My heart is with you ragini epi 27 by sindhura

Swara and laksh unable to meet each other because swara was almost house arrested ..
All rituals are completing..
Sanskar:- are you happy with this swara..
Swara fake smiles and says fine.
Sanskar:- your smile is saying something and your eyes..its ok its not too late if you are not happy we will cancel the marriage..

Sumi eyes swara and then ragini.
Swara:- no i am happy sanskar ..
Swara see laksh teary eye..
Laksh nodes his head as he is their for her…
At marriage day
Swara to sumi..
I need some time alone..
Sumi:- do you think that i will believe you and leave you alone.
Swara:- just think momwhat if i say who is ragini to dp uncle and what you did with her untill now just think.
Sumi about to slap her but a hand stops her..

Sumi turns and sees ragini..
Sumi:- how dare you to hold my hand about to slap her but swara stops her and says..
Swara:- nas even god have us hands dont test our patiences..
If you want this marriage leave me and ragini alone i need to talk to her.
Sumi goes out..
Ragini:- why you behave like that to mom
Swara:- please ragini now you wont support momand i want to say what you will do for my happiness.
Ragini:- anything swara youwere my baby sister..
Swara:- i and laksh loves each other and we want to run away and marry now .he is waiting will you help to go threw from window.
Ragini:- anything for your happiness swara come.
Ragini sees laksh down and make s swara espace..
After sometine ragini comes out as nothing happen.
Sumi:- where is swara.

Ragini:- she is inside room ma resting.
Sumi goes.
Dp and rp were receiving guest just then that dective comes..
Dp:- prakadh because of you we are happy today and we are going to make swara as our elder bahu.
Rahul:- swara but you were finding ragini right.
Dp:- what.
Rahul just sees ragini
Rahul:-that girl she is ragini whom you are searching.
Rp:- bhaiyaa then why thry lied.
Sujatha:- i will go and break that sumitra jii teeth.

Rp:- wait sujatha and becalm they are coming..
Sumi:- we need to talk to you will you please come aside.
Dp nodes.
Rp:- i think its all miss understanding.
Ap:- what we will do now.
Sujatha:- i dont knew anything i want ragini as my bahu thats it.
Ap:- sujatha..
Sujatha:- ok..
Sumi says that swara was espaced ..
Rp:- how can u say that your daughter ran away .did you force her for marriage.
Sumi:- no she accepted by her wish but dont knew what happen may be that girl did some thing.
Dp:- who is that girl sumi ji.

Shekar:- we said na she is our daughter also.
Ap:- also means own or not.
Sumi and shekar looks on tensed
Dp:- why did you lied to us that ragini was your daughter and swara was that girl we are searching and now i am sure that you forced swara for this marriage thats why she ran away..what type of parents are you..
Sumi:- as a mother i want my swara to be rich so i did that and ragini already lost everything so for her how can we do marriage in big house.
Rp:- enough. Now you are making ragini as a bride and we are going to make her our bahu.
Sujatha:- jii we will make her ready..
Sumi:- its ok jii let me make her ready please let me repent for my mistakes..
They nodes..
Sumi makes ragini ready.

Sumi:- dont you dare to say anything to them about us.if you say means you knew what we can do anything to anyone i hope you understand and not even sanskar get that.
Ragini cries:- but i dont want to marry.
Sumi:- who cares your likes and dislikes. You have to be thankfull that you are getting married in that house and your that property belongs to us only and remember they should not knew about this property.
Ragini nodes..

Sanskar side shekar holds his hands an acts like crying..
Sanskar:- uncle what are you doing uncle.
Shekar:- please beta save our respect. My daughter made her ran away because she is jeousle of her geeting martied to you.when we confort her she said that she was liking you because of that swara escaped please beta save us..
Dp just then comes and shekar stops acting.
Dp:-sanskar you believe us right.
Sanskar:- haa badai papa..
Dp:- come and marry ragini.
Sanskar and ragini both sits unwillingly and gets married.
When they about to go out all were shocked to see swara and laksh in married attire..
Swara and laksh gets shocked by sering ragini..
Sumi:- where you went swara and what is this all..
Swara:- me and laksh always loved each other and…
Sumi:- you would have said nefore na but why are you lying say truth na that ragini forced u to escape
Laksh:- aunty swara was right we both love each other and by our force only she helped us..
He goes towards sumi and says slowly in her ears.
Laksh:- i knew what you both are up to and becarefull maa anything can happen.
Shekar:- that what beta anything can happen to anyone becarefull if truth comeout sone one may lose their life ..
Laksh sees him angrily.
Dp:- enough comes lets all go to our house..
Sanrag were in one car sitting little far..

Ragini was crying slowly by facing anotherside..
Sanskar:- after ruining all life you got me right then why are you might get married to me but you will never get me and my trust and one more thing i never thought by seeing your face that you will stoop so low by runing your sister life because of your obession towards me.
Ragini looks out of window :-
Maa and papa lied to him about me like this.why they hate me so much.what i had papa i cant bare more pain but i will try to mend this new relations…
They entre in home..

