The heart needs what it needs episode 3

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The heart needs what it needs episode 3
Recap ishaan and ragini enter Kolkata
Ishaan an ragini go to the park ishaan swings on the swings and ragini is pushing him
Ishaan: mom I wanna play with the ball
Ragini: ok baby
Ishaan is playing with his ball and ragini is watching him play inncocently suddenly ragini gets a call and she turns around to attend it
Lucky: bhai why hav we stopped at this park
Sanksaar: there’s a plot near hear that we need to see
Ishaan is playing with his ball and suddenly the ball rolls over to sanlaks car and hits it
Sanskaar gets out and sees a ball he gets angry
Sanskaar:what the hell
and sees Ishaani’s inncocent face and feels a connection

Ishaan: uncle ball plz
Sanskaar feels something pinching him
Sanskaar: here u go beta play with ur friends
Ishaan: I’m new here so I dnt hav any friends
Sanskaar: that’s ok i will be ur friend and they shake hands
Lakshya is delighted to see the smile on sanskaars face
Ishaan: uncle sorry I accidently hit the ball on ur car
Sanskaar: it’s ok and nw we r friends so no sorry and no thank u
Ishaan: no but my mom says that we should always apologise for the mistakes we do
Sanskaar: ur moms morals r nice
Ragini finishes talking on the phone am luks for ishaan wen she doesn’t find she gets worried
Ragini: ishaan ishaan were r u
Ishaan: uncle I’m gonna hav to go my moms calling me bye uncle meet me in this park everyday
Sanskaar: ok bye
Lakshya: bhai didn’t u see his eyes r just like urs and he is soo innocent I felt like pulling his cheeks.
Sanskaar: I dnt knw why but I felt some connection with him
Lakshya: bhai u guys r Friends nw so u will get to knw him vaise bhai r u gonna cum to the park everyday just to meet him
Sanskaar: yes I hav promised him
Ishaan comes back to ragini
Ragini: ishaan my baby and she hugs him where were u do u knw how much mama was worried
Ishaan: mom I was just over there getting my ball and I could see u so that means I wasn’t far away
Ragini: nxt time ishaan remember never to go anywhere without telling me
Ishaan gets sad and ragini sees the sad face of Ishaans and decides to cheer him up
Ragini: ishaan I was thinking shall we go to do some shopping and we will do some sight seeing
Ishaan gets happy
Ishaan: really
Ragini smiles and nods and ishaan starts jumping in excitement

Precap swaragini meet and swara gets to knw about ishaan and decides to reunite him with sanskaar


Plz help me guys how should sanskaar find out that ishaan is his son

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  1. Nice
    Let swara relieve truth to him

    1. Thank u Sindhu rm and I want sanskaar to find out the truth himself I hope that’s ok with u

  2. Awesome epi.m one of d silent readers of ur ff.i wanna ask u a ques.wen r u gonna update swaragini(sorry) or hav u dropped it?pls do reply as i used to love reading it…..awaiting 4 ur reply…….

    1. N about how sanky ll find out about ishaan being his son, u cn show tht during der nxt meeting in same park,ishaan ll b playing wid ragini who ll b blindfolded n at tht time c ll hit with sanky who saves hr at d nick of time…she opens hr blindfold n shocked n both hav an eyelock…den ishan comes dere n says mamma….n addressed sanky as his frnd….both rags n sanky shocked listening to wat ishaan just said now……u may show this after swara comes to know ishan n rags….u know lyk building tension n lil mystery b4 sanky n rags actually meets….u know dis is only my opinion,u cn write it as u want….n pls reply to d ques i asked above?

    2. Thank u adu for ur comment and I’m not the one who is writing sorry even I used to love that aswell

  3. hi im new here……i dont read all stories….just a few…..i loved urs……i ve a doubt regarding the precap is swara going to uite ishaan only with sanskar????? ten wat abt rags??????? u will unite ragsan wont u ???????????

    1. Thank u aastha for ur comment and yes I will reunite ragsan aswell

  4. nice….

  5. Very nice

  6. Pls udate soon next part and try to update big

  7. Nyc make it long and waiting for ur swaragini sorry ff

  8. plsz update next part soon……………….

  9. Awesome, I think whatever Adu said would be okay but the rest is up to you, can’t wait for the next part…..

  10. Thanx guys I was thinking if sanskaar accidently is about to hit ishaan with his car and ragini saves him and then u guys knw the rest so how’s that plz share ur opinions

  11. superb ?……

  12. Awesome episode…..

  13. It’s very nice

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