Her heart never lies OS

This is the first time I tried to write anything I want everyone one read this and opinion this.

“Everyone in the home might be thinking I was on a business trip I should find a way to get back home” shivaay thought .After trying hard to escape from the hell in which he was held for a day or two and failing the first person who came in his mind was his wife and her name came out of his mouth “Anika” .
Her heart felt he was calling her something was wrong with him.

Firstly the nightmare next the fire her uneasiness her feeling of shivaay being in danger at first she thought it was just her fear but now she cannot let it go so easily her heart is not willing to accept what her mind wants to say.
Her chain of thoughts were broken by a call from an unknown number.

And the one who called was shivaay he was not able to talk to her properly as there was no signal but all he could say was her name “Anika ” shivaay said. There was silence between them. She noticed the struggle in his voice. Now she was confident about her thoughts her shivaay is in danger she should get him back. “I’ll get him back home safe” she promised to herself and left in search of Khanna.
“Khanna ji track this number and trace the address it’s urgent ” she said him handovering her phone.

Shivaay heart felt that his Anika will come for sure.
Khanna came in 15min and gave her the address. She called Omkara he was not answering she thought of calling Rudra, as God has heard her words Rudra just came home from college.
He noticed his bhabhis tensed face he ran to her and asked “what’s wrong bhabhi is everything alright “.
“Rudra thank God you are here let’s go I’ll explain you everything on the way ” Anika said and dragged Rudra with her .

She said Khanna ji to come to the address with the security people.
On the way she explained everything to Rudra he was shocked at first but then he thought of saving his superman by helping his superwomen.
Rudra and Anika lost the route and they were late by the time they have reached Khanna and team were already present.
“Khanna ji did anyone go inside the house” Anika asked
“Madam we have sent some bodyguards inside, I think they are enough to get sir out of the house” Khanna said
She want to go inside in search of her shivaay she can’t stand here like this so she decided to go inside.

She looked at Rudra who also want to go inside both decided to go.
When they were about to enter the main door flung open there he was “the great shivaay Singh Oberoi” with his bodyguards they got him out of the house.
He got to see the light the light of his life standing before him with his baby brother.
On seeing him Rudra jumped and hugged him tight. ” Bhaiya I missed you what have you done to yourself, if bhabhi was not there this was not at all possible” he said in one go.
Shivaay didn’t say a word he was looking at Anika again in the silence their hearts were speaking.
Rudra thought of leaving them alone as his superman and superwomen are together they can come easily. He left a car for them and went with the security people back to Oberoi mansion.
“Anika” shivaay broke the silence. She ran away from there tears are making their way down she is not able to figure out for what she was crying of happiness that she saw shivaay after two long days or that she took two long days to save him and he was alone who was having pain.

Shivaay came out and saw that Anika was sitting in car waiting for him he went and sat in the driver seat. None of them said a word. They were not in a route to Oberoi mansion she know that but she don’t want to ask him , she know that like her he also want to have some time alone with her.
They reached the place shivaay got down the car and waited for her.
She reached him and stood beside him. He turned to her and smiled she immediately hugged him and cried on his shoulder. He let her cry because she has a fear of loosing him though he might be saying her always that “shivaay singh oberoi ki Jaan itni aasani se nahin jaata” though he can’t see tears in her eyes but today he let her do that because he don’t want that fear to build up in her heart.

She slowly broke the hug to look at him at his kanji aankeh shivaay kissed her forehead with assurance that he is alright.
For sometime they were in each others embrace silently. “Anika how you came to know that I was in trouble because I didn’t say you anything on phone ” shivaay said.
“I had a nightmare and from then I was feeling like something was wrong and when you called I confirmed it” Anika said.
He smiled at her. She kept her hand on shivaays chest where his heart is and said ” you know we are connected by our hearts I’ll know when ever you are in trouble I feel like something inside me was paining”. “same here” shivaay said and smiled.
” I want to say you something ” both said in unison.
“Ok you say” he said. She didn’t hesitate as she want to express her feelings to him before he say something.

” Shivaay as you know I have already said how much important you are to me what place you have in my life I just want to complete what I didn’t say on that day” she said and moved away from him. He let her speak her heart out she moved forward back facing towards him and said.
“I love you Shivaay” in one go. She didn’t stammer while saying him because she know unless she say what was in her mind and heart she will never get to know what he was feeling for her.

Suddenly she felt a pair of hands around her waist she know who was that. They stood like that for a minute or two and shivaay said ” Anika this is what I wanted to say you but you being Anika again took away all the credit of proposing me first”
Anika giggled at his sarcasm and realised what he said he immediately turned around to look at him with a shocked expression on her face shivaay chuckled looking at her face and making his hold tight on her waist he said ” I love you too Anika ”
She hugged him tight there were again no words between them they know what they feel for each other but never expressed but today in the presence of the moon and stars they expressed what they feel for each other.

He took her face in his hands and kissed her it was not a one which was wild but the one with pure love and happiness. Breaking the kiss Anika hugged him again and held her ears near his heart so she can listen to the heartbeat where she was staying from long.
“Anika shivika or ansh which one do you want to have first I want shivika” he said. She blushed at his statement and kissed him on his cheek and said “I love you ”
” I love me too ” he said and laughed she punched him on his chest “ok ok I love you too” he said and smiled.
She never thought that one day she will also get love and she will also be loved by a person like shivaay Singh Oberoi who once was aganist to love.
Like Om said him once

“Sach main dhal jaate hain kisse Dil se dhorane ke Baad
Ishq par hoga yakeen Ishq hojane ke Baad”
He was very true in his words
“Ishq par hoga yakeen Ishq hojane ke Baad” he repeated and kissed anika’s hair.
Now they should break this bubble and head to the biggest one which is waiting for them and should also solve his kidnapping mystery.
“So,let’s go mrs. Anika shivaay Singh Oberoi ” he said and smiled at her.
She smiled at him and said “yes mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi”

They know now after going to mansion they have to solve many issues waiting for them.

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