My heart is with you ragini epi 19 by sindhura


All were gone to their rooms.
Swara was setting suitcase.
Laksh comes and back hugs her.
Swara:- what happen to you all of sudden.
Laksh:- love happen to me all of sudden.
Swara jerks him by facing him and says that means you wont love me before.
Laksh drags her close by holding waist and says ofcourse.
Swara keeps hands around his neck and about to kiss ..
Sanskar comes inside room and sees them so he immediatedly turns snd collides with ragini resulting both shouts by touching their heads..
Swara and laksh comes back to senses..

Ragini rubs her forehead and says.
Ragini:- what sanskar cant you see while taking turn..
Sanskar rubbing his head:- i am not driving yar to sees right and left then to take turn.
Ragini:- ahh thats true.
Swara and laksh smiles..
Ragini:- but why are you running like you saw someone devil..
Sanskar with out realising..
I didnt saw devil yar infact i saw lak and swa ronancing so though not to disturb them i immediatedly turn without seeing you so we both collided.
Ragini supress her laugh by seeing swa and lak pale faces she immediatedly starts laughing which brought san to senses and bites his tongue where swa lak runs away.
Ragini and sanskar starts laughing ..
They were walking and talking.
Ragini:- you knew before marriage and after marriage effects.
Sanskar:- hmm
Sameer:- mee to no.
Ragini:- so lisen you can go to his or her room without asking permission but after marriage you have to make some sounds or knock on door before entering their room or else something will happen like it happen to sanskar and says what ever happen to sameer.
Again three starts laughing.

Sameer:- that means raj u should also ask my permission while entering if i got married.
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:- then sameer you should also after ragini marriage..
Sameer:- arey how can i ask after marriage she will go na..
And immediatedly he realises and sees towards ragini whoes eyes welled up and pouts sadly.
Sameer:- ahh dont cry you will not go anywhere ok ok and bends to her eye level and says dont cry we will bring ghar jamai
Ragini:- ok.and hugs him
Sanskar:- beta sanskar laksh was right to gain ragini it seems i should do mahabarat and all types of war but smiles and get your love i am ready to be ghar jamai too.

Sameer and ragini waves hands infront of him snd brings back to his senses.
Sameer:-now where you lost.
Ragini:- someone special hmm
Sanskar:-hmm but not someone special but some poor guy who will be stuck between you both.
Sameer and ragini both looks at each other and chases sanskar..
Sanskar goes towards store room which was down stairs..
Sameer and ragini stops at point by not finding sanskar.
Ragini:- you go that side i will go this side..
Both goes in separate ways while ragini finds down stairs and go towards it and finds sanskar shadow so she slowly goes back of him and says bhuuuu.
sanskar jerks and hits her causes him falling on her.
Both shares eyelock and lost into each other..

By the force they both fall due to that a bag from top rack falls on sanskar so he immediatedly collides with ragini and she immediatedly turns her head and his lips touches her cheecks.
Both closes their eyes by feeling each other lips and cheeck..
Sameer:- ragini ,sanskar lets go we have to visit villagers..
By his voice both comes back to their senses composes them selfs by getting up.
Both are feeling awkward.
Ragini:- acha na at right time i changed my head position or else instead of cheeck you might have kissed me on my…and realises what she about to say and runs from their..
Sanskar brushes his hair and he to follows her..
Sameer:- what are where you both stuck come lets go.lak and swa were already waiting for us.
They all sits in car and travelling.
Laksh observes san and rag faces which turned into complete red so he goes towards sanskar and asks.

Laksh:- what happened between you both bhai or i should asks what you did with her that you both were blushing and became red tomatos.
Sanskar:- shut up lucky sit properly.
Laksh:- ok ok i will sit properly but by see your red tomato cheecks i wish i would bite them.
Sanskar:- shameless fellow sit down and do all type of these things with you beloved wife.
Laksh laughs and sits back.
While swara asks reason laksh explains everything.
Swara:- chi laksh you were really shameless.
Laksh:- after marriage husband wife should be shameless or else nothing will happen in their married life.
Swara:- god and turns her face while he smiles by hugging her from side..
Sameer:- what happen to you.why are you so silent.
Ragini:- if i do my regular antics here people will think that i possessed with devil and beats me with jadu..
that why sh….
All laughs
Sameer:- really you are mental case yar..
Ragini:- that why i am your sister.
Sameer:- finally we came.

They all gets down…
They all were busy in talking ragini gets a call nd goes out to attend call and sees few kids around their car and goes towards them.
By seeing her kids about to go
Ragini:- where are you going dont you want to take pictures with car and with me.
Kids:- wont you scold us.
Ragini:- am i looking like daku to scold you.
Kids:- you were looking like princess dii..and comes near her.
And sees her skin snd says.
Kid:- wow dii you were so white..
Ragini laughs and says and you were cute girl and lifts her..
Ragini:- do you all want to take pictures with this car.
Kids:- can we take.
Ragini:- ofcourse and i will print them and give them to you also.
All kids gets happy and sits on car.
Ragini starts taking pictures after that kids says that they want to take pictures with her.

Ragini asks them to wait for a minute and goes inside and sees sameer was busy with meeting and at that time sanskar sees her so she call him outside.
Sanskar:- where were you took so much time to talk in phone.
Ragini says about kids and asks to click pictures..
Sanskar accepts and starts taking picture of kids with ragini…
After taking pictures ragini talks more with kids seeing it sanskar takes his phone and clicks few pictures a small kid sees it and comes towards him and pulls his shirt.
Sanskar bends to his size ..
Kid:- why are you taking di photos shall i tell her.
Sanskar gets shocked and say no meri baap please.
Kid:- then i will ask you two question you have say yes or no.
Sanskar:- ok.
Kid:- is dii beautifull.

Sanskar sees ragini :- very beautifull
Kid:- i said yes or no.
Sanskar:- yes.
Kid:- do you love her.
Sanskar:- oye ask according to your size..
Kid:- ok fine i am saying to di.
Sanskar:- ok fine i will answer to your question..
Kid:- hmm.
Sanskar:- yes , i love her.
Kid:- then when will say , you both looks so cute
Sanskar smiles and lifts him.
Sanskar:- life has so many problems when few of them will solve na then i will say and marry
her also.
Kid:- will you call me to your and dii marriage then.
Sanskar:- sure and kisses him.
Kid:- ok then leave me now i have to play with dii.
Sanskar leaves him and he goes and starts playing with ragini.
Sanskar again starts smiling seeing her smile..
Soon sameer and all joins.
Sameer:- first she escaped later u too.
Ragini:- i only called him bhai and says everything.
Sameer:- ok lets go to workers now.
They all goes by walk …
Swara:- in villages their will alot of refreshment right.
Ragini:- hmm but their will be no proper current also.
Swara and ragini both laughs…
Sam ,lak and san were observing machine while ragini sees thrm uninterstedly.
Swara:- wont you like business.
Ragini:- no but i am doing this project because of dadaji..
Sameer:- checking machine.
Ragini:- but i have to check it you knew and goes towards it..
Sameer:- done everything is perfect.
They were walking out.
Sanskae:- thank you so much untill now you slways provided us the best.
Man:- no sir we shoukd thank you.
For choosing us.please be our guests for tomorrow we have small saree mela.where all surrounding villagers will come and sell their different items which were hand made..
Sameer:- sure..
They started roaming whole village and reaches home by evening.
All gets tired ..
Sameer:- i am feeling hungry.
Swara:- i will make dinner..
Ragini:- we all will make dinner .it will be fun to do together..

Precap:- fun in kitchen.

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