The heart needs what it needs chapter 25


The heart needs what it needs chapter 24
Ragini hangs up the phone and signs swara to come to the side ragini excused herself saying that she needs to go to the washroom
Swara also excuses herself saying that she needs to make an important call
Swara goes to ragini’s room and closes the door
Swara: ha ragini
Ragini: swara and she tells her everything which is muted
Swara gets shocked
Ragini: swara uttara hasn’t Told any of us god knws how long this has been going on for
Swara: ur right ragini uttara should hav told smone if not us then mybe her brothers
Ragini: no u knw their anger
Swara: yh……but wat shall we do ragini
Ragini: we r gonna help uttara

Swara: but wat about Sanlak
Ragini: we r not gonna tell them anything they will get angry and do smthing
Swara: hmm ok
Ragini: we r gonna hav to keep an eye on uttara
Swara: yh and if we find out anything then we will tell each other immediately
Ragini: ok
Sanlak come back home
Uttara also comes and luks worried
Sanskaar: uttara wats wrong with u is there smthing that u want to tel us
Uttara: no bhai I’m fine
Laksh: u sure
Uttara: yh Bhai
Swaragini see uttara with a worried face
Ragsans room
Sanskaar is sleeping and ragini is still awake thinking about uttara wen she sees her phone vibrating
Ragini whispers: hello swara wat happened r u ok
Swara also whispers: ha ragini I’m standing outside ur room
Ragini: wat y
Swara: i saw uttara going out I think we should follow her
Ragini: I’m comming
Ragini cuts the call and sees sanskaar sleeping
Ragini: I’m sorry sanskaar I dnt want u to be stressed about anything and I hope after this step u dnt feel like I betrayed no matter how big the danger is I’m gonna save uttara she then sees ishaan sleeping in the middle

Ragini: ishaan my baby I knw u will take care of ur dad
Ragini gets up and leaves the room
She finds swara waiting out for her
Swara: ragini let’s hurry up otherwise uttara will leave( I knw guys u probably thinking that both of them r expecting still they r very active but it’s just a story)
Both of them follow uttara by taking the driver along with them they reach a big mansion
Uttara goes inside an swargini follow her
Uttara: I’m here
Man: so u came
Uttara: I had to otherwise u would hav ruined me completely
Man: how many times do I hav to tell u that I’m not ruining u it’s just my love for u
Uttara: shut up ashok (ashok from yeh hai mohabbatien)
Ashok: u never trust me but at least today trust me baby
Uttara: chi get lost
Ashok comes closer to uttara when he feels a Hand on his shoulder he turns around and uttara gets shocked seeing the person whilst ashok luks confused
Uttara: ragini bhabhi
Ashok: ragini
Ragini:how dare u even luk at my nanand

Swara: hav u forgotten that or do u even that uttara has 2 brothers and if they come to knw wat they will do to u
Ashok: oh r u trying to say tht thy r gonna cum and save their darling sister
Sanskaar gets up to drink water but
Doesn’t find ragini
Sanskaar: ragini
Sanskaar goes out of the room and sees laksh
Sanskaar: laksh
Sanskaar: laksh wat r u doing out here
Laksh: bhai I came to luk for swara she is not in the room
Sanskaar: wat neither is ragini in the room
Just then Samar comes out
Samar: guys I saw uttara going out first I thought she is just going for a little walk but she still isn’t back yet
Sanlak: wat
Laksh: bhai maybe these 3 r together
Sanskaar: yh
Laksh: swara’s GPRS is normally on let’s trace them
Samar: I think laksh is right let’s trace them
Ashoks mansion
Ragini: listen whoever u r leave uttara
Ashok: y and who r u 2 tell me wat to do or not
Ragini: I am uttaras bhabhi and if u do anything wrong to her then it is my right and duty to intefere understood she points a her finger at him
Ashok gets angry and pushes ragini

Swara shouts ragini whilst uttara shouts bhabhi wen ragini is about to fall sanskaar comes on the right time and catches her
Sanskaar: ragini r u ok… dare u
Ashok: how dare I how dare ur wife to tell me wat to do and give me ashok lectures
Samar goes upto uttara and she immediately hugs him she then turns to Sanlak
Uttara: bhai this guy has been annoying me for the past 3 weeks saying that he loves me and wants to marry me and if I dont then he will do smthing and she starts crying
Sanlak get angry and beat up ashok Samar also joins them and they beat up ashok brutally sanskaar holds uttaras hand and drags her
Sanskaar: uttara tell ur bhabhis do they want to cum or stay here for some more
Swaragini get shocked
Laksh: bhai if thy want to cum then they can let’s not force them who r we to force them
Sanlak leave with uttara whilst Samar brings swaragini samar takes uttara into his car and leave swaragini with Sanlak

In the car
Sanskaar is driving laksh is stirring next to him and swaragini r sitting at the back there is silence as no one talks they reach mm
All go to there respective rooms
Sanskaar is trying to aid his wound on his hand ragini comes and takes the cotton but sanskaar snatches it of her
Sanskaar: I can do my own work u dnt need to get concerned for me
Ragini: sanskaar I’m sorry plz sanskaar I dnt
Sanskaar: imagine if i didn’t come on the right time and saved u then wat and wat about out baby did u think about that no
Ragini: no sanskaar I did and I can understand but
Sanskaar: enough ragini anyways ishaan is asleep if we argue he might wake up
Laksh is also trying to aid to his wound which is on his arm wen swara comes and touches his arm laksh jerks her of
Swara: laksh

Laksh: wat laksh I think I knw my name
Swara: laksh I’m sorry trust me I didn’t tell u cuz I thought ur gonna get angry
Laksh: yh like I’m quite calm right nw not angry swara if u told me before then things wouldn’t hav got so much complicated as they hav say if smthing happened to u then wat
Swara: laksh I knw but
Laksh: but wat u dnt hav an answer so
Swara: laksh
Laksh: Kritika is sleeping we r disturbing her
Laksh opens the door and comes out sanskaar also comes out of his bedroom along with ragini swara follows laksh and she also comes out
Sanskaar: laksh let these 2 sisters be alone
Laksh: yh bhai and let them take all the credit
Sanskaar: sorry laksh cuz of my wife even ur wife got stuck in some problem
Laksh:it’s both of their fault equally not just one
Laksh goes in sanskaars room and sanskaar shuts the door Leaving ragini out
Ragini goes In Swalaks room swara an ragini both cry and then later go to sleep

Thank u for liking and thank u to all the silent reader if possible plz comment so thatI knw if ur liking it or not
Ishaan- shivansh Kotia

Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-Nafrat ya pyar (raglak) by Halima ??❤️
-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️

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