My heart is with you ragini epi 31 by sindhura

I again post on monday from yoday onwards i will give short updates ..

Laksh drags ragini while still she is asleep and walking with his support. He makes her sit next to sameer.
Sameer:- raj wake up how much will you sleep.
Ragini:- let me sleep bhai please..
Sanskar:- ok you sleep mom and dad anniversary is coming we will plan together no need of u.
Ragini immediatedly gets up and says what.maa and baba anniversary when how.
Sameer laughs and say how..
Ragini:- ahh i mean when not how.
Sanskar:- after 3 days..
Ragini:- so we are giving surprise party right wow..
Sameer:- relax ok , dont get strain.
Ragini:- ok but.
Swara:- we will decorate whole house invite guests and surprise presentation.
Laksh:- to do these all we need to take mom and dad outside that day.
Sanskar:- dinner and all i will book.
Swara:- i will make guest list ..
Sameer:- me and laksh will invite guest and brings decorative items.
Ragini:- me.
All:- take rest ..
Ragini:- thats not fair ha i will make presentation.
All acts like thinking and says ok.
Ragini pouts and says go i will not talk to anyone for making me separate from you.
All laughs thinking it as joke but ragini hurts and goes from their.all looks on.
Sameer:- she really got angry.
Swara:- we have to plan first that to convince ragini.
All:- hmm.
All sits for break fast.
Sujatha about to serve sanskar.
Ragini:- ma today will you make me eat and leave that aside na sanskar will serve himself.
Sujatha:- sure.. she keeps back paratha in another plate and starts feeding her.
While sanskar keeps her mouth open.
Ragini sees him and lifts her eye brows by taking paratha in her mouth.
Sanskar:- you are my mom or her.
Sujatha:- her only..
Ragini:- maa dont talk to strangers na and feed me maa , i am getting hungry.
Sameer:- you are eating na..
Sujatha:- sameer and tell me one thing why she is angry on you all.
Sanskar:- nothing ma just like that.
Laksh:- with out reason she got angry.
Ragini eyes him angrily.
Sujatha:- i dont believe it say it truely.
Swara:- maa actually what happened na these three are still treating her as kid and not sllowing her to walk or talk saying that you are still weak
Sujatha:- oh but ragini this all doing like that for you only na, dont get angry on them.
Lak , san and sameer eyes swara saying thank you.
While she nodes and looks at ragini who pouts at her sadly.
Swara:- but ma fault was these three only if she dont move how she will recover ma.these three are na doing more care by suffocating her..
Mens opens their mouths while ragini smiles widely towards her.
Sujatha:- haa thats true dont suffocate her ok.
All of them nodes and sujatha handles her milk and goes from their.
Ragini shows attitude while drinking milk and goes from their..
Laksh:- your sister is an awesome prankster..
Sameer:- hmm.
Sanskar:- after whos sister she is.
Sameer:- definetly not your na or you want to .
Sanskar:- no no.
Sameer:- hmm be ready folks still at lot drama is their from her..we are just watchers and receivers and we cant do anything than that.
Sanskar goes out to book dinner and sameer and laksh takes guest list from swara and goes to print invitations..
While ragini tooks help of ap and collects all photos and starts doing presentation..
Ragini sees a group photo and in that ragini to present ap notices it and thinks she was not reacting did she remembered if in that case
why she is not saying anything. Let me check.
Ap:- ragini who is this girl.
Ragini:- ofcourse its me maa and realises and looks at ap who has tears in her eyes.
Ragini:- maa wo..
Ap hugs her immediatedly and says you remember very thing ragini wait i will say this news to all..ragini stops her and says all her pkan of teasing sanskar and ap too nodes her head and hugs her..
Later ap goes ragini sees sanskar picture girl attire picture in her phone and smriks ..
Mr maheswari u teased me right now see what i will do and by the way you were looking cute in this girl attire .if u had a girl in future na she will be like this only and think shit what i am speaking i had gone mad and smiles again sees him in pink frok and with little choti on both sides..
At night on terrace secreatly.
All gathers..
Sanskar:- dinner order done.
Swara:- guest list and a reason to make mom and dad on that day done.
Sameer:- half of half guest were invited personally.
Laksh:- remaining will be done tomorrow.
All looks at ragini.
Ragini:- presentation is done and few more touch up are their thats it.
Sanskar:- only tomorrow left guys..
Laksh:- uttara is coming on that day evening..

Precap:- preparations . Ragsan romance..


  1. nikky

    nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzzz give raglak romance and yaa plzzzz be regular bcoz now days raglak ff are very less plzz for raglak fan all raglak writers give more for temish plZzzzzzzz it’s a request

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