My heart is with you ragini epi 20 by sindhura

Swara was cooking sabji while laksh was cutting vegetables..
Sanskar was making dough while sameer and ragini both stood next to him..
Ragini:- add little water sanskar..
Sanskar:- haa.
Sameer:- no add little flour.
Sanskar:- hmm.
Ragini adds water..
Sanskar:- no need of water ragini see its spoiled, now we should add glour to it.
Sameer:- ok i will bring.
Sanskar:- ok wear bowl of flour ok
Sameer:- wear is bowl.
Sanskar:- on your left side.

Sameer bring a big bowl and wear flour on plate before sanskar could stop.
Ragini and sameer both looks at sanskar who opens his mouth by seeing plate full of flour.
Sanskar:- bowl mean small bowl not big one.
Ragini:- what sanskar you should say that first only without saying how come my bhai come to knew he dont knew to cook also then how he will knew big bowl and small bowl.
Lak and swara laughs by seeing sanskar condition.
Swara:- you both sit i will make it.
Ragini:- i want to help naa.
Swara:- ok see what i am doing ok.
Ragini:- done….

Ragini where more chille powder na..
Swara:- it will be spicy can you eat it.
Ragini:- i love spicy food.
Swara:- but laksh cant eat that much spicy.
Ragini:- oh its ok then.
Swara:- no i have a solution.
She takes some curry sperately and says.
This part of curry is yours so i will add spicy to it ok.
Ragini:- wow then add 2 spoons Swara:- are you sure can you eat it.
Ragini:- arey i love me
Swara:- ok then..

Lunch gets ready..
Swara serves ragini and sameer curry bowl specialy.
Sanskar:- why are you serving her bowl specially.
Swara:- it had more spicy sanskar thats why.
Sameer:- we deshpande eat spicy food.
Sanskar:- laksh cant eat spicy but i can and let me see what so special spicy it is.
Ragini:- sanskar i am saying now only trust me its so spicy you cant handle it.
Sameer:- haa sanskar.
Sanskar:- ok ok but atleast let me try one spoon.
Sam and rags gives up.
When he about to pick up spoon ragini and sameer stands near to him by holding sweet.
Sanskar:- guys are you serious.
Swara:- you will need it sanskar.

Sanskar nodes his head and finally puts spoon in his mouth but stops like that only by having spoon in his mouth.
Lak and swa bends on table to see his expression while rag sam give poor wala expressions.
Sanskar smiles weekly and takes spoon out and gulps in difficutly.
Ragini:- do you need sweet sanskar.
Sameer takes spoon full sweet near his mouth.
Sanskar:- ofcourse and opens his mouth while sameer feeds him whole sweet then he calm down.
Sanskar:- how come you both eat this much spicy food
Ragini:- not both my whole family eats like this.
My mama mami ashok bhaiya pragati babhi all.infact dadaji also eats but right now stopped due to his age.
Laksh:- who is pragathi and ashok
Sameer:- pragathi was my mama and mami daughter and ashok was her husband.
Swara:- mama mami but you never mentioned.
Ragini:- dadaji has one son and one daughter…
Son was our mama raj deshpandai and girl was our mother..
All looks confused.

Sameer:- i knew your doudt how our surname was deshpande..
Mom’s was love marriage after their death they didnt accepted us do dadajii brought was back and gave deshpande name.
Sanskar:- if you dont mind what was your father surname.
Sameer:- dont knew and we never tried and plss no more questions its makes us little uncomfort.
Swara see ragini confused expressions and sad ones too.
Swara:- lets leave that matter eat fastly we have to go to mela also.
Lak :- ya lets have.
Sameer sees ragini lost and taps her and asks threw eyes what happen.
Ragini smiles and says nothing.

Ragini:- so 3 boys who present here and coming to mela with us remember one thing shopping and girls are same shopping is soul and we are life so with out kich kich you all should bare us because.
Swa and rag:- we are going to do shopping for each and every member..
Rag to sam:- and for people in delhi also be ready bhai.
Three looks at each other and starts crying loudly swa rag starts laughing by seeing their faces..
They laugh makes them to smile.
Sameer seeing rag:- i knew if i talk more you gets doudt and feels bad that you wont remember anything and if you try hard it will effect your health and i dont want that i can bare and face anything ragini to keep this smile on you.i wont let your past hurt you again and i promise when i got shekar i will slap him..
Ragini:- bhai let goo.
Sameer comes back to his senses and says ya lets go.
Swa lak were doing shopping at one side while ragini sameer on another side.
Sanskar went to another side Ragini sees all shops and pouts sadly by seeing sameer.

