My heart is with you ragini epi 25 by sindhura

Frds i am very sorry that i am stopping one of my ff in middle plss support me but i will come back with another ff of rag lak
I am going to stop my new ff raglak love story..
Support me in this decision.

Sameer:- i dont understand for what we are waiting dadaji..
Dadaji:- we dont knew where is she sameer to attack them also we need a plan.
Sameer:- in that time of planning what if he tried to kill her..
All maheswaris were shocked ..
Dp :- what were you talking sameer.
Sameer:- before 6 months she tried to jump but at last moment she stopped but someone came
and hitted her on head and stabbed and fallen infront of our car…
Dadajii:- i remember sameer and she forgotten past to knew who did from her.
Sameer:- oh plss dadajii still you dont understand they were hired by shekar. what more proof you want dadajii. He ruined everything.
Raj:- calm down sameer.we all.are worried for her please dont do any thing in anger which causes you to regret later..
Sameer sits on sofa ..
Sanskar:- sameer was right we cant stay quite..
Sameer looks up and smiles weakly..
Sameer:- we cant do anything sanskar untill they call us..
Sanskar:- but..
Dadajii phone rings..
He lifts the call.
Voice:- what deshpandai sir do you think me as a fool like my bro.

I am not innocent fool like him to think about other..
Dadajii:- shekar .
Voice:- haa jii shekar after many years also you remember my name by my voice wow..
Dadaji:- where is ragini shekar..
All gets comes towards dadajii.
And he keep phone in speaker..
Shekar:- ahh ragini gadodia or ragini maheswari or rajini ragini deshpande whom you want.
Sameer:- dont test us where is my sister..
Shekar:- sameer deshpande my brother elder son..
Sameer:- shut up dont you dare to take my fathers name..
Shekar:- bad manners sameer you should not talk to chotai papa like that.
Swara:- you wont deserve any relation and font spoil the valve of relations by calling your self papa.
Shekar:- swara, how are you dear..
Swara:- where is ragini.
Sumi:- shekar dont tease my daughter for atleast he sake say where is ragini . I mean how is ragini.
Shekar:- we talked to her shiv narayan deshpandai it seems she forgot us and her past and we thought how can she forgot just like that and we.
Sameer gets horrified and asks
What you did with her..
Shekar:- we said all past to her and we tired and tired but to make her against u and even we tried to make her weak but it seems you people gave her alot of strength she said that she wont believe me untill she find truth by herself or from worthfull can she say like that after all i feed her untill she grow up.
Sameer:- shut up just shut up whete is ragini , if you tried to hurt i will clit your throat and whole body.
Sumi:- he went on his mother and that ragini on her father..two useless fellows.
Dadajii:- see what ever money you want we will give just give ragini to us..
A voice from back.

Money was not everything uncle..
All turns and see a man in middle age with goons..
Police about to react but goons captures them and says if any one from you try to do something their ragini will die..
They take all of them to a godown and makes them sit on ground.
Shekar and sumi standing infront of them . swara turns her face by feeling duisting.
Sanskar is searching in all directions ..
Shekar:- arey son in law jii from when you started her loving haa.
Sanskar:- from then when u people shadow left us..
A man beats sanskar and his lips cornor started to bleed.
Sameer:- where is ragini..
Shekar acts like thinking..

She is alive but cant say untill when.we have to accept that she tried to protect from us alot but doesnt happened..
Srinivas bring her and gift to her brother..
Here police dials a number secretly.
All were tied up..
Sameer:- what are you doing ..
Shekar:- protection baba.
Srinivas brings ragini and threws her infront of sameer.
Sameer holds her and sees her injured state..
Ragini:- i tried my level best to escape bhai but i couldnt.
Sameer:- nothing will happen to you ragini. You will be fine ..
Ragini:- bhai he is saying that he hates our dad and mom and..
Shekar:- how much will you talk allow me to say something.
Actually your dadajii and family wants to knew why i did like that..
Why i said that you were dead although you were alive..
Hmm lets began from my childhood.
I used to hate your dad i.e, my big brother alot infact i jeousl of him. He used to be always best in everything studies ,sports what not and self respected man.

