The heart needs what it needs episode 5


The heart needs what it needs episode 5
Morning mm
Sanskaar wakes up an rushes to meet ishaan at the park
Sujata comes In his room
Sujata: sanskaar wat is this ur room is a mess
Sanskaar: mom I hav no time I’m getting late to meet ishaan
Sujata: chora sanskaar listen take a pic of ishaan and u together ok
Sanskaar is busy getting ready and packing the gifts he brought for ishaan
Sujata: sanskaar r u listening u will take a picture of u both
Sanskaar: yh yh mom dny worry

Ragini gets a call from her boss
Ragini: yes sir
Boss: ragini u will need to go to present the presentation today
Ragini: today
Boss: yes today and make sure everything goes perfect I trust u
Ragini: yes sir
Ishaan wakes up
Ishaan: gud Morning mom
Ragini: aww gud morning my baby ok baby moms gonna hav to go for a meeting today so ur gonna be staying with Riya aunty
Ishaan: but mom
Ragini: yh I knw my baby wants to go to the park and I hav told Riya aunty she will take u happy
Ishaan hugs ragini
Ishaan: I love u mom

Regini presents the presentation and everyone applauds her
Ishaan is playing with his ball and he sees sanskaar he gets happy and runs to him and hugs him
Ishaan: hi friend
Sanskaar: hi ishaan
Ishaan: let’s go and eat ice cream
Sanskaar: ok
Ishaan and sanskaar r walking wen sanskaar gets a call from lakshya
Lakshya: bhai r u comming for the meeting
Sanskaar: yh lakshya I am and do one thing go over the presentation once more and double check everything
Laskhya: ok bhai
Sanskaar has his back towards ishaan and ishaan sees a puppy on the road and a car comming towards it ishaan runs to save the puppy and he does but he himself meets with a accident sanskaar listening to so much noise turns around to see so many ppl crowding around and a car that has stopped sanskaar goes to the crowd and is shocked to find ishaan injured and unconscious on the floor sanskaar shouts ishaan
Riya also comes
Riya: ishaan ishaan wat happened how did this happen wat am I gonna tell him mom
Sanskaar: r u not his mother
Riya: no I’m his moms friends
Sanskaar:can u plz tell his mom to cum to city hospital I’m taking him their
Sanksaar is carrying ishaan in his arms and is shouting doctor the doctor Comes out and sees ishaan in blood and takes him inside the OT
Sankaar waits out their the nurse then comes out
Nurse: we need some blood his blood group is O- negative which is rare
Sanskaar: even my blood group is O – negative
Nurse: I hope u dnt mind me asking is he ur son
Sanksaar: no he is not my son
Nurse: u can come inside we will take ur blood
Ragini comes to the hospital she is crying
Ragini goes to the receptionist and asks about ishaan the receptionist tells her that he has been taken to the OT ragini goes to the OT and sees ishaan from the small hole ragini is crying sanskaar comes out after giving his blood and sees ragini and gets shocked
Sanksaar: ragini
Ragini Turns around and sees sanskaar she gets shocked
Ragini: sanskaar wat r u doing here
Just then the doctor comes out
Ragini rushes to the doctor and in haste she says
Ragini: doctor how is my baby ishaan he’s my son how is he will be ok right plz say something doctor why r u quite doctor wat happened
Sanskaar gets shocked wen he hears ragini saying my son
And remembers lakshya telling him how ishaan luks like him and how the nurse asked If ishaan was his son
Doctor: well he is out of danger and will soon be conscious although there were no internal injuries it was just minor and dnt worry he will be perfectly alright u just need to take care of him
Ragini: yes doctor and wen can I meet him
Doctor: well in 2 hours we will shift him into the ward and then u will be able to meet him
The doctor leaves
Sanskaar: how dare u ragini how could u hide such a big fact from me that he is my son
Ragini: son oo really wen I didn’t hav any importance In ur life then why would my son and just stay away from me I dnt want ur evil shadow to fall my son
Sanksaar: just shut up ragini he is also my son aswell and ur the only person in this world that has the most importance in my life he kneels down
Sanskaar: ragini In these 5 yrs I hav realised that I am so incomplete without u there’s never been a day wen I haven’t missed u or cried remembering u I was a lifeless body but since ishaan came into my life he fulfilled that absence and now after seeing u I hav some hope left that we will get back together
Ragini: oo so is this another drama of urs
Sanksaar: no ragini plz trust me
Ragini: prove to me that I should trust u
Sanskaar gets a sharp glass and cuts his hand
Ragini gets shocked and emotional cuz she can’t see sanskaar in pain
Ragini: sanksaar my heart says I trust u and I should forgive u but I can’t get that betrayal out of my mind
Sanskaar: I will tell u the truth
Ragini: wat truth
Sanskaar: the picture that u saw r fake the face that wasn’t shown clearly was kavita’s
Kavita was feeling dizzy and sanskaar was there in the office so he was helping kavita to sit on the sofa and was giving her water wen someone tuk the pis from outside the window and sent them to ragini and the person is a guy hired by kavita
End of FB
Ragini gets shocked listening to sanksaars revelations
Ragini: so that means that ur innocent
Sanskaar nods his head
Ragini: I’m sorry sanskaar I didn’t believe u it’s just that I was Heart broken
Sanskaar: ragini why did u not tell me about ishaan and ishaan about me
Ragini: cuz I was upset and angry after ur betrayal sorry I mean misunderstanding but u knw wat sanksaar I missed u soo much
Sanskaar: same here ragini and I love u
Ragini: I luv u 2

Precap sanskaar tells ishaan that he is his dad

I hope I haven’t dissapointed u all

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