My heart is with you ragini epi 26 by sindhura

Doctor comes out…
Doctor:- she is stable and it will take time for her to recover and to get conscious ..
Sameer:- can we go and see her.
Doctor :- only one by one is allowed and plss dont stay for longer ok its icu..
Sameer goes inside and cries seeing ragini with bandaids..
Sameer:- i cant live with out you raj please open your eyes i promise i will say your past but i too dont knew..but what ever i knew i will say or else lets asks sanskar or swara.ok wake up raj..
Nurse:- sir please you have to go ou. You cant give her stress.
Sameer nodes and goes out..
Sanskar sits next to her.
Sanskar taking her hand:- i love you ragini. So much more that i cant express i was a fool to believe them and not trusting you.i almost lost you and not again you were my wife ragini sanskar maheswari..please wake up and fill my life with colours please.i want live my whole life with you by making our own small family ..
Please wake up.

Nurse:- sir you have to leave..
Sanskar goes out and sits next to sameer..
Sameer:- can you say what happen before 6 months sanskar.
Swara:- i will say from our childhood..
Here ragini moves her eyes lids moving head to sides…
Swara:- ragini stepped in our house while she was 4 years ..
Dad and mom used to make her alot of work from that time only.
When ever i tried yo play or talk with her they used to beat her or lock her in room without giving food for her..slowly some where i felt that because of me she is suffering so i started staying away from her.she was a gem student so joined college as scolar student with me…

In college..
Ragini and swara are entering college ..
Swara excitement was seen in her face where ragini smiles seeing her smiles ..
Swara litteraly jumping and bumps into laksh both falls down.
Swara:- i am sorry…
Ragini helps her to stand and rubs her injured hand.
Laksh:- cant you see whike walking..
Swara:- i said i am sorry..
Laksh:- sir sorry sir.i am your senior.
Swara:- fine sorry sir.
They about to go bit laksh and his gang stops them.
Ragini:- please we are sorry and she got hurt to let her go you can do ranging with ne but leave her.
Laksh sees ragini amazingly while
Swara:- i said sorry na then why are you doing.
Laksh:- go..
Swara:- ahhh.
Laksh:- i said go.
They both goes ragini comes back and says thanks to laksh and goes grom their.
Lak frds:- why you left her..dont tellme you flat on them.
Laksh:- i dont knew about swara but the girl next to her is just like my brother who is protective about their sibblings..and i respect her ,dont think that i had fallen for her because i respect for her and that girl to got hurt yar and we do ragging for fun not to hurt so lets go to our classes…

By even sumi was beating ragini for not taking care of swara in college with out swara knowledge..
Swara sees ragini wound on her hands and asks what happen to her to which she says that she fallen down by slipping thats it.
Swara:- becarefull ragini..
Shekar strictly:- you can care about her later first you eat..
After all goes ragini is shown eating by sitting at cornor of house by wiping her tears due to pain of her hand..

Next day in colzz.
Swara was sitting was sitting in canteen and waiting for ragini.
Just laksh sits opposite to her.
Laksh:- hi..sorry for yesterday.
Swara:- even me sorry for yesterday i should not react in that way..
Laksh:- its ok frds..
Swara thinks.
Laksh:- its ok you feel uncomfortablmeans..
Swara:- its not like that ok friends..
Laksh:- why are you sitting without having anything..
Swara:- i am waiting for ragini di.
Laksh:- the girl next to you is she your sister but how come then she will be in your class.
Swara:- i dont knew mom said that she was ill thats why late joining.
Laksh:- what is her age..
Swara:- never ask age from girls laksh sir.
Laksh:- ok but call me laksh..
Swara smiles and says ok.

Just then ragini too joins..
Laksh:- hi ragini.
Ragini:- hi laksh ji.
Swara:- senior sir is better than this jii na.
Laksh:-yaa. And ragini you can call me laksh ok and can i ask you one question.
Ragini:- hmm.
Laksh:- when is your birthday and year..
Swara:-thats not fair laksh you cant ask her by the way she wont celebrate her birthday also.
Laksh:- why like that..
Ragini:- juat i dont like it to celebrate and when i wont celebrate their no need to say ns so sorry..
Lak and swara involves into their talka while ragini thinks in mind.
That she dont knew her birthday when how i can say to you..
Swara:- ragini di shall we goo.
Ragini nodes and leaves..