My parents used to say learn from my brother and i used to hate it.
Finally one day my brother bought your mother home and said that they both love each and wants to marry.
Your mother belongs to a richest family when i came to knew it i supported them and they married.
This shivnarayan and rajendra tried to give him some money as a gift but my brother stopped them i got angry and i insisted to take money he didnot took then i atleast asked him a higesht position job in their company and my brother said that i was not fit for position thats it ..i got angry and i started hating him more.
Then you sameer came in the world and both families were not in this world and sumi were trying for kids but it didnot clicked after few years i lended money many places for treatment you were born ragini after few months sumi was conceived with swara they started to say that ragini was lucky that by her birth she conceived you only how that possible when money and doctors
did ..untill now only my brother used to irritate me and you both too joined and that money loan came on my head that time too my brother didnot helped me because of his principals andthats it my patients ended and boom
Our two unlucky things one is sameer was not travelling that time and althought you were in that car you were alive..
On that day you might be dead also but these two idiots one mistake saved your sister life..
All were crying

While sameer and ragini stayed lifeless.
Shiv:- you killed my daughter..for sake of money .you would have come to me i would give.
Shekar:- my brother stopped by black mailing that he will say my deeds to all what can i do thats why i killed them.
Raj:- why you kept ragini with you.
Shekar:- i want to take my revengue on her as she was my brother little princess.
Sumi:- we made her worst than maid .we didnt allow swara to talk with her and her with swara ..
We never allowed her to make friends and threwed her in darkness.
Sumi was pulled by someone and gets slapped.she holds her cheeck and sees ragini who is anger..
Ragini:- this slap is not for my side this one is for killing my parents and trying to kill my brother..
Shekar about to hold her but sameer stops and nodes his head in no.
Sameet:- dont you dare and you said half truth let me complete it ..
You people tried to spoil her married life when she got tried and about to suicide but stopped at last moment but you said some one to follow her and kill her.
Shekar:- yes after completing my revengue i dont need her and we got to knew that she signed on that property papers on our name its 25 crores now.who idiot will lose it …thats why i sended srinivas sumi brother to kill her but this waste fellow did half work.
Sumi:- they came on time what he will do..
Shekar:- fine ok lets repeat again this time no wrong srinivas.
Sriniva:- ok jijju.
Before all could understand anything he lifts a weighted iron rod about to hit sameer ragini pushes him aside and sameer falls down

Ragini ….
Ragini turns and another rod hits on her head all gets shock and starts trying to remove their holds..
Srinivas about to hit from back of her..sameer holds his waist and pushes pins his head to wall which causes him to faint.
He runs towards ragini who was bleeding from head ..
Sameer :- ragini pls wake up.. shekar about to shoot him but police comes their and shoots shekar on his hands on time.
Before they realise.
Sumi, shekar srinivas were surrounded by police….
Shekar:-dont think you won deshpandais i will come back.
Shiv comes towards him and says I am not gandhi to follow right path .i am human being and i will use all my powers to make to end in jail..

Shekar:- lets see who can stop evil mind.
Swara comes to shiv:- dadajii they already convenced that they killed two people and tried to kill another one do for that it a big punishment and again they mistreated ragini from her childhood and i will be the witness to it so dont worry they dont deserve to be out side..
Sanskar comes running to ragini..
Sanskar:- are you ok.
Sujatha was holding rp hand and crying.
Ragini tries to speak but couldnt.
Police:- ambulance came sir..
Sameer about to lift her but couldnt due to his injury in hand he wincs in pain and cries for his helplessness.
Sanskar immediatedly lifts her..
They runs towards ambulance..

Sanskar and sameer were siting next to her while nurse cleaning her wounds..
Swara was crying seeing ragini in that state laksh was consoling her..
Ragini slowly:- bhai..
Sameer:- haa raj..
Ragini:- last time when i met accident i opened my eyes and saw you and from that time my life took turning bhai i still dont knew what happened in my past I am trying now also but its giving me head ache . If this time i wont openy eyes means dont forget to smiles bhai.
Sameer:- dont say like that raj .
I list you for 20 years i can loose you again and i will not..nothing will happen to you ..see i will say one phase of your past life but you have to promise me that you will open your eyes and will see me first not any one not even uour husband..

