My heart is with you ragini epi 13 by sindhura

Swara laksh and sanskar were sitting in swalak room and talking.
Swara:- i dont believe it her face was same but everything was changed.she used to speak hardly.
But now she was talking non stop.
Laksh:- not only that she became naughty and complete makeover sometime i feel that she is not ragini.
Sanskar:- she is same ragini laksh i knew it and i can sense it may be she forgot everything or not we have to find and secondly we have to find deshpandais family complete history and whether ragini was their daughter in law or not and its good that she forgot everything ..
Swalak:- why..
Sanskar:- little shy..So i will start everything newly and i will make all our memories newly.
Swalak:- oh oh..
They hear some sounds and goes out and sees ragini pushing sameer from back and he is walking difficulty by stumbling as in half sleep.

They goes near to them and stands back of them.
Ragini:- bhai dont talk loudly all with get up …
Sameer:- hai naa so lets go back to our rooms before anyone watches us.
Ragini:- what bhai chal naa lets go silently and lets come back silently no one will knew..
Sanskar:- are you sure no one will knew..
Ragini and sameer:- ofcourse no..
And realises something both sees each other faces and turns and seez swara sanskar and laksh..
Ragini immediatedly takes hands from sameer and next sameer lands on floor with a thud sound..
Sameer:- ouch maa.
Ragini closes her eyes and says..
Ragini:- sorry bhai is it paining..
Sameer rubbing his bump and still on floor:- no its not paining instead i am enjoying idiot.first you disturbed my sleep then you left me down and asking am i ok.
Ragini:- i asked you decently to come out but you are showing attitude.
Sameer:- arey yar guys (to san swa lak ) who will go out in mid night that to for eating ice cream.
Ragini:- i will go and out they are so many like me thats why midnight ice cream shops are their and will you come or shall i go myself.
Sanskar:- this time that to ice cream its not good for health rajini you will caught cold..
Rajini:- arey yar you too joined my bhai..
Sanskar:- no no i am not your bhai .

All looks at him weirdly and swalak supresses their laugh but composes by seeing his help me look.
Swara:- lets all go out even me to want to eat it..
Laksh:- no ..
Rajini and swara:- why..
Laksh:- its danger out side.
Rajini:- is their any red alert.
Sameer:- raj he mean its not safe to go out at this time raa you both are girls naa.
Rajini:- you three are not men ..
Sameer:- yes we are but still no.

Rajini sees towards sanskar and lak and sameer .
Please naa i want to eat.
Sameer:- dont do your emotional black mail please and if dadaji comes to knew thats it and even you dont have any protection.
Rajini:- i will bring pepper spray.
Sameer rubbing eyes and yaming:- bad idea.
Rajini:- shall i keep current.
Sameer widens eyes and shouts no.ok fine lets go ok but no current and all.
Swara:- what current i didnot understand.
Rajini:- bhai she didnt knew anything about current i will explain to her and about to go but sameer pushes her aside and cups swara face..
Sameer:- dont you dare to spoil her like you i have one and only innocent sister not like you devil sister…
Rajini pouts and beats on his back while he about to shout but stops and silently huffs in pain.
Sameer:- see i told you devil sister and you come my new innocent sister lets goo and takes swara from their.
Here rajini stands between sanskar and laksh by keeping her hands on her waist..
Rajini:- laksh jii my brother is so possessive about sisters he wont allow to spend time with their husbands so watch out.

laksh immediatedly runs from their towards sameer and swara..
Rajini turns towards sanskar and says ..
Rajini:- now you only left will you accompany me.
Sanskar who is lost in her speaks without his senses.
Sanskar:- ofcourse i will accompany you my whole life..
Rajini and sanskar both shares a eyelock soon composes by voice of sameer ..
They both goes out by sharing eyelocks in between…

They joins remaing who are
standing near main door.
Rajini:- why are you waiting with out opening door.
Sanskar taps her shoulder and says:- as i knew we are going out without any one knowledge na.
Rajini:- hmm.
Sameer:- thats why we are waiting for you both..
Laksh starts opening door slowly without making any sound..
Rajini slowly to sanskar ..
Rajini:- if we are going out with out saying any one then why they waited for us.they can go first na we will follow them later na.
Sanskar shows palm to her and signals her to come close ..
She comes close to him..
Sanskar:- if you do anything good or bad we have to do in a group and now we are going to do crazy thing for sure we have to do in a group..

While he saying this all his breaths touching ragini ears and she shivers and feels his breath by closing eyes ..
After completing talking with her both looks into each other smiles..
Rajini:- i thought only me and my bro is crazy even you all were also crazy..
Sanskar slowly:- and i am crazy for you.
Rajini:- did you say anything.
Sanskar:- did you hear anything.
Rajini:- no..
Sanskar smiles and they all leaves and closes door slowely so that no one gets up..
They reaches center road and stops near icecream vendor..