At maheswaris..
Sanskar and laksh was sitting and talking about random things..
Sanskar:- ok yar need to sleep tomorrow i had an important surgery so good night.
Laksh:- good night bro..
Dp rp ap and sujatha were sitting in lawn.
Ap:- what happen dp jii why are lost.
Dp:- you knew na ap what is tomorrow..
Rp:- its our kids rebirthday and some two person death anniversary too.
Sujatha:- did you find where that girl went..
Dp:- no we are going hire a detective this time i hope it works out.
Ap:- it will dont worry.
Dp smiles.. .

After 2 years..
Dp and rp comes home happily and says that they find shekar address and tells them to gwt ready fast.
They all goes to their house and tells them what happen in their child hood and say they want to meet that girl and wants to make her as bahu..
Shekar and sumi gets shocked by seeing swara and ragini coming..
Sumi immediatedly drags swara and says this is that girl.
Ap and sujatha goes and hugs her..
Sujatha eyes falls on ragini and feels a connection with her so she smiles towards her while ragini too smiles..
Ap:- i think this you daughter what your name beta..
Ragini:- jii ragini and.
Sumi:- yaa she is our daughter..
Ragini feels happy while swara looks doudtedly..
Sumi:- swara you are going to get married to sujatha jii son sanskar maheswari.
Swara gets shocked while ragini smiles and brings sweets to all.
All goes ..

Swara runs towards her room and cries ragini looks at her and tries to speak but sumi drags her to kitchen due to that noices swara gets doudt and goes towards kitchen and gets shocked seeing her mother hurting ragini hand by holder..
Sumi:- dont you dare to brain wash my daughter brain..those actually came for you but they never saw your face and they are rich people and how i can see uou happy and lucky thats why i snatched that one from you and giving to swara if you dare to hurt her or break this alliance i will kill you
Ragini:- i will be happy maa by seeing swara happy i dont mind anything ..
Sumi holds her hand more tight:- how many time i said to you that i was not your mom and dont dare to call me maa but you and your dirty voice and dirty face will always comes infront me dont knew when i will get ride of you.
I wish you to died with your parent s on that day but you were alive to kill us..
And one more think you knew why they came and ask your hand ..

Ragini looks on..
Your parents died by saving their kids thats why..
Swara gets shocked and runs to her rooms by seeing her parents true face….
Swara fumes in anger by kbewing that laksh was a reason to ragini state knowingly or unknowingly..
afyer awhile ragini comes to swara who was crying ..
She goes towards her running..
Ragini:- what happen swara why are crying..
Swara:- dont act like nothing happen ragini. I lisened to everything are you not angry on my parents.
Ragini:- why swara they bought me up just think if they left me on roads what might be my condition Now.
Swara:- but by baring all tjis you are doing wrong you are giving them more ways to touture you..
That alliance came for you and thry were cheating you and them too.
Ragini:- swara if you go to that house i will be most happiest person by seeing them i feel that they were very good people or else see my parents did a favor to them after passing so many years also they searched and came to
Swara:- but..
Sumi:- ragini beta what are you doing with swara and holds her hand tightly and makes her stand.
Swara gets angry by seeing sumi tight hold on ragini hand she gets up and removes sumi hand .
Swara:- no need to act mom i came to knew your true face so stop it and this marriage proposal came to ragini in favor of badai papa and badai maa and i will never snatch her happiness.
Sumi:- do you think i will let ragini live in peace their parents toutured us when they are alive and even touturing us by leaving this bad sign on us.

Swara:- dont you dare to call her like that.
Sumi raises her hand and slaps ragini hardly..
Swara holds her and gets horrified by seeing her bleeding lips.
Swara:- maa what are you doing..
Sumi drags ragini holds her neck.
Swara:- maa leave will you kill her now.
Shekar:- if you dont marry naa then definetly..
Swara sees ragini struggle in her mom hands and accepts it.
Swara:- now leave her..
Sumi:- you have to promise me that untill your martiage happen you wont talk to her otherwise it will took a minute to kill her.
Sumi leaves ragini..
Ragini and swara hugs each other and cries..
Later shekar drags ragini away.

Dp says sanskar about swara and he accepts making laksh shocked.
Laksh:- i have to meet swara..
Laksh gets swara message and
finds about truth and gets thinking

Precap:- rituals.sanskar finds swara upset ..dp finding truth about ragini..


  1. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awesome di loved it sad knowing ragini’s past life she deserves all happiness egaer to know what made sanskar against ragini why he did like that with her

  2. Astra


    |Registered Member

    Yar it’s awesome…awesome. But I didn’t understand what is relation between dp family and ragini… i guess i missed something… tell me shortly yar…

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