksh and handles files..
Ragini:- we signed and you also do. By the way where is sanskar.
Laksh:- he got call from hospital thats why he went.
Ragini:- oh but his sign is needed na.
Laksh:- he will come by afternoon.
Ragini:- ok.
Laksh looks at her dull face and thinks in his mind:- i think she is falling for our plan is getting good results..
Ragini:- where you lost sign it na.
Laksh:- haa.
Ragini is waiting for sanskar and sameer observes it and leans on her chair from back.
Sameer:- relax raj, he will come amd your face is clearly showing dissappointment be carefull.
Ragini:- okbhaiyaa..
Both laughs just then sanskar to joins them..
After a while he signs and all sits together to eat lunch..
Dp:- tomorrow their is a party at our home for this successfull project and laugh of our machine.
All claps for him.
Rp to worker:- we have very less time all arrangements should happen properly and security too.
Workers nodes and goes from their..

At night swa lak san sam rag sits around on terrace.
Swa:- in few days you will go ragini
Ragini:- hmm.
Swara:- why dont you stay here. You can do your rj job here na.
Ragini:- come on swara how can i stay permentetly here when my house is in delhi.
Sameer:- why dont you people come with us for a vacation after along project we should have holiday na.
Sanskar is observing ragini without anyone knowledge.
Laksh:- but we have to ask dad.
Ragini:- i will ask.
Infact you all should come to our home this time.
Sameer:- yaa..
Swara:- but when.
Ragini:- after tomorrow offical party i will ask everyone.
All nodes their heads..

Ragini about to go her room but sanskar stops her..
Sanskar:- in few days you will go back to delhi.
Ragini:- haa.
Sanskar:- will you miss us.
Ragini goes near to him:- ofcourse sanskar i will miss each and every member.
Sanskar:- whom will you miss more.
Ragini :- maa dad badai mom and dad swara laksh and ofcourse you.
Sanskar in mind hmm i was last.
Ragini shakes him:- what happen.
Sanskar:- nothing i will miss you.
Ragini:- i will miss you too.
Sanskar:- good night.
ragini:- good night.
Ragini hides her smile and goes to her room.

Precap:- offical party..
Sanskar dances with a girl to make ragini jeously but sanskar gets jeously by seeing ragini talking with a boy closely..


  1. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    I’m waiting for the party. And Ragini seriously such nautanki she is. I love this shade of her. She said Sanky’s name purposely last. I’m just enjoying it yar Sindhu

  2. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    Superb dr…loved it sooo much..precap is amaznggg!!!keeep rockng n stay blessed my rockstar đŸ˜‰ đŸ˜€

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.