All gets down…
They 5 gets their ice creams sits a little far in bench and enjoys by sharing personel moments..
Swa to lak:- lak weather was good and cool what if we make sanskar and ragini spend time alone.
Lak:- we will go but what about sameer and he will never leave his sister alone..
Swa thinks some think and says to laksh..
Swara:- thats the point he wont leave his sister alone and i am new sister so he wont leave me alone right and what if i ask help he will come with me na..and raises her eyebrows..
Lak:- wow wife jii ..kya baat hai.

Swa:- lets start our plan.
Swa :- lak i want another ice cream.
Laksh:- one is enough swara ..its cold already..
Swara:- please laksh..
Rajini:- let her eat na laksh.
Swara:- haa let me eat.
Laksh:- no.
Swa:- bhai.
Sameer:- come i will buy for you.
Swa:- who else want.
Lak and san rajini:- no
Sameer and swara goes after some time .
Laksh:- i have to see swara or else she will eat ice creams more and she will cought cold you both stay here i will go.
They both nodes …

Rajini:- why are you standing sanskar sit here.
Sanskar:- is it ok for you.
Ragini:- come on yar i dont have any contagious disease you can sit here.
Sanskar smiles and sits next to her.
Sanskar:- why you didnt eat another ice cream.
Ragini:- first i am eating in mid night secondly i have to do program, for that my throat should be clear thats why limited ice cream .but why you didnt have.
Sanskar:- i dont like that much for me one is both used to go in delhi also i mean like this.
Ragini:- haa bhai never says no to me ,i am lucky to have him in my life..
Sanskar:- one should be very lucky to have you both in their lifes..
Both smiles at each other..
Sanskar:- how is your life in delhi.
Studies and all.
Ragini:- very thing is cool and says about few friends her colz and school days and you are lucky that you got sujatha maa. She 8s super mom ,i wish i atleast had seen her..
Sanskar:- is they died in your child hood.
Ragini:- haa when i am month baby then,i fidnt even feel her touch but i got more love from every one they never says no to anything and bhai he braves all my antics..but maa love is different from others and i will never knew about it but u knew i decided when i will be parent i will give all love which i always craved but dont say this all to bhai he will feel sad ok.

Sanskar winks his eyes and sats done..
Ragini sees a drunken man walking unproperly on road and smriks and sees sanskar while he sees her confused..
Ragini holds his hand and says just come with me..
They both goes towards that man.
While sanskar says what are you doing he is drunk lets go from here.
Ragini:- he is drunk thats why i am using situation if he is in senses na i cant do any thing and plss sanskar corperate with me and pouts with puppy eyes.
Sanskar melts and says ok but be care full.
Ragini:- thanks and i will say few words in his ears then we should run immediatedly from here ok.
Sanskar:- i dont knew what you are going to do but ok…
Ragini and sanskar slowly goes towards him and ragini shouts in his ear…
Ragini:- oh god snake was on your leg .
That man jerks and runs away by shouting help help..
And jumps madly and realises and looks at road where ragini and sanskar were running fastly by holsing each other hands and laughing madly by leaning to car while sanskar lost in her laugh..

Precap:- sameer and ragini getting caught in funny way…

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  1. Asw

    Cute Ragini

  2. Sally_blr

    So damn funny. I enjoyed it a lot Sameer and Rajni are hilarious combo and Sanskar is so cute. He is trying all way to impress her. SwaLak are also acting like cupid. Loved it totally.

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    Aweeeee..very sweet update dear…loved it sooooo much…….

  6. Deesh

    Awesome!! Loved this ragini so much

    1. Sindhura

      Thxs a lot

  7. Balaji

    just a funny episode superb

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    superb loved it

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  10. Crystal089

    Awesome loved naughty crazy ragini i love her yaar she is so cool and sanskar ahhhh he is cutepie……. it was crazy and superb episode loved to core……….

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    amazing yaar loved it

    1. Sindhura

      Thxs uoload ur aduri kahani and continuosly dear

  14. Fairy

    hahahaha its soooo funnny yaaar!!omg rags is jst awesomeeee!!!total unique piece hai 😉 😉 …sanky is sooo sweeet yaaar…loved him..waitng eagerly for nxt part!!i reallly adore sam n rags bondng 😉 …keeep rockng n stay blessed dr 😉 😉 😉

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    Superb dear❤️

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  18. Inu

    Superb epi. Urs is Fun filled.

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    amazing dear….i loved it core….omg ragini u r too naughty dear….i love thz ragini….thz update too funny…i enjoyed it lot….waiting for more funny moments and crazy ragini and sameer….fabulous update dear….plz update soon….tkcr dear….

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