All were angry on laksh and swara and not talking to them..
Sujatha and ap made them do all rituals..sanskar stays annoyed to rag lak and swara..
Swara to sanskar:- i am sorry i Knew i did wrong by not saying you truth when you asked me whether i was happy or not but try to understand.
Sanskar:- its ok swara i can understand you were pressured by your own sister what can you do.
Swara:- what do you mean.
Sanskar:- your mom and dad said everything to me and dont worry my family members will accept you.
Swara:- sanskar if you dont mind can you say what they said you..
Sanskar says what ever they said and leaves from their.

Swara pov:- i never knew that you both will stoop so low nut i cant even say truth as you made promise me on ragini dii.
What to do.i will say to laksh.

Swalak room:-
Laksh:- everything will be sorted dont worry and they can do anything to ragini if we say truth.
What if we made themexpose y them selfs.
Swara:- impossible and i cant take risk of her life laksh.they will kill her..

Ragini goes to kitchen and stands outside hesitately..
Sujatha sees her and welcomes her inside.
Ragini:- shall i make coffee or tea for everyone.
Sujatha:- sure why not but for me coffee ok.
Ragini:- hmm.
Sujatha:- what you drink.

Ragini:- after making what ever will remind i will take it maa.
Ap:- if nothing remain means.
Ragini:- its ok then i wont drink it.
Suj and sp gets shocked.
Sujatha:- wont you keep gor your self.
Ragini gets tensed:- means sonetime i wish to drink and some other time no so i wont add my tea.
Sujatha dlowly to ap:- dii i am getting doudt on sumi jii that she fmdid not give her ptoper food or anything.
Ap:- hmm even i had that doudt..

Ragini serves tea and coffee for every one and goes to sanskar room.
Ragini:- jii coffee ..
Sanskar:- not act ragini no need for that as i knew your true face ok Ragini looks on silently.
Sanskar:- wont you leave me in peace..
Sujatha just comes in:- sanskar talk with respect she is your wife mind that.
Sanskar:- maa please.
Sujatha:- i knew that its difficult for you to receive this marriage but for atleast then talk with her properly.goes from their.
Sanskar:- are you dobe by acting still why are you standing here just out from here.
Ragini:- coffee.
Sanskar comes angrily and takes that coffee and sends her out of room.
Swara sees this and feels bad and goes from their..
Swara to ap:- maa.
Ap:- sujatha say to this girl, if she had minimum respect towards also then say to her not to talk to me..
Swara goes from their sadly.
Sujatha:- i think we should lisen to her dii
Ap:- not now sujatha.
Sujatha:- whats her fault was her patents fault.
Ap:- i knew sujatha.i am not anger on her for that reason i am anger on her for not saying her and laksh relationship that it.
Sujatha nodes..
Swara sits idle in garden.
Ragini sits next to her..
Swara:- i am sorry ragini di.
Ragini:- what happen swara why are you saying sorry.
Swara:- i though if i ran away then this martiage will stop but never thought that they will make you married.
Ragini:- anything for you swara..
Swara:- is sanskar good with you.
Ragini:- swara our martiage happened in complete different condition and right now how can we except nice reaction from me.
Swara:- why always u dii.
Ragini:- may be god is testing me.
Swara:- still howcmuch he will test you dii. You to deserve love right.
Ragini:- dont you love me..
Swara:- ofcourse i love u and jugs her..
Ap and sujatha sees them and smiles..

Next day…
Sanskar was sleeping and ragini was arranging room.
Sujatha comes and wakes up him Sanskar:- what maa.
Sujatha:- today pooja was their so get ready fastly and ragini wear this saree ok.
Ragini:- jii maa.

Sujatha goes from their room.
Ragini:- do you need anything..
Sanskar:- haa peace of mind do dont talk with me and goes towards washroom
Ragini gets upset:- dont worry ragini you have to try to mske out this relation ship.
Sanskar comes out from washroom and sees ragini getting ready in mirror and lost in her beauty..
Sanskar pov:- she is beautifull but when ever i see her i just remember what ever she did with her own sister. No one can believe her by seeing her innocent face that she planned all this
He goes from their after getting ready..
After pooja..
All sits for dinner..
Ragini serves all and sujatha makes her sit with them.
Dp:- in our house bahus are more than daughter to us so from now all are sitting together and will eat.
Ragini smiles..

Precap:- sanskar more misunderstanding towards ragini.


  1. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    but feeling angry on sanskar how can he trust sumishekar i don’t like his attitude
    and ragini yaar she suffered alot
    update sooon……….

    • Sindhura



      Sanskar doesnt knew about ragini na crystal and that to last minute his bride changed then any one will believe right
      For him they both are her parents
      Think from his side too

  2. meetu

    do u remember me meetu,huge fan of all alone ragini season 1. Was not able to commant due to 10 common had got 485 mark. And had studies this ff fully, super duper.

  3. Smiley

    Chala bhagundhi akka.akka ek anohi kahani lanti story inkoti raya plzzz sis.its a request from ur AP sis.bro-sis relation rayatam lo nv expert akka .no one can beat u.

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