My heart is with you ragini epi 22 by sindhura

2 or 3 more episode to go ragini will lnew truth about her. So lets story

Ragini walking back to her room and collides with swara..
Swara:- carefull ragini and sees her teardy eye and asks her what happen why are you crying.
Ragini wipes her tears and says:- nothing swara..
And she immediatedly goes from their.
Swara gets tensed and runs in the way where ragini came and sees sam san lak hugging each other.
Swara:- what happen here. Why ragini is crying..
Sam:- did she hear everything.
San:- oh shit.
Swara:- what happen what she heared..
Sameer was about to go sanskar to follows him but sameer stops him.
Sameer:- plss sanskar let me handle her by own i want to knew why she is crying plss.
Sanskar:- but..

Sameer:- please for god sake.
Laksh keeps hand on sanskar shoulder and says ok sameer you go this time ragini needs you more.
Sameer immediatedly rushes out threw ragini room.
Sameer sees ragini standing near window.
Sameer:- ragini.
Ragini:- hm.
Sameer:- why are you crying..
Ragini:- because of me your getting hurt na bhai.
Sameer:- haa ..
Ragini:- haa i was careless and this makes you worry because i already came out from death and you afraid of my safety..
Sameer:- hugs her immediatedly and say nothing like that raj.
Ragini:- bhai i want to knew my past memories bhai everything my sad moments my happy moments my child hood memories everything.

Sameer:- i will say na raj your all childhood memories i will say to you and i said few na.
Ragini:- haa bhai you said but by lisening it i never felt that it was my story i always felt that it was not me who you are saying it someone else not me.
Sameer:- are you not happy the memories we are making in present with me.
Ragini:- i am loving it bhai but still when ever i turned back it was all blank bhai.
People say na bhai when we are upset then remember your past happy moments and sadly it wont apply to me and childhood once it passed it wont comeback na bhai we will have memories only but in my case that was impossible..
Bhai can we go and consult doctor and we will ask him about that can i get back my memory.
Sameer:- no raj its impossible few months back you met with accident and you had brain injury
Doctors said that for cases like you gaining memory is not possible and you should not force to remember it cause you fall weak and i cant see that..

Ragini:- ok bhai what ever it is i will happily live in present..
Sameer kisses her forehead makes her sit on bed and takes her head in his lap and makes her sleep.
After seeing her asleep he goes out room by wiping tears..
Ragini opens her eyes onces door shut.
Ragini pov:- you wont understand bhai how it feel and i even cant explain you in words forgetting everything and living like nothing happen but something is wrong you all worries about me at one point and i tried to knew about it but i failed..dont knew what was my past and why sanskar said like that as if he knew me before ahh my head is painibg may be bhai is right if i stress my head is paining.relax ragini and sleep.
Sameer comes out and sees san lak swa were standing near their room.
Sanskar:- is she ok sameer.

Sameer:- you knew what i knew that you was not at fault completely but some where you were too related to her tears i will lisen story from your side once i get your parents(swara).
Sorry to say this swara you were my little sister and it hurts saying this to you but i have to say ragini didnt do suicide someone tried to kill her and that someone was your parents..
Swara gets shocked tears rolls from her eyes contisuesly
She collapes before that sameer holds and takes to his room .
San lak too follows her..
Swara cries covering her mouth by hugging laksh..
Sameer consoles her..

Swara breaks hug and says ..
I was not like them …first i used be in my world but i never hated her i always tried to make friendship with her but my parents stopped me .i was not like them bhai..
Sameer hugs her:- shhh no need to explain swara i knew you was not like them you knew why.
Swara nodes her head in no.
Sameer:- because you were sameer deshpande sister and my sisters are equal to angel ha but
my angels husnand are draculas we cant do anything you knew.
Lak and san opens their mouths while swara smiles with tears.
Sameer wipes her tears and says ..this time is not for tears swara its the time to stand for our sister she needs us support i cant hold her for so much time, if not now another day she will try for her past and we dont want to hide also once we find them and knew exact reason of their hateredness towards ragini .
We will say all her past and all your relations to her..
Swara nodes..
Sameer:- smile my little sister otherwise i will push your husband from terrace..
Swara laughs.
Laksh:- wah what a dangerous bhai to bring her smile on her face you will kill me..
Sameer:- anything for my sisters..

