My heart is with you ragini epi 12 by sindhura


Sanskar takes ragini to her room and says ..
Sanskar:- this is your room have some rest and haa if you need anything
Ragini turns and says by showing finger to him.
Ragini:-i will ask you without any hestitation ok.
Sanskar smiles and says yaa..
Sanskar:- can i ask you one thing.
Ragini:- sure..
Sanskar:- did you like our house aa i mean i saw you watching whole house so closely like you were here before…
Ragini:- i liked your house thats why i am observing but i didnt got any feeling like i came here before.
Sanskar:- i am just asking dont mind.
Ragini:- i wont mind..and i knew boys will like at one point but i think you were not one in them enjoying by seeing girls getting change so if you give me few personel seconds i wish to get freshen.ha but if you want i will..
Sanskar:- hi no no i will go i am sorry runs from their..

Ragini laughs by seeing him running away and closes door.
And thinks.How come he guessed that i was watching whole house doutedly but yaa i had a different feeling by entering in their house and meeting their family members the way they showed love towards me how come one behaves so closely to just unknown person..may be bhai is right i started thinking too much..
She goes and gets freshen up..
She wears a beautifull black and pink night dress with top and pants….

All ladies were busy in kitchen..
Ap and sujatha helping swara and she was busy in preparing gulab jamun….
Sujatha:- prepare well swara.ragini like them very much Swara:- jii maa…
Rajini:- can i too join aunty and maa (looks at sujatha and says)..
Sujatha smiles and gestures her to come in.
Ap:- rajini thats not fare you are calling maa to sujatha and then me as aunty. You can call me too maa..
Swara:- haa to ap badai maa and for sujatha maa.
Rajini:- nice idea and wow i got two moms..
Ap:- can i knew how your parents..

I mean..
Rajini:- i dont knew aunty bhai said that they are no more..
Swara:- bhai said mean you dont remember them.
Rajini:- actually i didnt..
Sameer:- she was just months old swara jii when our parents died in accident . so she doesnt remember (keeps hand on ragini shoulder) and from then we bought up our mama and mami.
Rajini and sameer smiles at each other..
Sameer changes topic by shouting wow gulab jamun and about to touch rajini beats on his hands..
Ragini:- those are made for me and by maa and holds sujatha.
Sameer:- your mom means my mom also and again tries to touch and she again beats..
Sameer:- ouch…
Sanskar and laksh too joins..
Sanskar:- whats happening here..
Ap:- fighting for sweet.
Sameer:- come on raj..we both are blood related brother and sister real one not cousion so same mom and dad naa and that sweet belongs to me also.
Rajini:- no while they serve then only.
Sameer:- why not one..
Ap:- let him eat naa beta..
Rajini:- no aunty you dont knew he will say first one and eats all.he do every time like that only..
Sameer:- so what thats my share and you knew aunty she keep her share in cupboard locks it and keeps that key in safe and again locks it just that i wont eat it.
All laughs while rajini beats him.
Sameer about to speak..
Dadajii loudly:- rajini just once come here beta..
Sameer smriks and says ja ja dadaji is calling you..
Rajini:- jii dadajii coming and punches in sameer stomach and pushes him.
She lifts that bowl and makes him to smell says ..
Rajini:- now eat it and runs from their..
All laughs..

Sameer:- aunty dont mind the way she took bowl she is childish but not arrogent.
Sujatha:- sameer why we will mind by our daughter and son and we will love to see rajini like this only and her smile suits on her face..
Sameer too smiles they talk on random things…
Rajini comes back sameer see her empty hands and says ahh you ate all.
Rajini:- no i kept them on dinning table..
Sameer:- pakka ,lock karu,
Rajini:- lock karkai kudjaa..
Sameer:-tu bi aaa..
Sujatha:- so how is your delhi life rajini..
Rajini:- nothing aunty just like most of our free time will pass by me and bhai fighting and in our war mama was my side and..
Sameer:- mami was my side and ashok bhai was her side and pragati babhi is my side.
Laksh:-babhi will always take by their devar side only.
Sameer:- that means sanskar wife used to be your side right..

All becomes silent and keep sad faces sameer and rajini observes this all and to cover up..
Rajini:- sorry sorry actually i was rj but instead of me he speaks alot and bhai..
Sameer:- sorry sanskar if i hurt you.
Sanskar:- no you didnt ..
Rajini:- sorry sanskar from my bhai side he didnt ment it..
Sanskar :- its ok dont say sorry.
Rajinj:- i lisen that doctors studies will never come to end is your completed..
Sanskar:- yaa mine completed and now i am surgen in cardio.
Sameer:- that mean you must be a scolar student..
Laksh:- my bhai reads alot..
Sameet:- as per my guess you completed your studies before your marriage right and winks at him.
Sanskar understand that he wants to joke and says yes but how you guessed it.
Sameer:- after marriage men cant even study newspaper properly what he will study medicine.
Laksh and sanskar laughs along with sameer ..three looks at ladies and stops laughing by seeing their angry faces..
Sameer:- bad joke right.
Rajini:- ofcourse do you want to taste the answer of your joke.
Boys nodes their head in no and escapes from their..
Ladies laughs together..

Precap:- rajini and sameer escaping from mansion.

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      Rajini and ragini are same dear
      Rajini ragini deshpande her full name was and know as rajini to maheswaris as they didnt day her full nme

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