Raj sanskar was your husband and you were.
Ragini:- ragini sanskar maheswari i came to knew that bhai after that day only i got fever.. bhaii i feeling like dizzy bhai..swara…
Swara:- ha ragini.
Ragini:- i didnt meant to slap your mother.she keep on insulting my parents so..
Swara:- our parents ragini..u, sameer bhaiya and our parents were my world from now,not them Ragini smiles and sees towards sanskar..
He comes forward and holds her hand..before she could speak she goes unconscious..
San and sameer starts patting her face..
Nurse:- dont worry she was just unconscious..
Elders were following her..
All waits outside of operation theater..

All faces were exhausted and went pale because of crying..
Sanskar sits on chair and closes his eyes crying..
Sujatha sits next to him and cares his head..
Sanskar:- maa i cant loose her again maa i will die maa.
Sujatha:- nothing will happen to her see sanskar nothing will happen god was not heartless to take few people heart beat.i knew that you were broken but beta even sameer too broken .it was a hell day to him and ragini.he needs you sanskar go and console him by saying that nothing will happen to ragini sanskar maheswari nor sameer sister..
Sanskar nodes and goes and sits next to him who is sitting infront of ganapathi idol lifelessly..
Sameer:- you knew sanakar when i was 6 years dadi came and said that my parents and my sister left me, i was devasted cried so much

after so many years we came to knew that ragini was alive and shekar was playing with us and we immediatedly started while we are in high way we saw a man was hitting a girl on her head we tried to catch him but he ran away and i was shock to see ragini in injured state..we immediatedly rushed to hospital and he says what ever doctor says ..
We knew that she was married but we dont knew that was you and i knew that she was married and her health was not in that state to enquiry about you and itvyook 6 months for us to bring her health back and to make her feel that she was with them from childhood trust me sanskar we were not meant to hide .
Sanskar:- i knew sameer and i knew that you made ragini strongest one who can stand on herself and raise voice if any one misbehaves with her she was pure sameer innocent thats why everyone played with her feeling but now she was strong and that happen because of your love and support..You were the best brother in the world and you will be so being a jijju to you let me say that nothing will happen to our ragini.
She is our ragini sameer ..
Nothing will happen to her..
Sameer looks at him with tears
They both hugs and cries.

Precap:- flash black starts..


  1. Raglaksan123


    |Registered Member

    i am sorry sindura i missed some parts in the middle due to i was busy
    bt i would like to ask i some question
    did u write the past of ragsan or not yet ???

  2. Sally_blr


    |Registered Member

    Sorry for being late. Read all the parts at a go. Awesome. And this part was damn emotional. Sameer and Ragini scenes were so emotional. He is really the best cro. What a story mahn Sindhu. I just loved it. And waiting for next episode

  3. Astra


    |Registered Member

    The epi is very awesome…. i felt very emotional..

    But, u r stoping raglak stry?? Y yar..?? If it is bcz u were hurt with someone’s words then don’t stop. Bcz, we knw what u are..! As a co writer i can understand ur feelings..but..
    Ok dear… u r wish. But to say truely, our love stry ff was really awesome..awesome
    .. u r writing it in different in ur own way.. and truth is we r enjoying it….
    Hmm..but still i will support u in ur decision. Ur wish dear…
    And start a new raglak ff soon… bcz I’m awaiting eagrly for a raglak ff from u….

    • Sindhura



      Thanks alot
      Frankly speaking i got hurt but not only thaylt reason some where i too felt un staisfied
      But i had some story for them
      Once i had clear pic i will post it

  4. Mohini

    Today there was something extra special in your writing. I loved it soo much. Very intriguing. Excited to see if Ragini is fine or not. Can’t wait for the next episode

  5. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….ragsam scenes r so emotional….hope nothing happen to our ragini….really sameer s great bro….shekher and sumi both r so cruel….
    u r going to stop ur raglak love story….
    anyways waiting for ur update and another raglak ff…tkcr dear….

  6. Astha


    |Registered Member

    Emotional epi akka…. I was sitting in edge of seat…. That much seriously going….. Good loved each n every scenes… But abt fb n after know fb san’s reaction its horrifying me akka…. Chala bayanga undi…. I came to knew that Sam gonna have grey shed…. Akka Sam hate sanky then ok but plz don’t make Ragini to hate sanky… Its a humble request…. Plz save sanky….

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