Next day..
All were getting ready and leaves to deshpande farm house..
Where aroras were already waiting.
Dadajii:- sameer,ragini these are bharat and madhvi aroras you mom and dad best friend.
They both takes their blessings..
He introduces maheswaris too.
Dadaji:- your son didnt came.
Bharat:- he seeing your house.
Dadaji:- lets go inside.
While going vikas comes running and bumps into sameer.
Sameer:- ouch watch out man.
Vikas:- dog just save me.
Bojjo comes back of him by shouting.
Ragini:- shh bojjo sit down calmly.
Bojjo sits with out saying anything.
Vikas comes from back of sameer and acts like nothing happened.
Bharat:- by the way this is my don vikas arora.
Vikas:- hi all.
All elders goes..

And youngers about to go.
Vikas comes inftont of ragini.
While remaing all looks on sameer about to go but swara stops him.
Vikas:- hi myself kas vikas..
Nice to meet you and forwards hand.
Ragini:- jii but me dhawan varun dhawan se hand shake karungi untill then bye have a safe room..
and goes from their.
Vikas:- i like her .san gets angry while grins his teeth before they both coukd react ..
Bojjo comes to him shouting.
Vikas:- ok ok fine i wont like her ok.
Bojjo stops shouting and goes from their..
While swa san lak laughs loudly.
Sameer cares bojjo head and says thats like a good bhai..protect raginj from him ok.
Bojjo:- licks him waves his tails goes to ragini room..
Lak:- even bojjo is very possessive about her. What will happen to you now sanskar bhai.
Sanskar shows teeth to him and sees sameer just smiles and goes from their.
Sanskar:- how i should face him laksh how i should say that how much i love her…
Laksh:- few feeling cant be expressed in words bhai it seen threw actions. And for now be aware of this kas vikas arora..
4 of them laughs…

Ragini:- hi why are standing like this come i will show you rooms.
They were walking..
Sameer:- stay out that vikas ok..
Ragini:- why like that..
Sameer:- i dont like his flirty nature.
Ragini:- what if i like it.
Sameer widen his eyes while sanskar holds his head and acts like fainting.
Sameer:- oh plss i knew you also got irritated so shut up and u are staying out of him.
Ragini:- fine dont get anger bhai. I will stay out of him and ya i dont like him in that way or in any other way ok.
Sameer:- hmm.
Ragini:- atleast now you smile.
Sameer smiles:- ok lets show them rooms.
Sameer takes sanskar to his room while ragini takes swara and laksh Ragini:- so this your room and my favorite one as air and light both were awesome in this room and it will best for your romances and winks at them.
Swara blushes while laksh hi fives to her..
Mean while.
Vikas:- may i join.

Sameer comes from back and says why not come and brings him inside by keeping hands on his shoulders..
ragini smiles looking at sameer the way he possesive about her.
Sanskar follows them with smile by seeing indirect damki of sameer.
Vikas:- hi beautifull you must be swara maheswari right.
Laksh widen his eyes while remaing chuckles.
Swara:- nice to meet you and forwards hand.
Swara shakes hands with him with a little smile.
Vikas:- lets ho out na its getting bore.
Sameer:- its lunch time and if we go out at this time.
Ragini:- dadajii will kill us and later kills you for giving this idea.
Vikas:- after lunch.
Sameer:- lets see..

Vikas:- come on yar my all frds all here lets go to disc at night.
Ragini:- let see vikas we have to ask dadajii.
Vikas:- are you kid asking dadajii and all.
Sameer:- the matter here is vikas no one wants to becomes old and mainly we thats why we prefer to be kids by asking everything from dadajii.
Vikas:- shall we go once your dadaji gave permission for all of us.
Sameer smiles:- ok.
Sanskar:- what ok dadaji scolds you for going for an ice cream and you are talking about disc.
Ragini:- i will ask permission even i want to see how disc will look.
Vikas:- untill now you never went to disc(with shock expressions).
Swara:- its not a temple you are asking like untill now you didnt visit…
Laksh smiles.
Vikas:- ok tonight to disc be ready at 8..
All:- hmm.
Sam rag vik leaves.
Swara:- bada aya ragini sai flirt karnai valla..
San lak laughs..
San:- one more possessive person towards ragini..
Swara:- becarefull sanskar with him otherwise you will also come in our categorie..
San lak both looks on.

Precap:- at disc someone meeting ragini and sanskar gets shocked..


  1. Astha


    |Registered Member

    Nyz epi akka…. Thank god Sam is supporting sanky…. Wish vikas should stay as comedy piece…. Hope he is not a obstacle on my sanky’s story….. Precap omg… Rag getting to know her past soon…. But i prefer present bcoz in past my rag faced sad only hope ull add some sweet moments too.

  2. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome dear….my bojjo soo cute….already know sameer s possessive now bojjo also…angels husbands draculas …funny dear…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  3. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    Fab love the protective Bojjo and like the new character… wonder who she meets at the club.. loved it post soon xx

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