My heart is with you ragini epi 29 by sindhura

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This is my few ff read it plss.

Doctor:- i must say your sister has great sense of humor.
Ragini smiles ..
Doctor:- be ready i will take you for some tests ok.
Ragini nodes..
Swara:- you all go and get ready after that we will come..
Sujatha:- i will stay here you go.
Ragini:- maa i want to eat your handmade food please can you bring..
Sujatha:- sure i will ask doctor about your diet and i will bring ok.
Ragini smiles and nodes her head.
Ragini thinks about sumi words and lost in thoughts by thinking what ever happen with her and her marriage with sanskar..
Sameer keeps hand on her shoulder and says do you want to share anything.
Ragini:- why what happen.
Sameer:- you were lost in some thoughts may i knew about it
Ragini:- thinking about few hours back bhai. what ever happen i am just thinking about their words..
and trying to figure out my past.
Sameer:- right now take rest.
Ragini:- hmm you are right if i stress also i wont remember anything na bhai and you to dont knew as you were not grown up with me..
Sameer looks on.
Doctor comes and says shall we go to tests.
Ragini:- ya i am ready..
After ragini leaving.
Sanskar:- did she remember everything .
Sameer:- i dont knew but she was talking weird..
Sanskar:- what if she remembers will she hate me.
Sameer:- your fault is not their sanskar we all trapped by those two.
Sanskar:- i want to knew whether she is ok or not..
Later ragini comes to room.
nurse:- by night reports will come then we will discuss about her health.
Sujatha feeds her foodcwhile sameer freshen up and comes from wash room.
Sujatha:- why dont you go and take rest in home sameer , i will be their na.
Sameer:- i dont want to leave her maa.
Ragini smiles and rest her head on his chest while he starts caring her head..
After sujatha was driven back by sanskar..
Ragini:- bhai can i ask you one question ..
Sameer:- hmm.
Ragini:- if any one does mistake unwantedly or hurts someone with out knewing truth..what that particular hurted person should do.
Sameer:- you should give chance to sanskar ragini. He was not at fault and even if i am in his position or you were in his position we will first come in to their words easily and it will taje time to understand eachbother and to trust when marriages happens in that situation.
Ragini:- that means you knew about my past..
Sameer:- few hours before only i got to knew and trust me we are hurted badly because of that sumitra and shekar and tell me one thing when time keep on passing does sanskar started changing right that means he came to kbew that you were not that type the way they narrated to you, before he could completely understand everything ruined and you tried to commit suicide but.
Ragini:- some one tried to kill me. I too knew bhai no one is at fault but the fact i was married to sanskar making me feel weird and forgetting past and renembering it back but still it make me feel blank i was not completed bhai although i got my memories back.
Sameer:- then make new memories with all raj.Make every thing new ..fall in love with all again.make new memories of every brave dont be old ragini who is over good.we are not mahan or no one is good ragini and its proved thst being over good to bad people will only hurt us..
Ragini:- but what i should answer to all bhai after all i was married ..
Sameer:- ok be like you wont renember anything and try to understand sanskar more. Move close with him as he already loves you so you start loving him.
Try to build your relation ship strong again that time time no one will able to think of breaking it.
Ragini raises her head and says naughtely:- you mean to say tease him.
Sameer:- not a bad idea but dont hurt him.
Ragini:- i knew difference between teasing and hurting bhai. I will take care of it..but bhai they all tried alot by hiding truth from us. You knew sanskar kept all our marriage photo scretely and safe in a chest in store room.
Sameer:- really but how do you knew.
Ragini says how she watched that night.
Sameer:- even i want to see how my sister looks in traditional look that to marriage attire..
Ragini:- then lets plan a night when all went to sleep.
Sameer:- if they did not slept means.
Ragini:- lets mix sleeping pills.
They both laughs loudly and hi fives to each other.
Just then sanskar, swara and laksh entres.
Ragini and sameer sees them.
Sameer slowly:- act normal as slways dont give them a clue ok.
Ragini:- hmm.
Swara:- are you ok ragini.
Ragini:- i am fine swara we should ask you .are you ok.
Swara:- by seeing smile on you face make me feel good.
Ragini:- then i will give 100 vlt smile.
Sameer:- then i will stop lights and come.
All laughs..
ragini slightly hits him ..
Sanskar to laksh:- thank god she is fine.
Laksh:- hmm by seeing her dull face .i thought she remembered everything.if that would happen it might be difficult for us to make her understand.
