The heart needs what it needs episode 11


The heart needs what it needs
Episode 11

Night mm
Ragsans room
Ragini is walking here and there thinking about kavita and murmuring
Ragini: how dare she who does she think she is I’m not gonna spare her if she comes near sanskaar
Sanskaar comes in an sees ragini he shuts the door and then hugs ragini from behind
Ragini: sanskaar stop it
Sanskaar: come on ragini
Ragini: how dare she if she comes an inch close to u then watch wat I will do to her
Sanskaar: who
Ragini: sanskaar kavita who else
Sanskaar: ragini I’m in such a romantic mood but since ur not i might aswell go to kavita and join her
Sanskaar let’s go of ragini and starts moving back wen suddenly ragini holds him and quickly hugs him
Ragini: sanskaar plz even in ur dreams dnt even say that’s u r going to that witch promise me
Sanksaar: ok ok promise I won’t wen think about it in my dreams anyways where were we
Ragini: meaning
Sanskaar: meaning romance
Ragini: sanskaar hav some shame u r already a dad but still u dnt hav any shame
Ragini releases the hug and is about to go wen sanskaar holds her hand and moves her back towards him ragini blushes
Ragini: leave me sanskaar plz
Sanskaar: no
Ragini: say If ishaan comes in then wat like last time
Sanskaar: well ragini ishaan is with mom and dad so u dnt need to worry about him and ishaan comming into our room there’s no chance cuz he’s gonna sleep with mom and dad
Saying this he gets even more close to ragini both of them r soo close then the servant knocks on the door
Servant: sanskaar sir dp sir is calling u
Sanskaar gets frustrated ragini starts laughing
Sanskaar: u go I’m comming god forget the servants even the family members won’t let me romance in peace
Ragini starts laughing
Dp’s room
Sanskaar lakshya rp and dp r present their
Dp: I hav called u all here cuz I want to tell u something I hav decided to retire
Sanskaar: bade papa wat r u saying
Dp: sanskaar I knw u an lakshya will be able to handle the company and u hav ram to guide u
Lakshya: no papa u can’t retire not knw plz later not nw we need u
Sanskaar: yes bade papa why dnt u retire after a couple of yrs
Dp thinks and nods his head
All head back to their rooms
Morning mm
Ap sujata and ragini r running after ishaan with a glass of milk
Sanskaar and lakshya come down
Ishaan hides behind sanskaar
Sujata: here sanskaar handle ur chora
She gives him the glass of milk
Lakshya: gud luck bhai
Sanskaar: ishaan ur a baby right
Ishaan: no dad I’m a big boy
Sanskaar: r u cuz if u were a big boy then u would hav drank this milk by nw and ishaan do u want muscles like me
Ishaan: yh dad wat r u waiting for give me the milk and he drinks it all
Ragini: wat did u just do how did u convince him
Sanskaar: it’s called sanskaars magic
He goes near her and whispers
Sanskaar: u will find out more about sanskars magic in the night and he winks at her while ragini blushes
Kritika comes running down and swara runs after her
Kritika comes and whispers something In Ishaans ear
Ishaan starts jumping and they both luk at each other and nod their heads both start shouting
Ishaan and Kritika: we want a baby we want a new sibling
All the family members get shocked
Swaragini get embarrassed and so do Sanlak
Sujata: jiji luk at these kids
Dp and rp luk down
Ragini: ishaan and Kritika come let’s go u guys need to hav breakfast as well
Ishaan: no mom we want a sibling a new baby anyways mom where do babies come from
Kritika: yh masi and mom u tell us aswell or actually dad u tell us
Lakshya gets shocked and stammers
Lakshya: umm umm Kritika baby Emm actually ask papa I mean ur dadi ji he knws
Dp glares at lakshya
Dp: Kritika an ishaan beta leave this topic
Ishaan: no i wanna knw
Ragini: ok ok calm down I’ll tell u so babies r a gift and blessing from god that r sent to parents
Ishaan: really babies r gods gifts
Ragini: yes
Kritika: masi even me and ishaan r gonna ask god for this gift come ishaan let’s go
And they both leave
Sujata:ragini and swara u both hav quite them down nw but wat will happen later wen they will ask for the same demand again I think u should fulfil their demand
Swara gets upset whilst ragini blushes

Precap swara has a secret that is hidden from everyone

Thank u for liking and I’m not the one who writes the ff swaragini sorry that’s someone else and sorry if ragsan scenes were not romantic enough

Credit to: ???...

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