The heart needs what it needs episode 6


The heart needs what it needs episode 6
Sanksaar and ragini r hugging wen ragini breaks the hug
Ragini: sanskaar ishaan
Sanskaar: let me ask the doctor if we can see him
Sanskaar asks the doctor and he permits them to see ishaan both ragini and sanskaar go inside the ward and ragini starts crying after seeing ishaan in that state and sanskaar consoles her
Ishaan wakes up and gets happy seing both sanskaar and ragini
Ishaan: mamma
Ragini goes upto him and sit near him
Ragini: yes baby
Ishaan: mamma he’s my friend an he points to sanksaar
Sanksaar: ishaan I need to tell u something sanskaar luks at ragini an nods his head
Sanskaar: well ishaan u wanted to knw about ur dad
Ishaan: yh do u knw my dad
Sanskaar: yh umm say if ur dad is standing right infront of u
Ishaan: wat do u mean
Sanskaar: that ishaan I’m ur dad
Ishaan gets shocked and starts crying and upon seeing ishaan cry sanskaar rushes to him
Ishaan backs him off
Ishaan: no stay away from me u hid the truth from me u didn’t tell me that u r my dad
Sanskaar: ishaan
Ishaan: no where were u wen I used to wake up and cry at night and wen mama used to cry at night
Sanskaar: ishaan just listen to me once I hav just come to knw now that u r my son if I knw before then u would hav been with me right now
Ragini: baby ur dad is telling the truth due to some misunderstanding we had split up and he didn’t knw about u he has come to knw now
Ishaan wipes his tears and asks sanskaar if that’s the truth
Sanksaar nods yes
Sanskaar hugs ishaan and ishaan adds ragini an they all hav a group hug
The hug is interrupted by sanskaars phone call it is sujata
Sujata: hello sanskaar where r u
Sanskaar: mom I’m in hospital
Sujata: kya wat happened sanksaar r u ok I’ll send ur papa there and I’m comming aswell
Sanskaar: plz come mom but dnt worry nothing has happened to me well ishaan has had an accident
Sujata: that little boy u met yesterday
Sanskaar: yes mom and do u knw wat relation he has with me he’s my son
Sujata gets shocked
Sujata: wat r u saying sanskaar u had an extra marital affair chi I didnt expect That from u
Sanskaar: no mom ragini is also with me
Sujata: ragini wat is she doing there
Sanskaar: she is the mother of my child mom after ishaan gets discharged from hospital I’m bringing him and ragini to mm they r gonna stay with me from nw on
Sujata: wat r y saying sanskaar has ragini forgiven u
Sanksaar: yes mom
Sujata: sanskaar u dnt knw how happy I am to knw that I hav a grandson
Sanskaar: then come and meet him he’s really cute mom
Sujata: I’m comming right nw with jiji and the rest of the family
Sanskaar smiles and cuts the call
Ragini: sanskaar wat happened wat did mom say
Sanskaar: she’s comming to met her grandson
Ishaan: who is coming
Sanskaar: ur dadi
Ishaan: dadi really I hav a dadi u knw wat dad I hav a masi to
Sanskaar: masi
Ragini: swara
Sanskaar: wat u met swara
Ragini nods her head
Sanskaar: and she knw but she didn’t tell me
Ragini: I told her not to
Sujata runs down the stairs in excitement and dp is waking infront of her down the stairs and sujata is about to fall down but she falls on dp glares at sujata
Dp: careful sujata
Sujata: bhaisa u hav a grandson
Dp: wat r u saying sujata I only hav one grand daughter which is swara and lakshya’s daughter who has gone to spend her holidays with Shekhar’s family
Sujata: my son sanksaars and daughter in law ragini’s son
Everyone comes out after listening to wat sujata said
Ap: sach sujata
Sujata: yes jiji and sanksaar is bringing him here let’s do the preperations
Sanskaar calls sujata
Sanskaar: mom the doctor has discharged ishaan and we r comming home
Precap ishaan and ragini enter mm and the family pampers ishaan

Sorry If I disappointed u all

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  1. I missed ur prev epi…..but read it just now…………both r superb!!!!!!! soo coz f ishaan ragsan united………….I really loved it…… cn u tell me who u r????

  2. Disappointed?? Nono dear. U made me happy. I am totally happy to see them reunited. An awesome epi. Waiting for the next one..

  3. Very interesting….

  4. Awesome

  5. wow….its amazing……
    its nt disappointing its interesting……

  6. It’s very nice

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