Sanskar:- hmm.
Sameer:- what you both are whispering in ears.
Sanskar:- nothing just like that.
Ragini:- where is dadajii.
Sameer:- in home.
Swara:- in police station dealing with those two.
Ragini and sameer looks at each other and then at swara.
Swara:- i am happy ragini.i was upset with thrm but see another side those two are like bad shafow on me but you all were so their na . I am so lucky to have you all thats enough for me but you should forgive after what ever they did to you Ragini:- are you involved in them no na and if we start blaming game then all will be at fault .see you are saying because of them it happen and i say because my parents over belief that made them like that.
Swara:- but.
Sameer:- arey stop it yar my neck is paining by moving my head with you both..
Ragini:- very funny.
Sanskar:- any way maa send dinner for all of us.
Ragini:- are we not going home now.
Laksh:- tomorrow morning that to after your clear test reports.
Ragini:- no i want to go home.
Sameer:- raj dont do like kid..
Lets eat i am hungry..
Ragini:- here i am patient so first preferece was me.
Sameer:- i am the one who is going to take care of that patient. so i should eat first to get energy
so that i can watch you.
Ragini:- untill now i didnt lisen anything like this.
Sameer:- just now i said naa where you kept your ears..
Ragini:- in your pocket..
Sameer acts like searching in pockets and says not their..
Ragini pouts and lifts pillow yo hit him but stops and feels pain in hands.
Sameer:- raj..
Sanskar:- ragini ..
both comes towards her..
Ragini looks at sanskar and them sameer says that i am fine..
After that laksh and swara goes home..
Sameer and sanskar sleeps on couch .
ragini looks at sanskar and smiles.
So i am mrs.ragini sanskar maheswari sounds good and even feeling good , dont knew why but i am loving it and i think i have fallen for you.. i dont knew or want to knew about our relation ship in past but i want to make it with new memories and now i understand the meaning you convey to me threw your eyes that you love me and i promise i will make you to say those words to me and then marriage untill then i can tease you..i have fallen in love with you crazily after remembering my no our past..
She smiles and dozes off..
Next day sameer goes to pay bill and sanskar was trying to help ragini to get up and walk.
But he is hesitating to touch and ragini observes it so she sits on bed immediatedly holding her hand which was fractured..
Sanskar holds her by shoulders and asks are you..
Sanskar:- are you ok, shall i call doctor..
Ragini:- no i am fine its that after a long rest, i am walking right thats why and no need of doctor just give your hands for me to hold and walk ..
Sanskar looks on..
Ragini:- its ok dont feel uncomfortable i will wait untill bhai return.
Sanskar:- no. I mean i am ok , i will help you..
He keeps his hand around her shoulder and takes her another hand into his hand and starts walking..
Sameer sees it by paying bill and says..
Sameer:- hmm she started appyling plan.sanskar bachu you cant escape from deshpandai’s trap..
Ragini was standing infront of door with a smile..
While sujatha took a black sight from her and sakshi was doing a long arthi..
After she completed rajendra comes and cleans her cheeck with finger and says ..
Rajendra:- what sakshi you made my white ragini as coal coated ragini.
Sakshi huff while all laughs..
Rajendra lifts his hand towards ragini but both see her fractured hand..
He kisses her forehead and welcomes her…
Sakshi makes her sit on bed and arrages her bed.
Ragini:- mami how many days more i should rest.
Sakshi:- today you rest on bed grom tomorrow you can come down but outing after few days only..
Ragini pouts sadly..
Sakshi:- dont get bored untill then we are their na..
Rajendra:- what were my princess order it will be fullfilled.
Ragini:- really then i want to see you both doing salsa.
They both gets shocked while
dadaji laughs while entering in her room.
Sakshi:- see dad, she went on bhai always teasing me.
Dadajii sits next to her and says dont say anything to my poti ok.
So now its poti dadaji time go out.
They both goes out leaving ragini and dadaji laughing on them.

Precap:- dadaji advice for ragini and clearing her confusions..


  1. Pinky

    Superb epi Di.ragini and sameer bond was superb. Ragini is too naughty.did ragini come to know about her past or not ???

  2. Deesh


    |Registered Member

    Hello di. I know I am late. I am so sorry for that di. Just now read all the parts. It was just super duper awesome!! Eagerly waiting for the next.

  3. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    its fabulossssssss dr..loved it sooooo much 🙂 🙂 😉 heheheh naughty rags 😀 ..rag-sameer scene ws amaznggg!!!waitng eagerlyyy for nxt part…keeep rockng n stay blessed my rockstar 😉

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