The heart needs what it needs episode 4

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The heart needs what it needs episode 4
Ishaan and ragini r going to the market as ragini needed some vegetables and other household stuff.
Ishaan: mama I want ice cream
Ragini:baby just wait we will go and hav some ice cream but later I just need to get 1 more thing and that’s it
Ishaan: ok mom

Ap is in the kitchen with swara
Ap: aare swara there is no vegetables wat r we gonna cook for dinner
Swara: dnt worry ma I will go and get the vegetables from the market
Ap: ok beta take care
Swara leaves for the market
Ice cream vendor
Ragini: baby wat flavour ice cream do u want
Ishaan: mom I want chocolate

Sanskaar and ragini r gone out in the middle of the night to eat ice cream
Sanskaar: so ragini wat flavour do u want actually let me guess vanilla
Ragini: yes that’s my favourite
Sanskaar: to me it luks bland and has no colour
Ragini: well at least it’s better than chocolate
Sanskaar:chocolate is the best and I bet if we hav junior sanskaar even he will like it aswell
Ragini: we’ll see
Sanskaar: come home and I’ll show u
Ragini blushes
End of FB

Ishaan: mom wat flavour do u want why dnt u hav chocolate aswell
Ragini has tears in her eyes and asks ishaan to stay there while she goes to the washroom
Ragini runs and bumps into someone and the person is none other than swara both r shocked to see each other and swara hugs ragini swaragini plays
Swara: ragini where were u
Ragini: swara
Swara: no ragini u left me alone u split swaragini up
Ragini: no swara swargini r 1 and will always remain 1
Swara: where were u for 5 yrs we luked for u everywhere
Ragini: I was in Mumbai
Ishaan comes running upto ragini
Ishaan: mom let’s go I hav finished my ice cream
Swara gets shocked to see ishaan
Ishaan luks at swara and asks ragini about her
Ragini: baby she is ur masi
Ishaan: masi I missed u soo much
Swara: I missed u 2 baby
Ishaan: masi do u knw about my dad
Swara gets shocked
Swara:baby do u not knw about ur dad
Ishaan: no masi I always ask mom about dad but she never tells me masi plz tell me do u knw my dad
Swara luks at ragini and nods yes ishaan gets excited
Ishaan: really masi
Swara: infact I live with ur dad
Ragini takes swara aside
Ragini: swara plz keep sanskaar away from ishaan I dnt want sanskaars evil shadow to fall on ishaan
Swara: ragini I hav seen sanskaar in these 5yrs u dnt knw how lonely he has become he has become a lifeless body his soul and heart r always with u
Ragini get emotional listening to swara but remembers sanskaars betrayal

Sanskaar comes inside his room and sees ragini comming out of the bathroom sanskaar gets mesmerised he runs after ragini and they both run around the room then sanskaar pulls ragini’s scarf and they both fall on the bed and consummate their marriage
3 days later ragini and the rest of the family get some pictures of Sanskaar and a girl who r close to each other the girls pic is blurry so u can’t see her face the family and ragini confront Sanskaar both ragini and sanskaar hav a argument over the pictures
Ragini: how could u sanskaar I trusted u soo much and u
Sanskaar: ragini plz trust me I dnt do anything
Ragini: and wat about the messages In ur phone that u sent to a girl names Samaria
Sanskaar: she’s just a friend
Ragini: friend or ex girlfriend sanskaar
Sanskaar gets angry and slaps ragini
Ragini: this slap has proved to me that u r guilty Sanskaar
And she leaves
FB ends

Ragini: swara promise me that u won’t tell sanskaar about ishaan promise me swara
Swara: I promise
Swara meets ragini and ishaan and gets ragini’s number so that they can stay In contact
Swara reaches home
Lakshya comes back with sanskaar and lakshya tells the family about how sanskaar made a new friend named ishaan a small kid
Swara by listening to the word ishaan gets shocked
Swara: lakshya was his name ishaan
Lakshya: yh do u knw him
Swara: no
Sujata gets happy an says
Sujata: thank god at least a kid brought a smile on my sons face even I wanna meet him
Lakshya: chachi bhai is gonna meet him agin tommorow in the same park at the same time
Swara: I’m sorry sanskaar I can’t even tell u that he is ur son she says that in her head

Precap ishaan to meet with a accident

I hope the fbs r not confusing u guys if they r plz clarify with ur comments and I hope that u like it and u find it lengthy if not I will make more lengthy in the next epi thank u ??

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  1. Its awesome..

  2. Awesome…… I can’t wait to see Sanskaars reaction…. Keep it up…..

    1. Thanx ??? And yh sanskaars reaction will be shown in the nxt epi if u hav suggestions plz share

  3. Its awesomeee… but plz make ragsan confrnt each other… nd make it a bit longer

    1. Thanx anaita and ragsan will confront each other nd I will hopefully make nxt epi long

  4. Amazing

    1. Thanx cutiepie

  5. superb!!!!!!!!!! loved it………….frm nxt epi onwars c u provide the link to the prev chappy??????

    1. sry it ws a typo….i meant can u…….

      1. Thanx aastha and yh will provide the links for the preveious epis

  6. God!!! It’s so cliche!

  7. Super
    Make it long

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  10. Awesome, I can’t wait. … will Ishaan be okay?

    1. Thanx Halima and dnt worry ishaan will be ok

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  12. nice….but is that the real reason for ragsan separation ??

    1. Thanx Naimi and if u want I can add in another reason but ur gonna hav to give me suggestions cause I can’t think of anything if that’s ok with u

  13. Superb dear

  14. now swara sab kuch thik kar degi as usual..

    1. Thanx stoneheart for ur comment and no swara will not sort out everything just wait and watch who does

      1. Ur right akira someone else will bring ragsan close

  15. wow….amazing yaar…..its really interesting

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