My heart is with you ragini epi 28 by sindhura

Next morning….

Ragini is doing gardening and laksh comes their.
Laksh:- ragini ..
Ragini:- good morning laksh jii
Laksh:- i am sorry because of we you are suffering alot.
Ragini:- nothing like that laksh you both loved each other and if this marriage happened then no one will be happy.
Laksh folds his hands and cries while ragini catches his hands and nodes no..
Sanskar watches these all from window but couldnt hear them.
Sumi and shekar sees this who just entered in to their mansion and sees ssnskar seeing them.
Shekar:- what if sanskar lisened to them . I dont want my these many years plan to flop.
Sumi:- you dont worry i will manage na..
They both acts like talking while walking and stops near sanskar Sumi:- i dont believe this girl is trapping even laksh.
Shekar:- i hate to say that she was my daughter who is after boys and their money.
Sumi:- i have to protect swara shekar. Lets talk to sanskar.
Sanskar lisens all this and thinks is ragini really that much bad but i dont think so..
He senses soneone tpuching his legs and sees shekar and sumi touching his legs . He immediatly jerks .

Sanskar:- what are you doing.
Sumi and shekar fake tears..
Sumi:- if you dont accept ragini, she will ruin swara life by trapping laksh.
Sanskar feels uncomfortable by their words snd says:- plss dont say like that i dont think ragini can do something like that. She respects relations ..
Sumi and shekar gets shocked.
Sumi:- by seeing her face and acting any one will think like that only but before laksh swara used to some one boy before he could propose ragini proposed him and he regected her after that swara never said her feeling by thinking that she might hurt.
Sanskar:- may be its dome if i see them its look likes ragini loves swara alot.
Shekar:- i knew about my daughter very much and why will i lie.
Sanskar:- its ok uncle dont cry . I will take care of swara and laksh from ragini..
They both comes out ..
Shekar:- by doing all this what we will get.
Sumi:- ragini property..
Shekar:- how.
Sumi:- by making her emotionaly and mentally weak.
Shekar:- i hope it will work..
Sumi:- it will for that we have to give final dose and for that we need a perfect situation and that to immefiatedly before this whole family speaks truth to sanskar.
They goes and joins family..ragini who is standing their with water glasses gets shattered and goes from their and cries standing near window…
Sanskar:- do you have tears also.
Ragini turns and sees him at one second he was lost in her sad eyes.

Sanskar pov…
When ever i see her eyes i always say a different kind of pain, may be she is acting be to pained also.
Ragini:- jii do you want any thing.
Sanskar :- haa peace of mind and freedom from you can you give it.
But you wont give it as you dont want to see anyone living peacefully any way today evening we have to go out for bussiness party and my bad luck i have to take you also..swa and lak will also come ready and goes from their..
Ragini:- i will give what ever you want sanskar jii .i knew if i say truth you will knew my innocense but you wont love me and my parents should bow their heads down and that will effect swara too. I dont want to hurt you swara..before making everything normal i will make badai ma and maa talk with u and laksh.she wipes her tears and goes from their to kitchen.
Apand sujatha sees her..

Ragini says everything about swara and laksh and how swarapatents pressuried her to get married by blackmailing her ..
Ragini:- please maa forgive them na..please she tried her level best..
Sujatha:- are you not angry on sumitra jii.
Ragini:- no maa and i knew the teason behind ssnskar jii and my wedding to and even i am not angry on you people also…
Sujatha cares her hair.
Ap:- we promise you that we will forgive them ok.
Ragini smiles..
Ap :- swara..
Swara comes running to kitchen and looks on.
Ap:- we like to drink some drink and that to from your hands will you make it for you moms beta.
Swara gets teary eyes and nodes Sujatha and ap blesses her…
All four gets ready and go to party
Sanskar and laksh introduces their wifes to everyone..

Laksh comes and asks swara for a dance while swara looks at ragini ..
Swara:- but lucky ragini dii will stay alone naa.
Mean while a guy comes and asks can i have a small dance with you mrs ragini sanskar maheswari..
Laksh:- hi mani .and hugs him..
after a long time time where were you..
Mani:- i went to aboard thats why and must say you brothers choosed beautifull wifes and if i would seen you before ragini jii.i would have married you and you are so beautifull.
Ragini smiles and says thank you.
Mani:- can i dance with you..
Laksh:- cone on ragini.
Mani:- ragini jii i am your husband and devar best friend and your brother jii.
Ragini smiles and dances with him.she about to slip mani holds her by waist ..
This was seen by sanskar and fumes in anger but doesnt lisen to them.
Mani:- be carefull ragini.
Ragini:- sorry bhaiya..