Sameer:- what happen now.
Ragini:- i want to but something special to sujatha maa.
Sameer:- you already buyed saree na .
Ragini:- still i want to buy more.
Sameer:- ok lets see all shops again .
Ragini:- no i am not liking anything
And sees a middled aged women sitting on ground with bangles basket and sees threw all people sadly..
She goes towards her by seeing her sameer and sanskar to follow her who just cane to them.
Ragini sits infront of her.
Women:- do you want to buy beta.
Ragini:- can i ask you something before i buy.
Women :- haa

Ragini:- why are you sitting sadly and sees that shops like that.did no one buyed from you.
Women:- who will buy from us beta who sits on road and sells only 1 or 2 will buy remaing all will be go to shops.
Ragini:- ok dont think like that anyway say how much bangles cost.
Women:- 12 bangles cost is 100 rupess beta for you.
Sameer:- say original cost na for how much you got them..
Women:- i got them for 150..
Ragini:- i will buy them for 200.
Sanskar looks on.
Women:- why beta.
Ragini:- i am not buying by showing concern on you. Infact these bangles are very special and i want to gift to special womens in my life.
Women:- is it your mom.then she is so lucky.
Ragini gets sad:- actually my mom and dad died while i was kid i dont remember her face or voice but after that few women came to my life who made it very special one is my mami and another one is sujatha maa his(sanskar) mother and ofcourse mine too and i have another mother also anapurna ma she is his badai maa.
So i want to gift them both these bangles and i want all and more also can you give.

Sameer teary eye noticed by san.
Women with tears:- i have three baskets beta..
Ragini:- cool i will take all at cost of 200 say total how much…
Sameer give a huge amount to that women that women gets happy and blesses them…
Ragini looks at sameer.
Sameer nodes and gives her bangles.
Ragini about to where to that women.

Swa and lak joins .
Women:- why are you making me where beta.
Sameer:- if our mom would alive she will be at your age that means you were also like our mother please dont say no and takes her another hand..
Rag and sameer makes her wear bangles and hugs her says selfie time and smiles
Sans swa lak looks on with smile..
Women:- both of you should live happily always ..ayushmanbava..
They smiles by seeing women leaving.
They about to turn swa lak san wipes their tears..
Ragini:- so three boys lift these baskets and follows us and starts walking with swara leaving them shocked…
Swara giggles by seeing the way they walking with those baskets.

While returning..
Sameer:- seriosly shopping with girls is like playing kabadi with yamadrama raj..
Ragini pats shoulder:- wahh.. what a comparision and makes faces.
Sameer:- fine i knew that its a bad comparision dont make faces.i was unable see your face.
Ragini:- who asked to see my face see road.
They both continues their nok jok untillthey reach farm house..
Swa and lak were talking and ragini comes their and knocks their door..
Swara:- come na ragini..
Ragini forwards bangles to her and says this is for you.

Swara smiles and takes it and this is for you says swara by giving her ear rings.
Laksh:- and for me.
Ragini:- these two things wont look nice on you laksh.
Swara laughs and laksh:- thats not fair.
Ragini:- i am just kidding yar and gives him ganesh idol with pen stand.
Laksh:- wow its beautifull thank you.
Ragini:- welcome.where is sanskar..
Swara:- he is in his room if not then in balcony..
Ragini:- ok.
Laksh:- where is sameer.
Ragini:- he is sleeping as we have to leaves tomorrow early na.
Laksh:- oh ok
Ragini:- ok then good night.
Lak and swa:- good.
Ragini goes to sanskar room she doesnt find him so she goes to his room balcony and finds him stairing at stars she goes and closes his eyes but immefiatedy takes her hands as she finds her hands were wet.
Sanskar wipes his tears immediatedly.

Ragini:- why are you crying sanskar did anyone said to you anything.
Sanskar:- laughs and says who will say anything and if they say also why i will cry.
Ragini:- why sometimes few words spoken by others will hurt us alot and crying isnt bad thing its god gift you knew.
Sanskar:- crying is a god gift how come can you explain.
Ragini:- crying is way we let out our pain threw tears or else why people say that cry whole hwartedly it will maje your sadness lite and you will feel good. Ha it wont go cometely but we will feel good and lite..
Sanskar:- but few pains wont reduce if you cry it may reduce if you stop breathing.
Ragini beats him on shoulder..
Ragini:- dont talk like idiot for some stupid reason once go out and see their are so many people living with more pains and problem and you ..
Go i wont talk to you.
Sanskar smiles and catches his ears and says ok i am sorry i will never talk like that ok.
Ragini:- hmm.
They both were silent ..

Ragini:- sanskar ..
Sanskar:- can i ask you something.
Sanskar:- yaa.
Ragini:- what do you feel about forgetting past..

Precap:- back to mumbai.


  1. fira

    Awesome epi….ragini is so cute….ragsan last scenes are really superb….waiting for next updates….

  2. Astra


    |Registered Member

    My rago is sooo kind hearted…. loved her a lot…. hmm, what will be Sanskar’s answer on forgetting past..! Waiting… so entertaining epi as always…

  3. Crystal089


    |Registered Member

    awesome di loved it ragsam bond is too goood loved this brosis……. They both are so naughty they can’t stay without eachother………… feeling bad for sanky hope ragini gets her memory back soonn…….. Waiting to see how sameer react when he gets to know that sanky is rags husband

  4. suhani

    Super episode..ragsan scenes are nice….ragmeer.bonding is nice….day by day ur ff is so interesting…. Update soon….

  5. Asra


    |Registered Member

    fabulous dear….shopping scenes r supper….ragsan scenes r also supper dear…i loved it….waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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