My heart is with you ragini epi 21 by sindhura

Sanskar:- why are you asking like that who forgetted past.
Ragini:- say na sanskar you were a doctor right.then say na is it possible to gain back memory once we forget…
Sanskar:- it depends on their condition ragini.few cases it happen and in few it wont.
Ragini:- like they show in movie in real life also we get flashes.
Sanskar:- not in all cases.
Ragini becomes silent.

Sanskar in mind :- why she is asking all of sudden like that . She is ok.
Sanskar holds her wrist and checks her pulses but acts out.
Ragini you can share with me what happen.
Ragini:- i dont remember few parts of my life sanskar and i only remember from the day after my accident i dont remember my childhood memories my happy moments sad nothing.
Sanskar in mind:- her pulse is ok..
Sanskar:- sometimes its good that we forget past ragini few unwanted and sad memories will erase which stops us to live happily see .
Ragini:- may be even dadi say forgeting past is like a gift to few people..any way dont say to bhai that i said these all to you, he feel bad .
Sanskar:- ok.

Ragini:- shit in these all i forget to give you for what i came..she slowly takes a cover and gives it to him.
Sanskar opens it and sees ragini while she laughs.
Sanskar:- a plastic doctor set are you serious.
Ragini:- what do you expect that a doctor will get ha ,he will get doctor set only.
Sanskar chases her they both runs whole room and stops.
Both were opposite to each other and bed was inbetween them.
Ragini while breathing heavily:- you cant catch me sanskar and look at you how you are breathing heavily i think you need exercise.
Sanskar immediatedly rolls on bed and pins her to wall next to table and pins her both hands near to her head with his hands.
Both looks at each other intensily.

Ragini:- ok it was for joke main gift was another one if you leave me i will give..
Sanskar smiles..ragini looks on he leaves her and goes 2 steps back..
Ragini takes something from her bag mean while sanskar offers her somethin.
Sanskar:- this is for you and shows a beautifull preal locket chain.
Ragini:- its awesome sanskar..
And these two hearts were so cute ha and this one for you and gives him braclet and says by tieing to his..that it will save from evil eyes and never take this from your hands.
He nodes and says its beautiful ragini thank you.
Ragini:- i buyed for bhai and laksh to..
both sits in balcony she shows him a chain and say its wishy bone saves from.
Sanskar:- evil eye.

Ragini smiles snd shows another braclet to which was taken for swa laksh and say this one also to save from evil eye.
Sanskar:- why you brought all like that..
Ragini:- you all were good people sanskar and evil eyes were always falls on good people snd i dont want it to happen to your family thats why and if you dont like its ok.
Sanskar:- hi i loved it snd remaing all will also likes them and why you didnot brought for you.
Ragini:- for me no need.
Ragini:- you will knew tomorrow.
Sanskar:- that means your brother will buy for you.
Ragini:- hmm your underdtanding us.
Sanskar:- anyone will understand by seeing your both love for each other.
Ragini:- thats true..

Sanskar:- so..
Ragini:- so.
Sanskar:-we will go back tomorrow.
Ragini:- by 2 more month ending even we will leave to delhi.
Sanskar:- still you months are their na..
Ragini:- we can play more pranks.
Sanskar:- not we its you..
Ragini:- fine its only me ok i accepted.
Sanskar:- hmm good for health.
Both laughs..

Ragini:- its already so late ok then good night sanskar .
Sanskar:- good night ragini.
both goes yo their room.

Next morning.
Sameer was sitting near ragini and tieing a black thread to her leg which was seen by swara and laksh.
Swara:- if i had been like sameer then ragini would had not been like this.
Laksh:- what ever happen is for good only swara.
Swara:- how can you say its good .
Laksh:- why not..she got her real family a very loving and protective brother and this distance even made sanskar to realise his love for her and thry can start newly and its good na she firgot her past otherwise those memories wont let her live in peace and the way they behaved with her from her childhood she broken completely swara and you knew once broken piece may pasted together but it leaves so many scares and those hurts more..

Swara:- may be you are right.
Laksh:- may be i am always right mrs.maheswari..
Swara smiles they both goes to sanskar and wakes her up..
Sanskar wakes up by strenching his hands
Laksh sees braclet in his hand ans asks him.
He says that ragini gifted him.
Lak:- wow so sweet protection from evil and all ha.
San:- she bought for all in our family and to her family not only for ne.
Swara:- come on sanskar that means she accepted us as her family too and one more thing although she bought for all but she gave you first not even sameer.
Sanskar:- you all were sleeping and i was awake thats why.
Swara:- oh god she gave me bangles then she asked about you and came to your room and gave you this and coming to sameer sleep do you think that if ragini wants to tie to him she wont leave him whether he is sleeping or doing something else.
But she just gave first to you ok .
Sanskar:- really after meeting you all she first tied to me that great thanks swara and hugs her and see laksh sad face..
He smiles and drags him to their hug.