Mani:- i always wished someone to call me like this and you filled it thanks sister darling.
Sanskar gets shocked by lisening darling word and he get druken and takes ragini to home in rage without anyone notice..
He angrily pins her to wall in his room mirror and that mirror brokes and her back gets hurt..
Ragini:- ahh..
Sanskar:- is it paining for you. I think now ypu understand how it feels when someone gives us pain and what type of person you are ragini.
Ragini:- what happen sanskar jii.
Sanskar threws her on bed by shoulder in that her blouse get torn a little bit .
By this act ragini geys scared and covers herself.
Sanskar:- how many men you want first me then laksh and we both are not coming in your trap do you started with mani too.
Ragini closes her eyes..
Sanskar :- i didnt believe when your mom and dad said about you. I saw your innocent face and actually trapped.what you want haa money ok i will write my side property on your name take it and stop spoiling other families..
Ragini gets angry he slaps him hard that he falls on bed corner get hurt on forehead and falls unconscious.
Ragini cries her heaet out remembering all scenes from her childhood till sanskar words.she closes her eyes and thinks.

Ragini pov:-…
i dont knew god what wron i did that you took my parents away .i dont even remember their face and when ever i asked about their photos i only got burnts on my body and slappins from them.still i didnt complain anything i saw my parents in them but they were not human to me they made me characterless and because of me swara to getting blackmailed by them suffering alot.sanskar was right because of me others will get only pain.if i was not their then their will be no pain.
Bass i got tired of my life ..i got tired of thinks postive about tomorrow. I tired of crying..i dont want to live..if i suicide here their family name will be spolied i will leave this house and suicide sone where else.
She takes a piece of paper and writes i quite..
And goes from house by seeing it once last time..
Sumi and shekar see it and smriks.
Sumi calls srinivas and says him to follow her and kill her without any proof of her as we got sign of her in property papers..
They both smiles evily…

Ragini walks and stands on bridge to jump ..
Ragini:- why should i die.if i die they will win right.They did all this to break me down, but i wont i will go far away from all. I live my life
as my wish i wont be afraid of anyone any more..
She takes all jewellary and threw in river and says now ragini died hete only i born newly to live again. She turns and finds a man with tod nd smriks seeing her.
Before ragini could speak he immdiatedly beats on her head..
She falls down and then he stabs her..seeing ragini unconscious he tries to lift her but sees a car appoarching him.he immediatedly rans away..

Swara crying covering her face with her hands while laksh consoling her..after that lsksh says everything happen with them in 6 months..
Deshpandais family gets shattered..
Dadajii:- i make sure they will rout in jail for distroying everyone lifes
He didnt even leave his own dauhter life..
Sameer lost in thoughts seeing him sanskar apporaches towards him and places a hand on his shoulder making him to come back to this world…
Sanskar:- i am sorry. I hurted your sister alot.
Sameer:- you are not at fault sanskar any one in your place will behave like this only.haa your hurted her but didnt misbehave with her..
Here ragini opens her eyes immediatedly when someone hitting on her head and then stabbing.she immediatedly opens her eyes and looks around her.
She breaths heavily a nurse comes to her and checks her she goes out calling doctor..
All family members stands by seeing nurse going out running.
Sam and san runs towards door and sees threw small mirror that ragini was breathing heavily.
They both cries..
Doctor rushes inside room ..

After few minutes doctor comes out with smile.
Doctor:- she is in her senses and we will shift her to room then you all can meet her and yaa plss be care full dont stress her.
Later ragini gets shifted to room..
Sameer comes and sits next to her with teardy eyes..
Ragini struggles to sit and she finaly sits up by help of sameer.
Ragini:- bhai i thought that time i wont even open my eyes.
Sameer:- dont say like that ragini nothing will happen to you.
Ragini:- ofcourse bhai you are their na nothing will happen to you.
Dadaji ,raj, sakshi cares her hair.
Ragini smiles at them weakly.
Sujatha comes and sits next to her and scolds her.
Sujatha:- lo i wont talk to you .any one will make others this much afraid.
Ragini:- i am fine maa.
Dadajii:- i will talk to doctor and i will come.
Ragini:- why all of you are watching me like many days it passed i was in hospital.
Sameer:- just 12 hours.
Ragini:- then why are you seeing me like i was in sleep for months..
All nodes their head and smiles.

Sanskar sees her emotionally.
Laksh:- bhai control bhai.
Sanskar:- i just want to hug her laksh.i want to feel her.
Sameer:- what happen raj,why are u so silent..
Ragini:- so much happened in a day and i want to go to home.
Doctor:- you can go but after few tests..
Ragini:- i am fine,i just want to go.
Doctor:- few tests are needed as you got injured in head.
Ragini:- but still i am fine see this time i didnt forgot anything.
All looks shocked even doctor too.

precap:- ragini returning maheswari mansion.
Sanskar and her conversion.


  1. Fairy


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    outstandngggggg update dr….its totalllly amaznggggg!!!!sumi n shekher r reallly reallly jerk ..hate dem to d core…thank god rags is okay now…aww!!!sanky πŸ™ …waitng eagerly for nxt update…keeep rockng n stay blesssed my rockstar πŸ˜‰ …love u soo much πŸ˜€

  2. SPP


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    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Raging got her memory back
    Waiting for Ragsan
    They should get nice punishment too
    Waiting for the next one……………

  3. Asra


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    awesome didi….ragini regain her memory….superbbb…hope she forgive Sanky…..waiting for nxt one…tkcr didi….

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