The heart needs what it needs chapter 22


The heart needs what it needs chapter 22
Evening mm
Dp and rp r taking wen Samar comes
Samar: ladies and gentlemen I hav an announcement to make
Ap and sujata come out and so do Sanlak whereas swargini where already present their
Laksh: wat happened Samar
Samar: well buddy I hav thought of a idea but I want the ladies to support me In it
Ap: wat support do u need beta
Samar: well my sweet aunty I want swargini and u both to help me I want to cook
Sujata: Cook wat r u saying chore
Laksh: Samar r u gone mad
Sanskaar: yh lucky is right hav u gone mad do u even Knw the meaning of cooking
Laksh: I’m telling u bro ur gonna regret
Samar: I dnt care but swara and ragini u both r gonna help me right
Ragini: for sure
Swara: first time u hav asked us smthing how can we say no
Samar: then it’s done let’s go
Sanlak r about to go to help swargini but Samar comes and helps them up samar: so my beautiful assistants let’s go
Swara: hmm let’s go
Ragini: wat about our other assistants
Samar: which ones
Ragini: ishaan and Kritika
Samar: how can I forget
Ishaan and Kritika comes from outside
Samar: so kids do u wanna help me cook
Sanskaar: no u guys carry on
Laksh: ishaan and Kritika will stay with us
Samar: ok ur choice
Samar goes into the kitchen with swaragini and ap and sujata
Ap and sujata r guiding Samar while swaragini r sitting on the chairs Samar is talking to them and laughing Sanlak see all this from behind and get jealous
Laksh:bhai dnt u think he’s getting too close and free with our wives
Sanskaar: exactly and even ragini is ok with it
Laksh: forget that Bhai he didn’t even spare out kids
Sanskaar: we can’t even say anything to him cuz he is our business partner
Laksh: hmm but let’s hope he doesn’t get too close to anyone
Everyone is sitting down when suddenly dp starts getting back pains Sanlak rush to dp but Samar reaches before them
Samar: uncle this is all becuz of ur muscles
Dp: muscles
Samar: yes uncle luks like u dnt do much excersize so that’s the reason why
Ap: ji
Dp: Annapurna dnt worry
Rp: bhaisa I think Samar is right U need to do excersize
Samar: hmm so it’s decided uncle and me r going on a walk
Dp: ok
Samar: swara and ragini why dnt u join us it’s gud for u guys and ur babies
Swara thinks and then nods her head while ragini just smiles
Sanskaar: ha ha how can he forget swara and ragini
Laksh: ur right bhai
Everyone finishes dinner and then goes to the room
Swara: Samar is so nice right and so cool
Laksh: hm
Swara: he cares so much for all of us right
Laksh: hmm…… Is Kritika asleep
Swara: yh by the way laksh why dnt u be like Samar he’s so nice and caring and funny and his sense of humour is like omg sooo gud
Laksh in his head: this Samar is bent on ruining my image and my life
Ragini is putting ishaan to sleep wen sanskaar comes in
Ishaan quickly gets up
Ishaan: dad do u knw Samar uncle he’s soo cool I really like him
Sanskaar: hmm
Ishaan: do u agree aswell mama
Ragini nods her head and then luks at sanskaar
Ragini: well I always liked a guy like samar his sense of humour is awesome and his style and all is literally gud
Sanskaar luks at ragini and fumes inside
Sanskaar in his head: this Samar has literally turned my life upside down even ragini has started supported Samar and even champ I dnt knw wat unauspicious momment it was wen Samar came into our house but I hate to say this

Precap Sanlak go on a walk with Samar and have a race

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I’m thinking to end this ff soon like in about a couple of chapters so plz tell me how u would like to see the ending and if u support my decision

Ishaan- shivansh Kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Credit to: ???...

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