The heart needs what it needs chapter 21


The heart needs what it needs chapter 21
Swara: ragini I think we need to check on ishaan and Kritika
Ragini: yh swara even I was thinking the same and I’m gonna stay with ishaan in his room
Swara: yh even I’m gonna stay with Kritika I dnt want her to think I’m neglecting her anyways in the past 7 months I haven’t even spoken to her properly or even seen her properly
Ap: u can fulfill ur wish nw laksh and sanskaar go and take swaragini to ishaan and Kritika
Laksh: umm ma I’m going to office and so is bhai
Sanskaar: and mom we don’t want any breakfast
Sanlak take swaragini to ishaan and Kritika and after that they themselves go to their
Laksh and sanskaar enter
Laksh: cancel all our meetings for today
Receptionist: but sir
Sanskaar: and dnt disturb us
Receptionist: yes sir
Laksh: oh yh and make sure no one meaning no one comes in our cabin
Receptionist: yes sir u dnt worry but sir wat about khanna group of industries their son is comming today
Sanskaar: oh yh invite him to mm we will meet him their
Laksh: we also promised mr khanna that his son will stay With us cuz we knw him
Sanlak leave to their cabin
Laksh sits on the chair
Sanskaar: bhai plz lock the door
Laksh: finally we will get our sleep
Sanskaar: ur right lucky
Laksh: these sisters luk wat they hav done to us we r in such a bad state that
Sanskaar: lucky plz at least before going to sleep dnt remember them
Otherwise they will torture is in our dreams
Laksh: bhai ragini
Sanksaar: laksh go to sleep and let me go to sleep let’s forget about everything
They both put sleeping bags over their eyes and go to sleep
Ishaans room
Ishaan is sleeping and ragini is caressing his hair ishaan wakes up
Ishaan gets happy seeing ragini
Ishaan: mama
And hugs her
Ragini:so how is my superhero
Ishaan: I thought dad was ur superhero
Ragini blushes
Ragini: ishaan
Ishaan gets up and sits near ragini’s lap but not in ragini’s lap
Ishaan: mama
Ragini: hmm
Ishaan:can I go to the park
Ragini: ishaan ur not well so I’m sorry u can’t go today
Ishaan sulks and crosses his arms
Ragini smiles looking at his cute innocence
Kritikas room
Kritika was sleeping and swara was still talking to her
Swara: I’m sorry baby u probably thinking that I’m neglecting u but I’m helpless she caresses her hair
Swara hears someone walking and goes to check and sees ragini
Swara: ragini where r u goin
Ragini: swara actually I need to light the diya in the temple
Swara: ok be careful
Sanlak r sleeping wen sanskaars phone goes off
Sanlak both wake up
Laksh: bhai turn ur phone off
Sanskaar: lucky it’s Samars call
Sanskaar picks up
Sanskaar: hello
Samar: hi sanky where r u
Sanskaar: actually we r comming where r u
Samar: outside ur house
Sanskaar: ok u go in we r comming
Samar: ok I’ll be waiting for u
Samar enters the house
Ragini goes to the temple and puts oil in the lamp and prays
But some oil accidently falls on the floor
Sanlak also come back from office and ragini steps over the floor and slips she is about to fall wen Someone comes in the nick of the time and saves her she is close to the floor and her eyes r closed with both fear and pain
Ragini opens her eyes and notices a stranger
Sanskaar shouts ragini
Both Sanlak come inside and sanskaar takes ragini in his arms
Swara also gets shocked and comes downstairs
Swara:ragini r u ok
Laksh goes to swara
Laksh: swara relax ragini is ok she is with bhai
In the meantime ap and sujata come with dp and rp and r shocked to see the scenario
They see ragini on the floor in sanskars arms
Sujata: ragini
All rush to ragini
Sanskaar turns around and sees Samar standing the stranger who saved ragini
Sanskaar: thank u soo much Samar
Samar: hey guys it’s ok chill ur lucky nothing happened
Laksh: but thanks anyways
Sanskaar: ragini ragini
Ragini quickly opens her eyes again and hugs sanskaar tightly
Sanskaar helps her up and all make her sit down
Ap: ragini beta how did this happen
Ragini doesn’t speak
Samar: uhh actually aunty to my likings I think she slipped on some oil
Sujata: thanku beta
Samar: thanku
Sujata: ha laksh chora that’s how u say it in English right
Laksh laughs
Samar: ohh u mean thank you
Sujata: haa vahi
Ishaan and Kritika come down
Ishaan goes to ragini
Ishaan: mama wat happened
Samar gets shocked to wat ishaan has to say
Samar: lucky at least introduce me to ur family
Laksh: yh sure so this is my mom and dad he point to ap and dp
And this is Sanky’s mom and dad meaning my chachi chacha pointing to sujata and rp and u already knw bhai and that’s his wife ragini who u saved and his son ishaan there next to him and this is my wife and he side hugs swara and my cute little princess Kritika
Samar in his head: yaar if ragini wasn’t married or didn’t have any kids then I would hav definetly gone for her anyways
Sujata: sanskaar take ragini to ur room
Sanskaar agrees and takes her
Ap: sujata I think we need to cancel the godh barai
Sujata: haa jiji I just hope nothing else happens and both ragini and swara’s delivery happens without any problems
Ap nods

Precap Samar gets friendly with the family and with swaragini and Sanlak get jealous

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I wanted to write another ff on raglak but didn’t nw if I should plz guys help me should I
Ishaan- shivansh Kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Credit to: ???...

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