My heart is with you ragini epi 10 by sindhura


Dp and rp were showing office to dadajii..
Rp signals dp and he nodes his head as agreement.
Dp:- shiv ji this cabin was sanskar come i will show you..
Shiv nodes his head and entres in to his cabin.
Dp:- lets sit for a while and making shiv to sit in sanskar chair.
But shiv doesnt agree in the process a photo frame falls from table..
Shiv says sorry and bends down to take picture and shocked to see sanskar and ragini wedding picture and sees towards dp and rp confusingly.
Rp:- she is my daughter in law ragini sanskar maheswati and we lost her before 5months and your daughter in law looks like ragini but some differences are their as our bahu is very innocent and shy types and rajini is bold and naughty but still some where we had a hope that …
Dp:- is she your original grand daughter..
Shiv:- remembers very thing at ones the fact of hiding her suhaag things and gets horrified..and thinks that they were also with shekar and sumi so immediatedly says..
Shiv:- ofcourse she is my grand daughter and our deshpandes blood .if you have any doudt we will show you her certificates and if you want we will go to dna..
Dp:- no no its ok actually two person looking alike will often seen in movies na when it happens in real life we cant digest it.we are sorry

Shiv:- its ok no need of it and by the way what happen to your daughter in law..
Rp:- actually we have few misunderstanding and she was missing from past 5 to 6 months and my son is like living dead and after so many months he saw her so he got emotional..
Shiv:- dont worry if it possible even we will find her by the way what about her parents they are not searching for her.
Dp:- she doesnt have parents.she was bought up by…
Sameer interrupts them by opening door
Sameer:- actually dadajii we are feeling hungry can we four go out and eat..
Shiv gets tension by thinking sanskar and ragini
Shiv:- why you four, lets all go out for lunch .what you say dp jii and rp jii .
Rp and dp:- ok…
Sameer comes in their car and maheswaris come in their car .dp and rp says their whole conversion to sanskar and laksh.
Laksh:- that means she is not ragini.
Sanskar:- i dont have happy moments with her but i dont knew why but i had a srong feeling that she is my ragini but how come she reached delhi to deshpande when she jumped in ganga river ..
Laksh:- bhai they are saying na bhai they had proof to prove that she is rajini and you and me lisen to her saying that her schooling and colz were in delhi only..i think you are thinking too much bhai but ragini look alike .i dont believe
Sanskar:- i am not thinking too much lucky its that i am loving her too much and i had a hope on her and i wont leave it and i am a doctor i will check her health and you were ragini look alike i too dont believe and coming to difference what if she lost memory and automatically she started her new life in new way but few things were confusing.
How come she reached delhi and how can her bond be so strong with deshpandais.
And laksh you are forgetting whst your brother is.i am a doctor lucky i can knew her health status by check ups and i will learn..

If memory loss happen she might have taking medicines and i will find about it. This time what ever it happen even if this world goes up and down i wont loose her..
I love her and i will..and she loves me and she will have to love me.
Dp ,rp laksh smiles by getting their sanskar back.
Dp:- we have inform our families about everything and to act them like a strangers to ragini.
Rp:- you mean rajini deshpandai bhai.
Dp smiles and hits his head slowly.
While all laughs and sansky smiles..

In deshpandai car..
Ragini and sameer were talking with each other and finds their Dadaji was lost in deep thoughts..
They starts calling him but he doesnt respond to them.
Sameer and ragini both looks into each other and stays silent by sensing his serious look.
Dadajii in mind:- i never thought ragini sasural was maheswari and sanskar..i lisened that they are good people and even.i lisened that their elder daughter in law died and he became mad in lovebut i never thought that my ragini was his wife..but even i lisened that he was not in good terms with her wife and realised after she left..if family was this much good what made ragini to jump into river and shekar and sumi after doing so much bad how come they made ragini to married sanskar and what if they were reason of rift between sanskar and ragini ahh by thinking this much i will become mad..
Untill i find shekar and sumitra i cant get my answers and even i cant ask maheswaris but what about sanskar and ragini..his chain of thoughts were disturbed by ragini shaking his should.
Dadaji:- haa rajini.
Rajini:- we reached hotel dadajii..
He sighs they about to get down
but sanskar opens door for her. she looks at his hand who is offering help to her to get down.
She smiles and places her hand on his and gets down.
Rajini:- may be car was mine journey was mine but you offered hand for me to get up..
Sanskar smiles and says:- hmm what to do i have gentle man qualities.
Rajini:- oh then i am going get many helping offers from you
Sanskar:- if you want then anything for you.
Rajini too smiles and sameer comes towards them to join and laksh too joins them to make look situation normal..
Dadajii:- lets go kids..its becoming late.
They all goes inside..

Laksh and sanskar were walking first..Rajini and sameer were back.
Rajini:- are you sure bhai..
Sameer:- haa we are going to stay in their mansion.
Rajini:- but its i mean we will feel uncomfortable naa.
Laksh turns and says..
Laksh:- dont worry our home is like yours i mean your home and we are big fun lovinging family you will love each and every member and you are one of our family..
Sameer:- and me.
Sanskar:- ofcourse you too ..
Lets goo inside…

Precap:- preparing maheswaris to face rajini (ragini)…

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