The heart needs what it needs episode 9


The heart needs what it needs episode 9
Ragsans room
Sanskaar is shifting from sides to sides just by doing that it becomes morning
Sujata and ap r talking and sanskaar comes down
Sujata: sanksaar wats wrong with u
Sanskaar: why wat happened mom
Ap: sanskaar did u not get enough sleep or did u not even go to sleep cuz ur eyes r red
Sanskaar: nothing badi ma
Sujata: where is ragini and ishaan
Sanskaar: ragini is with swara and they r in the guest room and ishaan wen I got up wasn’t there I thought he was with u guys
Sujata: wat r u saying chora he isn’t with us
Ap: haa sanskaar he isn’t with us
Sanskaar: then where is he
Ragini: wat ishaan where is he
Sanskaar Sujata and ap turn to see ragini and swara ragini is crying runs upto sanskaar and holds his collar
Ragini: sanskaar where is ishaan plz tell me where could hav he gone he’s new to this place and doesn’t knw anything about it my baby I dnt knw where he is sanskaar and she cries and falls on the floor
A voice comes from behind mama
It’s ishaan
Ragini get up and luks to see ishaan she runs and hugs him
Ragini: where were u ishaan do u knw how worried I was
Ishaan: offo mama I was with bade dadu and dadu we were in the garden
All hav a sigh of relief lakshya and Kritika come down ishaan goes upto Kritika and forwards his hand
Ishaan: do u wanna become friends
Kritika shakes Ishaans hand and thinks
Kritika in her head: he’s not that bad as I thought he is he’s nice
They both go of to play
Lakshya: bhai there is a confusion
Sanskaar: wats that
Lakshya: bhai who is elder Kritika or ishaan
Swara: Kritika is born on 28th febuary
Sujata: ragini wen was ishaan born cuz we weren’t their so u should nw
Ragini: ishaan was born on 30th January
Sanskaar: so Ishaans older
Lakshya: and did u see bhai how our kids r just like us I mean even we hav a 1 month gap and so do our kids
Everyone sit down to eat breakfast
Then Gadodia family arrive
Sumi comes and slaps ragini
Everyone gets shocked
Sumi: m I not ur maa
Ragini: no maa wat r u saying
Sumi: the word maa doesn’t luk gud comming out of ur mouth
Ragini: wat r u saying maa
Sumi:u ur self hav become a mother and still asking me ragini say if ur child ditches u and makes u realise that ur just his step mom then
Ragini: I’m sorry ma
Sumi: no ragini u made me realise that a step mom will always be a step mom she can never be a real mom
Ragini cries nodding no and hugs sumi and sumi also hugs her
Ragini: I’m sorry maa I dnt cum back to U cuz I dnt want to become a burden on u
Dadi: laddo
Ragini: dadi ma and they both hug
Ishaan and Kritika cum Kritika hugs the Gadodia family members ishaan stands behind sanskaar
Dadi: aa chora I’m ur badi dadi cum here
Ishaan walks upto to dadi and she hugs him
Dadi: wats ur name
Ragini: ishaan
Ragini smiles and luks at shekhar who luks away
Dadi: Annapurna ji I want to take laddo and ishaan to the baadi
Ap agrees and sends ragini to do the packing
Sanskaar follows ragini
Sanskaar: wat kind of torture is this I can’t even spend some time with my wife and child and u ditched me last night for ur sister
Ragini:sanskaar plz try and understand I will be staying with u forever and even maa papa dadi and dada ji wanna spend some time with me
Sanskaar: ok but come back soon
Ragini comes downstairs and takes everyone’s blessings and leaves with ishaan to Gadodia house
Kavita comes in and runs and hugs sanskaar who is literally shocked
Kavita: oo sanky guess wat I hav decided to get married and that special person is u
Everyone is shocked lakshya starts choking
Dp glares at kavita sanskaar breaks the hug
Sanskaar: actually kavita I need to tell u something
Kavita: yh I knw sanskaar that u need more time or either u want a simple wedding and that’s ok
Sanskaar: I hav a son
Kavita is shocked
Sanskaar: and I’m a family man ragini is back in my life
Kavita in her head: dnt worry sanskaar soon she will go away again
And she smiles evily
Precap ragini and ishaan come back and see kavita
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