My heart is with you ragini epi 2 by sindhura

All were worried expect sumi and shekar…
Swara was sitting and holding her head and crying silentlyy just then sumi comes and drags her to a near room where shekar was already present..
Swara:- what happen maa.
Sumi:- why the hell are you crying for that burden girl be happy that finally she left us and from your life too. I hope she is leave this world also its atleast some burden Will lessen from this earth…
Swara :- shouts stop it maa enough of it.enough of everything you did and speak to her untill now. From childhood i am seeing you who always insulted her and never saw her as a human being atleast you didnt treated her like a animal also you were worst than any creature in the world..
Sumi raises her hand to slap swara but a hand holds her..
Swara who doesnt closes her eyes gets shocked seeing laksh stopping sumi beating her..
Laksh:- dont you dare to raise your hand on the my wife..

Sumi:- first ask her to respect her mother..
Laksh:- by giving birth you wont be called as mother and dont insult that mother and father relationships by saying you both were father and mother..
Shekar:- mind your language laksh.
Voice:- dont you dare to raise your voice on my brother in my home mr.shekar gagodia.
All turns and looks at sanskar..
Sanskar:- plsss go from here..
Swara:- from today onwords neither you are my mom and dad nor i am your daughter..
Sumi and shekar were leaving from hall..

Swara :- maa one more thing and handles a bunch of papers to them and says ..
The way you took care of ragini untill now she was very happy and she paid for it…you didnt understand right. Ok let me tell you inshort ..ragini gave those 20 crores which were on her name to you as you wished always those to be yours from her childhood. Atleast you both have treated her as a human for sake of her property but no…
Sujatha:- leave it swara why are you talking to them. To treat some one as human the one should be human any way they got what they want finally by snaching all happiness so plss leave from here..
Ap:- and please dont come back..
Sumi and shekar takes those papers and leaves from their with smile..
Swara breaks down while ap holds her..

Swara:- i dont knew my parents were this much money minded How must be ragini ..
Sujtha hugs her and consoles by saying..
Sujatha:- nothing will happen to our ragini swara. She is strong. She just got tired thats it she will come back to her mom see..she called me mom and saw me as her mother so how can she stay away from me.i will kick my son out and bring my daughter…
Ap dp rp and laksh smiles and just their gaze shifts to sanskar who catching his head..
Laksh goes and bring bucket full of water and threws on him..
Sanskar jerks and looks up..
Sanskar:- what the hell dare you to threw water on me..
He immediatedly get flashes of last night and stoods up and sees at direction and finds laksh..
He whispers lucky.

Laksh:- why whom you thought it should be mr.sanskar mashewari
Your wife i am sorry she is just ragini after all what you done no girl will stay and shows the letter to him which was left by ragini.
Sanskar catches his head and sits on sofa with a thud..
Ram:- bhaisa i think we should file a complaint in police station regarding ragini ..
Dp:- hmm lets go ram and laksh..if any one wants they can also come..
Sanskar stands up and says that he will also come..after sometime all men goes to police station and lodge a complain…
Police:- it wont come under missing case mrs.ragini maheswari went by her own and we have to find in another way too by seeing i quit sentence its looking like she gone suicide..
All gets shocked while sanskar feels guit..

They all comes out from station and goes to their mansion.
They say what ever happened in police station.
Sujtha:- no my ragini beta was not coward to suicide she was upset with her life she will definetly come back to us .this was a mom belief in her daughter…
Sanskar looks on and goes to his room and finds whole room was shattered with different things and messed up bed she remembers ragini screams as leave me and crying ..he immediatedly closes his ears falls down and cries…
Sanskar:- where are you ragini.please come back to me .i am sorry please forgive me..atleast come back to me to give me my punishment..

Precap:- more truth

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  1. Silent_writer

    Woooow dear its superb loved itttt

  2. Sally_blr

    So emotional dear. Poor Ragu. Hope she is fine.

    1. Sindhura

      You have to wait

  3. Nyc..but where is ragini..?

    1. Sindhura

      She will come soon
      You have to wait

  4. Nice epi…waiting for next epi….

  5. Interesting episode…waiting for next update soon…

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    Awesome uodatw dear…loved it…..

  8. awesome update soon

  9. Crystal089

    plsz unite ragsan soon i can’t see them so they love eachother so much……….. Plsz bring ragini back……………….

    1. Sindhura

      You have to wait for that

  10. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Waiting for the next one………..

  11. Akshata

    my poor ragu, where is she? hope sanskar will find her soon. awesome update

    1. Sindhura

      She will be fine

  12. too good yaar……..excited to know more …plz update soon…plz..TC

  13. Deesh

    Poor ginu! Loved the episode di! Awesome!

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    interesting episode…

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  16. nice… ?

  17. CAsush

    it was so good

  18. Nice
    Are you ragsan fan???

    1. Sindhura

      I like teja alot
      And san and lucky both too
      Thanks for comment
      Whom you like

  19. Astha

    akka epi chala bhaga undi…… adhiri poindhi akka…… eagerly waiting to know the full past…….. felt very sad to see sanky’s painful eyes……. sheksum…… omg…… they didnt treated ragini good tahts ok….. but even they didnt cared abt swara too…… waiting for next epi akka…… love u loads.

    1. Sindhura

      Thanks alot deae

  20. A.xx

    Great! loved it .xx

  21. Asra

    awesome dear…..poor ragini…. sumi and shekher r soo arrogant….plz unite ragsan….hope ragini s fine….love u lot….waiting for nxt one….

  22. Super awesome

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