My heart is with you ragini epi 3 by sindhura

Sanskar started cleaning whole room and he finds small torn blouse piece he held and sees another side and finds a broken glass piece and little stain of blood on it..sanskar collects them and keeps safe in drawer while closing he hurts his fingers and winces in pain….
Sanskar:- ahaa.

Here a hospital is shown were a pair of eyes shown as eyelids are moving and opens suddenly and Ventilator starts doing deep sounds and nurses rushes out calling for doctors..
Here sanskar holds her finger and cries whole heartedly…
Sanskar:- i did wrong with you. I never treated you as a friend or atleast like a person.. please i am sorry come back ragini.i missing you in this room..after you left its just a four wall covered thing and not a room anymore..
and starts crying holding her thing s….
Doctor comes out after checking her and a young man comes towards him.
Man:- how she now doctor..
Doctor:- she got hurt on her head two times and it seems she may have memory loss too. But we dont knew whether it treatable or not untill we done some tests and scan on her…
Youngman:- please sir save her after so many years we got her we thought she died few years back but fortunately we again got her this time we cant loose her..
Doctor:- dont worry their is no risk for her life but we cant say about her memory and one more thing she is in deep shock and we have to bring her back to normal at any
Youngman:- sure we will. I informed my whole family they are on the way…
Doctor:- she has toe rings too its seems she was married..
Youngman:- we will look after it..
You please do all scans as soon as possible..
Doctor:- you please go inside she needs you..
That man nodes and goes inside room…
Here sanskar crying and a hand placed on his shoulder..
Sanskar:- uttara what happen.
Uttara:- bhai come outside some one came to meet you.
Sanskar:- i knew it ragini will comeback and about to go but stops by uttara..
Uttara:- ragini babhi nahi bhaiyaa few police officers came..
Sanskar:- may be they got to knew about ragini…
Uttara:- no bhaiyaa its something more…
Sanskar looks on and moves towards hall and finds all were in shattered position and looking at sanskar..

He comes to police officers and asks then did they find ragini and they showed a mangalsutra and a saree wrapped in plastic cover..

Sanskar:- these are my ragini that means you got her but why these things are here..she never like to remove her magalsutra then how come its…
Police:- sir your wife belongs we got on shores of ganga river and few people saw her jumping from bridge and drowing too. They tried to find her but before that they are saying she completely drown..
She is no more..
Sanskar shouts how can you say it with out proofs.
Police:- we showed photo of your wife to them and they stated that she was the one who jumped as they ran towards her when she about to jump.As ganga river was so deep and sea animals were also their its impossible to find her body and leaves from their….
All starts crying and sanskar stay numb and recalls all their incidents slowly he holds her wrapped things to his heart silently goes to his room and locks himself…
All cries seeing him in this state…

Girl sits on her bed surronded by three people and looking at them innocently.
Young man:- rajini see this is your maami and maama..and i am your brother sameer …
Rajinj:- but i dont remember anything..
Sameer:- because you met with a very bad accident and lost your memory..
Rajini:- where are our parents..
Sameer:- we already lost them in our childhood thats why we brought up by maami and maama.
They are like more than parents to us..rajini smiles by looking at them..
Rajini:- bhaiyaa i want to go to our home dont knew why but i cant stay hear anymore..
Sameer:- sure..
About to go…

Rajini:- whats their names and our surnames..
Sameera smiles with tear and says.. our maami name is sakshi deshpande and rajendra deshpande and we have dadi and dada..parvati deshpande and shiv narayan deshpande these both are hitlers and head of family.and mami and mamu were cats infront of them and thinks them selfs as lion infront if us..
Rajini(ragini) gigles with sameer and sakshi catches his ears and twirls..
Sameer:- ahaa mami leave my ear na …please .
Sakshi:-what are saying cat and lion say it once again..
Sameer:- nothing mami please..
Raj:- twirl more sakshi…
Rajini sees this and holds her mami hand and says leave na ma…mami.
Raj and sakshi both get teary eyes but hides from her and leaves his ear and says to sameer that because of rajini they are leaving..
They both hugs her and says our mansion is in delhi and we are leaving after few tests are to done to her..

Rajini nodes..
Sanskar sits on floor and crying ap comes and sits next to him.
Sanskar keeps his head on her lap and sobs continuosly….
While whole family comes their…
Ap:- what do you knew about ragini sanskar..
Sanskar:- nothing badai maa i even didnt try to understand her..nor i gave a chance to her to understand me may be i never gavs my self chance to understand her..
Ap:- shall i say few things about her…
Sanskar looks up and sees her by nodding his head..

Precap:- few bits of flash back..

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