My heart is with you ragini epi 32 by sindhura

Sujatha was doing arthi ragini comes and hugs her from back and says.
happy marriage anniversary maa.
Sujatha smiles and hugs her back.

Rp:- not only her marriage, even my marriage day is today only.
All laughs while sameer and ragini both hugs him and says happy anniversary papa.
Rp:- thank you beta.
Sanskar:- if you are done can we also wish them.
All wishes rp and sujatha.
Later all gents sit in hall and ladies at dinning table
Swara:- maa you and chotai papa should come with me to a place.
Sujatha:- which place swara.
Swara:- surprise maa please.

Sujatha:- my side ok ask your dad.
Swara asks rp and after few minutes she takes both of them and leaves from mansion.
Sameer:- ok we have to do all arrangements before they comes and laksh lets go out and confirm all details ..
Laksh snd sameer goes from their..
Ragini is instructing servents in decorating hall and ap and dp were watching her with smile..
Dp:- see our elder bahu how she is taking care of everything.
Ap in mind:- i wish i woukd have said to you but ragini took promise from me and i cant say anything to u.
Sanskar comes down and sees ragini checking presentation.
Sanskar:- not bad ragini .its good.
Ragini:- i knew it but some one said that i cant do it.

Sanskar:- its ot extraordinary its just good thats it.
Ragini:- even i wont except it to be like that simple and cute is enough to bring smile on other face and what u will knew always khadoos face..
Sanskar about to say some thing ragini:- by the way i have one more presentation which will be extra odinary and show his childhood frok picture to him and says shall i keep this in presentation.
Sanskar :- you cant do that ragini.
About snatch it ragini moves back and says. I can do it sanskar and runs from their while sanskar chases her whole house and finally they both ends at dead end.
Sanskar:- give that to me ragini.
Ragini:- no do what ever you want.

Sanskar:- you dont knew me.
Ragini:- you only dont knew me..
Ssnskar about to catch her but escapes by bending from him snd runs to her room and closes door.
Sanskar bangs her door and says open the door ragini or else.
Ragini:- or else what.
Ap:- sanskar ragini stop runing all over house ,go and get ready.
Sanskar nodes and goes from their.ragini peepes out from room and again closes door by not findind sanskar..ragini wear a white colour and flowered blouse sarees with pink and orange colour flowers..she wears matching oranaments and gets ready .
She about to open door but sees all around breaths out and starts going but a hand pulls her inside and pins her to wall by closing her mouth.
Ragini widens eyes by seeing sanskar in blue mix white colour suit..

Both lost into each other eyes he slowly removes his hands from her mouth and places on her waist drags her close to him making her hands placed on his chest..
Sanskar:- you were beautifull ragini so much beautifull.looking like princess.he cares her face and kisses forehead while she closes eyes and sees him again.he moves close to her lips and see her lost he immediatedly drags photo from her hands and laughs.
ragini eyes him angrily by placing her hands on her waist..
He laughs more and gets hitted by pillow and sees towards ragini who is holding another pillow and chases him whole room…
Here sanskar gets call and stops running attends call, here ragini comes and tries to take photo from sanskar and he lifts his hands up and ragini jumps to take that photo and both looses balance and falls aside ..

Both gets up and rubs their hands.
Ragini and sanskar sees photo and goes towards it.before ragini could touch it sanskar drags that photo and stands up.
Ragini:- what sanskar its just a photo cant you give it.
Sanskar:- what ragini.its just a photo cant you leave it.
Both looks at each other..
Ragini again tries to snatch photo but sanskar drags it again.
Sanskar:-why are u back of this photo.
Ragini:- you are looking so cute in that attire sanskar. i want to save it give na plss.
Sanskar:- no.
Ragini:- keep it with you .i have copies of it and runs from their ..
Sanskar:- what and goes back of her to hall..
Ragini goes and sits with dp, sanskar comes running back of her.
Ragini:- badai papa see na, he is teasing me.
Dp:- sanskar.
Sanskar:- atleast knew the complete truth papa. She is the one who is teasing me by showing my child hood photo.

Dp:- what their in that.
Ragini:- ha what their in that, its just a photo na show to badai papa.
Dp:- haa show me sanskar..
Sanskar:- its ok leave it.
Ragini:- arey how can we leave it.
let me show and shows his photo in her phone. Dp laughs loudly and says from where you got this.
Ragini:- sujatha ma gave me this..
Sanskar pouts and goes from their leaving dp and ragini laughing..
Later sameer and laksh too joins them.

Swara brings sujatha and rp..
Sujatha:- arey door closed where these all went.
Rp:- i had spare key with me you dont worry and opend door gets surprised by seeing whole house decorated and all shouts ..
Happy anniversary..
They both feels happy and ssys thamks to all.
Laksh:- you both go and get ready ma..
Swara takes sujatha and rp separate rooms.
Ragini stands next to sanskar but he looks another side and goes from their..
Ragini opens her mouth in shock Swara takes sameer and ragini to uttara and introduces her..
Ragini smiles and hugs ger back.
Ragini:- you are so beautifull uttara.
Sameer:- chubby chubby sister seriously you are so cute and quite not like my devil sister.

Ragini:- what i did to you now.
Sameer:- see all my sister are thin and lean and see someone has chubby cheecks so that i can pulls someone cheecks and pulls her ..
uttara smiles:- me to happy to have a brother who is finally handsome and dashing..
Sanskar and laksh:- whayt do you mean by that.
Ragini:- seriously you both didnt understand or to save your respect you are acting like didnt understand.
Swara and uttara laughs..
Party starts all were dancing ragini stands next to sanskar and says what yar you had so much
anger haa.she forwards hand to him and says may i have a dance with you.
Sanskar smiles soon they both starts to dance slowly..

Precap:- ragini cooking for family.


  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    sooooo amazngggg…fabulous update dr…aww!!!ragsan r tooo sweet…heheh precap-rags cookng!!!!waitng eagerlyyy for it!!keeep rockng n stay blessed rockstar 😉 😀 u dr 😀

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous didi….photo scenes superbbb..finally uttara told most handsome bhai….superbbb didi…loved it alot.. ragsan r soo cute….tkcr didi…

  3. Mohini

    Omg!!! That was awesome!!! Like always great job! I can’t stop reading this fanfic! Pleaseeeee update soon

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