My heart is with you ragini epi 23 by sindhura

Laksh:- you have to be strong swara..
Swara:- wipes her tears and says ofcourse i will.ragini faced alot by comparing to me and i had a doudt that i was their original daughter or not.
Laksh:- hai you were my wife and we both should work together to bring sanskar and ragini together..
Swara:- hmm.
Ragini from outside room by leaning her mouth on door and says..
Swara if you both are done with romances can we go..
Laksh opens door and sees ragini bending and cover her hand on her side of mouth.
Laksh:- why are standing like this.
Ragini:- talking slowly and screatly so that no one hears us.
Laksh nodes his head..

While sameer and sanskar laughing from behind.
Ragini peeps in to his room and Sees swara getting ready in white and pink and orange color flower print dress..
Ragini pushes laksh out and says by going inside room.
Ragini:- wow swara you are looking stunning mumaaa kisses on her cheeck.
Swara:- thank you ragini and you to look awesome in this dark blue shirt and black jeans.
Ragini:- and black coat.
Swara:- totally stunning..
Both hugs each other..
Vikas :- shall we go..
All:- yaa..

All goes in one car….
Sameer:- why dont you bring any of you friend..
Vikas:- they all were in koltaka…
Ofvourse you are their for me right
Ragini:-hmm ofcourse we are your friends what say bhai.
Sameer:- yaa ofcourse..
After that they reaches disc..
All sits around table ..
Vikas:- what do you guys will have.
Sameer:- drinks.
Vikas:- which brand..
All looks on.
Ragini:- excuse me drinks means cooldrinks.
Vikas:- what..

Ragini:- arey yar tell one thing why are getting shock of my every answer..
Vikas:- you brouht up in delhi related to high society and dont you people atleast drink for socially.
Sameer:- u forhot one point in that.
Vikas:- we are indian and we bought up like this only and i knew if your mom comes to knew about drink she will kill u.
Vikas:- wow what do you think drinks mean. I am not asking about alcohol ,i am talking about cocktails and mocktails and for your kind info sameer i hate even smell of alcohol ok.
Sameer:- sorry yar i though.
Vikas:- its sanskar will you help to bring drinks.
Sanskar:- yaa,lets go.
All were talking with each other..
A girl comes to them and asks..
Girl:- are you ragini..
Ragini:- yaa.
Girl:- dont you remember me.
Ragini:- i am sorry no.
Swara:- shit bhai ,laksh she was ragini classmate.
Sam and lak:- what.

Raima:- thats not fair yar i used to sit infront of you in class raima all used to tease me dal rice.
Ragini:- i think you thought me some one else..i am rajini ragini deshpandai.
Raima:- oh i am sorry but seeing swara she about to speak..
Sameer:- hi do you knew rj raj..
Raima:- of course i knew last week she did a show in fm famous rj in delhi right.
Sameer:- she is my sister ans this one rj raj..
Raima:- oh my god are rj raj by lisening your voice i thought i lisened it some where oh can i have a selfie with you plss.
Ragini:- yaa sure.

Here sanskar see girl and thinks.
Sanskar:- she is raima ragini class mate my god what if she bladers a
something and i cant go infront of her also and takes juices and think s something by seei g vikas.
Sanskar:- vikas small help can you do.
Vikas:- yaa sanskar..
Sanskar shows that girl and says can you takes her make her to go because i cant go infront of her.
Vikas:- why fan and all haa.
Sanskar:- i am just uncomfortable because of her presences yar plss.
Vikas:- ok ..
Vikas takes one juice glass and goes towards that girl.

Sameer not alliwing tgat girl to talk further..
Swara whispers in lak ear:- she caught to us like bubble gum dont knew when she will go..
Laksh:- haa untill how much time we will stop her.what if she bladders nonsence..
They both hear that girl scream and sees vikas holding empty glass and that girl wet dress.
Raima:- cant you see are you blind Vikas:- i am sorry i did see you.
Raima:- i knew boys like to gain our attention or to just start conversion you people will do it.
Vikas:- oh hello go and look your self in mirror and for your kind information i had lover and i committed to her and to talk with girls i wont spill juices on girls and waste my money ok.
Raima:- what ever and goes from their..
Vikas shows thumps up to sanskar while he smiles which was seen by sameer he too smiles little.

Sameer pov:-
By seeing the way he cares for ragini i can say that he loves her alot but what happened in past that they separated untill these shekar and wife caught my head will brust out..
Ragini comes and literally jumps and sits next to him.
Ragini:- bhai why you said that i was rj raj..what if she publishes it publically.
Sameer:- you will get some publicity dear and people will think that not only her voice she her self was angel and holds her chin.
Ragini smiles ..

