My heart is with you ragini epi 11 by sindhura

Dp calls ap and says everything.
Ap cuts calls and calls swara and sujata and everyone in home..
Sujatha and swara comes running by lisening ap shoutings …
Sujatha:- what happen dii why are crying and shouting.
Ap:- i am shouting with happiness and hod lisened to us our happiness is coming back.
Swara:- what do you mean maa.
Ap says everything what ever dp said to her…
Sujatha and ap both gets happy and hugs ap..
Sujatha by wiping her tears:- but its not confirmed na dii that she is ragini.
Ap:- haa but we have a doudt that she is ragini ..
And says sanskar discussion.
Swara:- but to do check up with out their knowledge is difficult na ma..
Ap:- ha but we cant loose hope after getting this much after 5 months..
Sujatha:- i want to see her dii when she is coming to our home.
Ap:- at evening sujatha and we have to carefull we should not show our feeling to her what if she was not ragini.
Swara:- if she was then.
Ap:- sanskar is saying that we have to handle memiry loss patients carefully if we force them to remember then her life may be at risk..
Swara and sujatha both h7gs each other..
Ap:- haa remove all photos and belongs ragini and keep it in safe place and sujatha you clean sanskar room.
Sujatha :- jii
Swara and ap starts removing their picture which contain ragini from hall and sujatha entres in sanskar room and gets shocked by seeing his room filled by ragini photos and her belongs..she wipes her tears abd starts removing..

After cleaning his room looks very empty and thinks..
See ragini even without your photos this room too looks empty like my son life..please come back then his life will be filled with all happiness..
Swara and ap looks at sujatha by hiding.
Swara:- you are right maa chotai ma is pretending to be anger on his son as i said no mother can give sadness to their sons and daughters..
Swara gets sad
Swara:- not all are lucky to have those types of parents.few parents ruins their daughters life by their own hands..
Ap places hand on her ..
Swara wipes her tears and smiles..
Ap hugs her and sees sujatha coming and both hides from her and smiles to each other..
At evening..
Dp:- shall we go to our home.
Sameer:- but our luggage.
Dadajii:- it will come directly their sameer.
Sameer:- ok.
Rp:- come shiv jii .kids will come in one car and we will go by our car..
Sanskar passes laksh car without sitting.
Laksh:-bhai where are you going .
Sanskar:- my car was also here na laksh so i will come by my car..
Laksh looks at him sadly while sanskar assures him as thats ok.

All three cars stops before mansion .all gets down.
Dadajii and sameer were walking normally and remaining all looks at ragini and tries to find her face expression but they are normal.
She is observing all normally..
Dp and rp introduces sameer and dadaji to family ladies while they are eager to meet someone else..
just then ragini entres with laksh and sanskar on the both sides.
Ap and sujatha gets teary eyes which were controlled by dp and rp..
Swara walks towards her by hiding her emotions.while ragini looks at her with cute smile.
Swara:- so your are young boss rajini deshpande..
Ragini nodes.
Laksh:- and rj raj.
Swara widen her eyes and sees ragini while she nodes her head as yes..

Immediatedly swara hugs her and closes her eyes.
Ragini too feels emotional but ignores and hugs her back…
Laksh:- so this is my mom..
Annapurna maheswari and this is my sanskar mom.
Sanskar:- sujatha maheswari..
Sujatha smiles..
Ragini about bends to blessing from and pulls sameer too.
Both takes blessing from them.
Swara:- and i am swara laksh maheswari..
Ragini smiles.

Sameer:- then where is your wife sanskar .you are elder to him na .
Sanskar:- i was divorced sameer.
Sameer:-i am sorry.
Sanskar:- no problem actually mistake is mine thats why she left me.
Ragini sees his eyes with tears and guilt so thinks to change Situation ..
Ragini:- so dadajii where is bojjo.
Swara:- your bojjo is very friendlyi showed to her your room she sat on floor and sleeping camly..
Bojjo shouts and runs from stairs and comes to sameer and ragini.
Dadaji:- jii if you have any problem with dogs plss inform us we will go to mansion.
Ap:- who will have problem with such a lovely creatures infact we all loves dog and from now she i mean bojjo is also our part of family..
Sujatha:- swara show them their room .and you all freshen up and come lets have tea together..
Suhatha starts to go ragini to follows and holds her hand..
Ragini:- aunty i dont like tea i love coffee if you dont mind..
Sujatha:- its ok beta what ever you like..
Sujatha going to kitchen and remembers..

Sujatha comes and stands near ragini who is filling cups with tea..
Sujatha:- ragini why one member tea is missing i think you forgot beta..
Ragini:- no maa i dont like tea..
Sujatha:- then drink coffee.
Ragini:- i mean maa i never tried or..
Sujatha:- allowed to drink anything their i knew sumi might be..
Ragini:- no maa .chotai maa didnt said anythinf infact i am not habituated to it.
Sujatha:- if she stopped you also you wont say true and by the way did you were drank my hand made coffee..even sanskar loves alot.
You wait i will make for you.
Ragini:- no maa i will make it my self you dont stress out.
Sujatha:- no mother will stress out by making coffee for their daughter so be quite and takes her finger and keeps on her lips Ragini smiles and says first i will serve tea to all and come.
Ragini comes to kitchen after a while and sujatha sits with her and talks on random things..
Flash back ends..

Ap places hands on sujatha.
Sujatha:- see dii she is my ragini only this is a proof that she doesnt like tea and asked coffee you remember naa i made her habit of drinking coffee that to she drinks only my handmade one..she is my ragini..i knew it she will come back to her mother..
Ap:- controll sujatha they are so many outside who doesnt like tea but likes coffee..
Sujatha:- but all those doesnt have my ragini face na dii.
Laksh:- chotai maa lets bring proof strongly untill then you have to controll maa.
Sujatha nodes weakly and goes with tea coffee ….
Ragini sips coffee..
Rajini:- wow aunty awesome coffee..
Sujatha:- thanku rajini jii.
Rajini and sameer looks at each other and then at her..
Sujatha:- if you call me aunty then i will call me rajini jii and if you call me maa then i will call you beti and rajini..
Rajini:- ok maa..

Precap:- rajini naughty side..

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