The heart needs what it needs episode 2


The heart needs what it needs episode 2
Recap ishaan and ragini planing to go to Kolkata

Lakshya’s room
The alarm goes off at 9 and a face is shown comming out from the blanket and it’s swara’s
Swara: lakshya turn the alarm of plz
Another face is shown which is also comming out of the blanket and it’s lakshya’s
Lakshya: no swara plz let me sleep u turn it off
Swara gets up to turn the alarm off and realises that by the time she got up its 9:25
Swara: lakshya wake up hurry up lakshya wake up
Lakshya: wat happened swara
Swara:it’s turning 9:30 am u hav a meeting at 10
Lakshya quickly gets up an goes to the washroom
Later on lakshya comes out and hugs swara from the back who is standing infront of the Mirror and combing her hair
Swara: well mr I’m married
Lakshya: so am I
Swara: say if our partners find out about us then wat
Lakshya: wat nothing will happen
Swara: oo really my husband will not spare u
Lakshya: wat will he do
Swara: u dnt knw him he is mr lakshya maheshwari he can do anything
Lakshya: is that how much u trust ur hubby
Swara: yes more than myself
Lakshya: yh and I wish ragini had the same trust on sanskaar like u hav on me
Swara: lakshya
Lakshya: just forget it swara

An he leaves the room
Swara starts to cry and say
Swara: ragini were r u I need u we need to become swaragini again I am soo incomplete without u
Kolkata airport
Ragini and ishaan r comming out of the airport
Ishaan: mama were r we gonna stay I’m tired
Ragini: aww my baby is tired dnt worry we r going to a nearby hotel we r gonna stay there for 2 Weaks

Mm dining table
Everyone is seated at the dining table
Sanskaar comes and sits down
Sujata: sanskaar do u wanna eat this parata I made it specially for u
Sanskaar: no mom I’m just gonna hav some juice and lucky r u ready for the meeting we hav to get this contract
Lakshya: yes bhai
Sanskaar after finishing his juice leaves
Sujata: just luk at him he doesn’t even talk to any of us forget that he doesn’t even eat and most importantly he has forgot to smile
Dp: well if 5 yrs ago he didn’t commit that mistake than maybe he would hav been happier
Sujata: sorry to say bhaisa but u r saying that cuz ur sons hav never had such accusations before and if they did then their wife’s will support them meaning ur daughter in laws but mine she is a disgrace to the word daughter in law
Swara: chachi ji plz we dnt knw anything about my sister where she is how she is and ur bad mouthing about her
Sujata: jiji ur so Lucky to hav daughter in laws that at least hav the guts to stick up for sumone else and at least ur sons r living in a colourful life ur daughter in laws r a blessing for ur sons life and luk at me mine she has left my son to live in the dark
Ap: sujata whatever happened happened infront of us
Sujata: yes I knw jiji but sanskaar is innocent
After saying that she leaves

Ragini is sitting on the bed thinking about her time in Kolkata and her memories with sanskaar
Sanskaar comes back from office and places his hands over ragini’s eyes
End of FB
Ragini is smiling remembering that moment wen suddenly she feels something covering her eyes she touches it and feels some hands
Ragini: sanskaar
Ishaan: mom
Ragini gets suprised and touches the whole hands and realises it’s small hands she removes the hands and holds them tightly
Ragini: my baby ur gone so naughty
Ishaan: mom I’m bored let’s go to the park
Ragini: ok let’s go

Precap ishaan and sanskaar meet
Ishaan shivansh kotia from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

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