My heart is with you ragini epi 30 by sindhura

Dadaji looks at ragini..
ragini:- what happen dadajii why are you looking at me like that.
Dadajii:- do you want to say anything.
Ragini:- haa.
Dadaji:- i knew that because of that blow on your dead you remembered your past and i was father to your mother so no lies..
Ragini:- yaa dadaji i hot remembered everything.
Dadaji:- and sanskar was.
Ragini:- was my husband..
Dadajii:- i will go and say this news to everyone.
Ragini:- no dadajii. When i remembered my past i reslised that all my past was filled with soworry and misunderstanding .i knew that all fault was sumi and shekar and sanskar loves me now but i want to start new relation ship with new memories with all.

I already fallen for him before i remembered anything i mean Dadaji:- you want be loved by him newely and again marry with new memories and happily right.
Ragini:- hmm ..
Dadajii:- but dont make it to long ok and are not angry on him.
Ragini:- hmm dont knew dadaji but i am not getting angry on anyone..
Dadaji smiles and blesses her and goes from their…
Ragini smiles and feels somerjing new by realising his love for him.
Ragini pov..
If all of sudden if i change my behaviour he will find it out easily.i have to be like old ragini but should tease him like hell.

Think ragini. Think…
Here sanskar was roaming whole room where swara and laksh nodes their head in disbelief and see him.
Laksh:- relax bhai.
Swara:- haa sanskar relax.
Sanskar:- i dont knew whats going on her mind. We even dont knew whether she remember past or not.
Swara and laksh laughs.
Sanskar:- what..
Laksh:- all are going to office. So spend some time alone with her ok.
Swara:-haa now go to her room.
Sanskar goes and knocks on raginj room door.
Ragini:- see sanskar snd says from when you are taking permission to come inside.
Sanskar:- i thought you might be sleeping thats why.
Ragini:- no yar infact getting bore staying in room like statue..
And why are you standing like that come and sit here na saying by tapping on her lap..
Sanskar widen his eyes and looks on.
Ragini:- why are you seeing like that .. oh dont think that i asked to sit on my lap i just said that by tapping on my lap anyway for clearing misunderstanding she takes her hand and taps on bed and says.

Now sit na .. i am getting bore..sanskar smiles and sits next to her..
Ragini smiles screatly by hidding from sanskar..
Sanskar:- so..
Ragini:- nothing..say something na getting bore hmm lets go down to kitchen i want to see what maa is doing.
Sanskar:- you cant move.
Ragini:- arey yar i accept that you are dil ki doctor but still you ate doctor right check me and say what my dil says i mean i sm fit to walk and not.
Check na forwards her hand.
Sanskar smiles and checks her pulse and says you are still weak ragini you cant go down.
Ragini:- then u take me down.
Sanskar looks at her.

Ragini :- fine i understood finger on my lips ok..
Vikas peeps into room and says may i come in madam.
Both looks at door while ragini smiles and sanskar smiles fades away.
Vikas forwards a few flowers to her and says get well soon ragini.
Ragini:- thank you for wishes and this lovely flowers..but these are plastic..
Vikas:- haa i dont want to give you natural flowers as it fades away in 2 days and these are long lasting and your smile and health shoukd also be long lasting thats why ..
Ragini:- impressive…
Sanskar in mind :- impressivr my foot.
Ssnskar thoughts gets disturbed by ragini.
Ragini:- see sansksr how thoughtfully he bought it.
Sanskar fake smile:- ya very thought full.

Vikas:- why are you sitting in this room like statue , come we will go to hall.
Sanskar shouts no
Vikas:- why no.
Sanskar:- she is weak and she cant move from bed complete bed rest.
Vikas:- what if she gets washroom and laughs but stops seeing glares of ragini and sanskar and says i knew its bad joke..
Ragini and sanskar nodes .
Ragini:- doctors said me not to move from bed for 2 days and i am going to lisen to them.
Sanskar smiles..
Vikas:- ok.i will go now bye.
Ragini:- bye.

Sanskar in mind:- thank god gone.
Sujatha and ap comes their with soup bowl and few albums.
Ragini:- maa no soup please.
Ap:- no more discussions now drink it.
Sujatha:- if you drink then i will show you photos of our childhood.
Ragini:- ok and drinks from ap hands..
Sujatha shows all childhood pictures of sanskar laksh and uttara..
Ragini:- maa untill now i didnt met uttara..where is she..
Sujatha:- she went to usa for graduvation ragini she will come back after 2 months.
Ragini:- by then i will go to delhi na All realises then only that it almost 2 months passed and still one month only left.

Ragini sees all faces sad and see one girl photo and says ..
Ragini:- maa who is this another girl.
Sujatha and ap starts laughing while sanskar feels embaressed.
Ap:- see properly ragini.who might be this girl.
Ragini sees carefully and says is this sanskar.
They nodes their head and three laughs and sanskar feels more embaressed.
Ragini takes her phone and click that picture.
Sanskar:- what are you doing ragini.
Ragini:- saving it as sweet memory sanskar and in future i can use it to black mail you..
Sanskar:- dont worry even i will get something to tease u.
Ragini:- in your dreams.
Sanskar:- lets see..
Ragini:- lets see..

All sits and talks with each other and in these 2 days all gives company to ragini and she to recovers fastly..
Ragini and sameer were walking slowly and talking.
Ragini:- sanskar is getting confused of my behaviour .he is not understanding anything.
Sameer:- you are teasing him alot raa.
Ragini:- bhai we have to go back delhi naa.
Sameer:- hmm.
Ragini:- what if he doesnt spesk before that..
Sameer:- may be he will say after we left. U knew they will say na distances brings closeness.
Ragini:- hmm..what he will say reason.
Sameer:- it will depend on situation lets see.
Sanskar and swara and laksh joins them.
Swara:- are you ok while walking ragini. No pain na.
Ragini:- no i am fine..
Sameer:- lets continue walk and holds ragini while walking..

Precap:- rp and sujatha anniversary.


  1. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    Sooooooper. Awwww Ragini teasing Sanky. I loved it. And her reason she told to Dadaji was so touching. She wants to create new memories. That really touched my heart yar Sindhu. How positive Ragini is. And Sanky’s jealousy was super cute and that photo I was literally imagining him like that ha ha ha ha.

  2. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awesome loved it waiting for next part
    a small wish i want ragini to tease him more and he should get to know about it and tease her in return revenge and rag confess her feeling some what like dharmendra did in sholay i know it won’t be but still

  3. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome didi….oh my cute naughty ragu….love u lot dear….ragini tease him lot dear….Sanky jealous superbbb…waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi…

  4. Deesh


    |Registered Member

    it was a super duper epi di. I enjoyed it a lot. Loved ragu’s antics. I am imagining everything and this epi made me smile continuously. It was a cute epi di.

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