The heart needs what it needs episode 10

The heart needs what it needs episode 10
Episode 9

The previous epi someone asked me for it
Ragini is about to enter the baadi wen sumi stops her
Sumi: u can’t go in right nw
Ragini: ma
Sumi goes in and comes back with a aarti plate
Ragini smiles an sumi does her aarti and both ragini and ishaan come in
Ragini goes to her room
Ragini: I missed this room so much
Sumi: and this room missed u aswell
Sumi and ragini hug
Dadi comes in
Dadi: laddo I’m sorry
Ragini: no dadi ma wat happened
Dadi: I lied to u
Ragini gets shocked
Dadi: yes laddo I made a excuse in mm and told the maheshwari family that I’m just taking u and ishaan for a visit but the truth is That I did all this to separate u from sanksaar
Ragini gets shocked and stumbles
Ragini: dadi ma how could u
Dadi: laddo trust me he is not gud for u he’s just a player he’s only gonna hurt ur feelings more that’s why I hav decided that ur not gonna live with him anymore
Ragini: dadi ma plz I won’t be able to live without sanskaar plz dadi ma
Dadi: laddo dnt get emotional sanskaar is not worth u, hav u forgotten how he has hurt u
Ragini: dadi ma sanskaar is inncocent that was all my misunderstanding plz dadi ma
Ishaan was listening to all this and runs to another room with ragini’s phone and he calls sanksaar
Sanskaars phone rings and he sees the name
Sanskaar: wow madam is missing me already no sanskaar dnt underestimate her
Sanskaar answers
Ishaan is crying over the phone
Sanskaar: champ wat happened
Ishaan: dad badi dadi was lying she wants to seperate me and mum from u
Sanskaar: wat r u saying champ u wait there I will come

Sanskaar comes running in and shouts RAGINI the whole Gadodia family come out
Ragini comes out and her eyes r red as if she’s been crying vigorously
Ragini: sanskaar
Sanskaar: what the hell is this dadi ma u said that ragini and ishaan r gonna to spend some time with u that’s why u hav brought them here but u u hav deceived us
Dadi: u can’t talk even u deceived my granddaughter
Sanskaar: that was all a misunderstanding I hav told ragini and we cleared out all the matters so wat is ur problem and ur only ragini’s grandmother I’m her husband and legally we r still married so u can’t keep my wife and my child away from me
Dadi: wat will u do
Shekhar: ma stop it
Sumi: plz ma let ragini go with sanskaar
Dadi: u be quite sharmishta u want ragini to go cuz ur her step mom if u were her real mom then u would hav supported me
Sumi: no ma it’s nothing like that
Dadi: so sanskaar u were saying that u will do wat
Sanskaar: I will get the court on u come ragini and go and get ishaan
Just then ishaan comes out
Ishaan: dad and he runs upto him and hugs him
Ishaan: dad I wanna stay with u
Sanskaar smiles and luks at dadi
Sanksaar: did U hear that dadi ma
Ragini goes upto sanskaar and hugs him
Ragini: I’m sorry dadi ma ishaan won’t be able to live without sanskaar and I won’t be able to live without ishaan and sanskaar I hav two lives that I need to think about plz dadi ma try and understand
Saying that she leaves GH

Ishaan and ragini reach mm with sanskaar everyone gets surprised seeing them
Sujata: arey u guys I thought u r comming back tommorow
Ishaan hugs sujata and ap
Ishaan: I love u dadi
Ap and sujata: we love u 2
Sanskaar: nothing mom it’s just that tommorow we r going for Ishaans admission for school that’s why
Sujata: oh
Kavita comes In and ragini and ishaan see her
Ishaan: dad who’s this aunty
Lakshya: I’ll tell u champ this is kavita aunty
Lakshya quietly: and luckily not ur moms sautan
Swara: shush
Lakshya eyes her
Kavita: hey sanskaar let’s go for shopping tommorow
Sanskaar: kavita tommorow I’m busy with my wife and child
Ragini: sorry to interrupt but kavita dnt u think that u should get married nw cuz rather than taking someone else’s husband with u to shopping u could take ur own
The family try to hide their laugh and kavita gets irked
Kavita: well ragini if I find someone like sanskaar then yes I will marry him
Ragini: I knw someone who’s nature is like sanskaar but that person isn’t my sanskaar
Kavita get really irked
Ragini: anyways let’s all rest it’s quite late and kavita u should also go to ur own house it’s quite late and it’s not right for u to come to anyone’s house late especially to a married and family mans house
Kavita:sure good n8 sanskaar
Sanskaar:yh kavita gud n8
Ragini: bye bye kavita gud n8 and make sure that the bed bugs dnt bite
Kavita storms of an leaves leaving everyone laughing
Swara: ragini u hav taught her a gud lesson
Lakshya: seriously ragini she’s probably thinking how u changed and is probably gone mad thinking
Ishaan: mama I’m confused
Kritika: offo ishaan forget it we wil never understand elders
And they leave
All wish each other gud n8 and go to their respective rooms

Precap kritaka and Ishaans demand for a baby

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