Sameer:- aww this smile is enough for me to complete my day.
Ragini:- and your support is enough for me to face anything.
Voice:- frds frds guess what who is here, untill we hear her voice but now we are going to see her we all knew her by voice and might though if her voice is that beautiful how beautiful sge might look and for your question here is the answer and shows ragini live on big screen.
Dj:- so she is rj raj..

All shouts loudly while ragini sees sameer angrily while he looks away.
Dj:- if you dont mind will you plss come here and few songs with us.
Ragini:- see i always selects classic and melody music i think those wont looks nice here.
All :- come yar you select and dj will remix it.
Sanskar:- go naa ragini.
Vikas:- haa go i never knew that you were rj raj and to be franck we group of frds are crazy about your show..
Ragini:- smiles and says bhai you knew that i never went to public and i dont like.
Sameer:-come on yar goo.
Ragini nodes and goes..she selects few songs and gives to dj..
Dj:- you have adorable taste today this floor gone rock..
Ragini smiles and goes back to sameer…
Songs started playing all were enjoying by dancing..
Swara and laksh to dances..

San pov..
I wish i would have danced with you ragini but i think i have to wait for that…
Sameer and ragini dances together.
Sameer sees around while dancing with ragini.
Ragini:- bhai look at me bhai stop being typical bhaijan.
Sameer:- what i did not do anything.
Ragini:- ya i can see that..
bhai think onces she might thought that i was sane person whom she thinks but how come
name also same.
Sameer:- some time it happen you looks like her frd she was only ragini but you are rajini ragini deshpande..
Ragini looks unsatisfied with his reasons.
Sameer:- dont you believe your bhai.
Ragini smiles more than me..
Sameer smiles but feels guilt too
They all reaches back to mansion..

After sometime all meets at a point execept ragini.
Bharat:- guess what dadaji shekar responded to mehra proposal and he want it yo be happen immediatedly so he is coming next week.
Sameer:- its time to trash his neck and realises something and sees towards swara who has tears.
Swara:- i am with u bhai when kids does mistaje hiw parents will punish them in same way if parent s does mistake kids can also punish them and i will and i am not alone i had a great bhai like thats enough for me to face this world.
Whole world is one side and my brother and sister are one side i can face anything and anyone.
Sameer hugs her..
Next morning few voices were heared some sameer room all goes and gets shocked seeing sameer holding pillow and standing on bed and shouting.
Beat here beat their ..

Whike ragini beating on floor with broom no one is understanding anything.
Sameer:- beat their its going tgats side go thats side beat it abd threw it.
Ragini stops beating and sees him with smile while he gets confused.
Sameer:- what happen why are seeing like that..
Ragini bends diwn and catching it and lifts it.
Sameer:- ahhh go away ragini cockroach he runs and jumps on a man without seeing.
Ragini laughs and chases him
Ragini:- bhai see na bhai and sees sanskar and oh you also see na.
Sameer shouts loudly runs from their and sanskar to follows him.
All laughs whole heartedly..

Laksh:- i never knew that my bhai was this much afraid of cockroaches..
Voice:- these both will never change.
All turns back and see ashok and pragati infact .
Ragini threw cockroach and runs to ashok by saying bhai.
That cockroach lands on laksh making him to scream more than sameer and sanskar..
Swara laughs and takes that cockroach and sats.
Swara:- cone on laksh its just a toy..
Laksh :- what and slowly comes down from bed while sameer and sanskar comes inside room.
Sameer:- i knew its just i dont want to hurt ragini by not reacting to her prank thats why.
Sanskar:- and i am just supporting sameer.
Laksh:- and i gave final dose to climax or else it wont look good na.
All:- oh yaa.

All burst in to laugh while they get embrassed.
Dadajii:- any way my son rajendra deshpande and my bahu come mostly daughter sakshi.
Both does namstai..
And this is ashok chopra our damad and pragathi chopra their daughter ..
Dadaji:- if u are done lets go down.
All were going down.
Ashok:- what behen ji you forgot us after coming to mumbai.
Ragini:- how can i forget about my heart bhai.
Ashok:- haa buttering haa.
Ragini hugs him from side..
All goes down.
Sakshi was seeing ragini who is roaming back of sujatha and helping her.
Raj:- where are you watching.
Sakshi:- ragini had a special bond with sujatha jii see how she is roaming back of her.
Raj:- dadajii said sameer and ragini showed their jalwa here also..
Both smiles looking at ragini..

Precap:- ragini getting to knew half truth..


  1. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear…loved it to core….cockroach scenes superbbb…too funny hahaha….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  2. Astha


    |Registered Member

    Akka as usual rocking epi…… Disc scene was good…. Loved sanky…. These boys scaring for cockroach….. Soooooo funny akka….. Shakshi n raj n Ashok n pragti cute…..
    Akka…. Gonna miss my dear ragsan very badly….. Today is the last day of swaragini…..😢

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