They three comes out after freshen up and sees ragini tieing chain around his neck and says perfect..
Sameer holds her leg snd pulls up ragini strumbles and holds table.
Sameer shows thread that tied yo her leg and says this one is also perfect.
Swa lak san laughs by his antics.
Ragini:- u pulled my leg what if i fall.
Sanskar:- i am , i mean we are their na to catch you.
Sameer:- haa.
Ragini:- first leave my leg..
Sameer :- ok.
And shall we leave.

Ragini :- ha. She goes to lak and swa and ties braclets to them also.
They starts from their…
Dadjii reaches home andsits with all family.
Dp:- that means they to dont knew where they are.
Shiv:- no they said that gaurav buyed that site from him on ragini name and all writing legally that she will get rights on that property once she turned 25 while returning from their they i think they met with accident .its clear that they did for property sake but why they did death drama of ragini after all she is his own brother daughter.
Rp:- how come sameer was not their with them.
Dadaji:- parvathi health was not fine and she wanted to see sameer and ragini so they reached our home while they started sameer health spoiled all of sudden so he was with us.

After knewing accident we tried to reach shekar but he was no wear.i should lisen why he did from his mouth then only it will be crystal clear for us.
Dp:- we will find him dont worry.
Shiv:- we came to knew that property cost was 5 crores and for selling that property they cant do it immediatedly and gaurav said that he will try to knew about that propert sale once he got news about it we can act like we are interested in buting that property and we can catch.
Voice:- whom you want to catch dadaji..
All turns and sees kids coming.
Ragini and sameer hugs him.
Ragini:- say na whom you want to catch.
Dadajii:- i want to catch your ears i came to knew that what you both did in ice cream parlour.
Ragini:- i am not bhai did it.
Sameer:- what the hell even you to fighted..
Ragini:- in that case all fighted ..
Sameer:- arey leave that matter na when you came dadaji.
Dadaji:- today morning.
Sujatha:- you all go and freshen up lets eat lunch together.
Ragini hugs sujatha and says
Missed you maa.
Sujatha smiles..

After lunch ragini was giving bangles to ap and sujatha and ties braclets yo all.
Dp rp shiv sameer san lak were taking…
Dadajii:- my daughter had a friend gaurav arora he is coming here with his family for one week this time we want we all to go our farm house and plss dont say no.
Dp:- after that you have to come here again.
Sameer:- definetly..
Sameer:- he is the person you went to meet dadajii.
Dadaji:- hmm he said that he got address of that property and said to that broker that mehtas named family wants to buy.
Sameer:- why mehtas and who are they.
Dadajii:- shekar knew about our surname and ofcourse their surname..
And sameer behave your self with sanskar he is ragini husband.
Sameer clutches his hand grip.
Sameer:- ok..

Dadajii:- like before because ragini guess your anger very cleverly.
Sameer:- i am not anger on him but upset on him for not taking care of her and breaking all marriage promises and tell me one thing yar if anyone come and instigate u on her means you will believe them dont you have brain wont you knew her as human being.
Sanskar feels guilt.
Sameer:- i dont have any complaints on any one dadajii.
Except that shekar and sumitra they snatched everything from me and from ragini.i wont leave them once i got them in hold.
Dadajii:- ok calm down now ..
Elders leaves from their.

Sameer walks towards window and closes his eyes letting his tears flow san and lak observes him and goes to him places hand on her shoulder..
Sameer:- you knew what sanskar when mom was preagent with ragini from then me and she shared a special bond ..
When ever i used to touch mom
Womb she to used to touch my hand her hand was clearly visible also.
After birth too when ever she cries
I used to lift and she immediatedly calm down.
People used to say that we both are inseparable but see what fate made us..
I lost her once i cant loose her again.
He cries hugging sanskar while he to cries..
Sanskar:- even me sameer once i lost her this time i cant.
Ragini stands near door and lisened every thing with tears she goes from their..

Precap:- aroras and maheswari in
deshpandais farm house..


  1. Crystal089


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    awesome superrbb di i love sameer he’s such a caring brother even sanky can’t love rags more than him…….. I think i am falling for sameee forgetting sanky but what to do u write so well……….,
    update soonn.,,,,……….

  2. Astha


    |Registered Member

    Akka as usual superb….. Like the way swalak telling that rag is giving imp to sanky….
    Omg…what I read? Rag heard everything?…. Oh… My sweety gonna face headache n she will cry n stress herself…. Tc akka

  3. Asra


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    fabulous dear….day by day I love ur ff more….ragsam bonding superbbb….waiting for nxt one….tkcr dear…

  4. A.xx


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    Fan love the bond bro-sis bond as always and love the bond swalaksan are starting to share with them.. post soon xx

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