The heart needs what it needs chapter 20


The heart needs what it needs chapter 20
Night mm
Ragsans room
Ragini is lying down on the bed and sanskaar is working on The laptop he shuts the laptop and goes and lies down next to ragini
Ragni: sanskaar
Sanskaar: hmm
Ragini: u can do anything for me right
Sanskaar: yes and y do u ask
Ragini: just anyways sanskaar if I ask u do something then will u do it for me
Sanskaar: yes
Ragini: anything
Sanskaar:’of course meri jaan anything
Ragini: ok done
Ragini gets up and goes to the cupboard and gets out a baby bump like pillow
Sanskaar gets shocked looking at it
Sanskaar: ragini wat r u doing with that
Ragini: hmm nw u said u would do anything for me so put this on
( pillow has 2 ropes at the back so a person can tie it)
Sanskaar is speechless
Sanskaar: ragini ur not serious right
Ragini: I am serious
Sanskaar luks at ragini and ragini smiles
Ragini: Bahut shok ta tumhe pregnant bane ka ab dekhana she says that in her head
Sanskaar: no ragini
Ragini: yes Sanskaar
Sanskaar: ragini no
Ragini: sanskaar if u dnt then
She goes to the cupboard and gets out a suitcase and some clothes
Sanskaar: ragini wat r u doin
Ragini: leaving u
Sanskaar: wat why
Ragini: becuz ur meant to support me in this stage but u r just
Sanskaar: I am supporting u
Ragini: If u r then put this pillow I’m sure it will fit in ur jacket or shirt
Sanskaar helplessly takes the pillow and puts it on
Ragini laughs
Ragini: nw we luk the same from the same family right and she laughs
Whilst sanskaar makes a crying face
Swara enters the room
Laksh: she is with mom and dad
Swara Ignores laksh and goes to the cupboard to get some clothes out
Laksh comes and hugs her from the back
Swara jerks laksh off
Laksh: swara wats wrong
Swara: nothing but all I can say that a person would feel the same way I’m feeling if they dnt get support from their husband wen they need it
Laksh: swara wat r u on about
Swara: laksh do u even nw how much weight I am carrying
Laksh: but baby
Swara: no laksh u dnt knw and anyways y would u care
Laksh: swara I do care ur my wife and that’s my child
Swara: do U love ur child so much
Laksh: more than anything
Swara:then wear this she turns around and gives laksh the similar pillow ragini gave to sanskaar
Laksh gets shocked and his smile fades
Swara:u said u love ur child and u love me so wear this for me and prove ur love
Laksh: swara ask me anything else I will do it but not this
Swara: u hav proved to me that u dnt love me y should I live here then I’ll just go to the baadi
Laksh: no swara
Laksh takes the pillow from swara’s hand and puts it under his jacket
Laksh: happy nw
Swara smiles and says
Swara: happy
Laksh: I bet bhai is having fun and luk at me he says this all in his head

Sanskaar is sleeping wen ragini wakes him up
Ragini: sanskaar sanskaar plz wake up
Sanskaar quickly gets up
Sanskaar panting: wat happened ragini r u In labour cum let’s go to the hospital
Ragini: sanskaar no
Sanskaar: then wat happened ragini
Ragini: sanskaar actually I’m hungry
Sanskaar: then wat m I meant to do
Ragini hits up
Ragini:sanskaar go and get me smthing to eat
Sanskaar gets up wen he feels smthing heavy he luks down and sees the pillow
Sanskaar luks back at ragini
Sanskaar: ragini let me remove this pillow and then I’ll go
Ragini: no sanskaar u go like this
Sanskaar: but say if smone sees me like this
Ragini: just say u r supporting ur wife
Sanskaar goes
Sanskaar in his head: I bet this lucky is having a great time and enjoying his sleep and luk at me
Sanskaar goes downstairs to the kitchen and finds laksh there
Sanskaar; laksh
Laksh: sanskaar mere bhai
Sanskaar: laksh wat r u doin ere
They both see each other’s stomach and burst out laughing
Laksh: bhai wen did U get pregnant and who’s the dad bhai
Sanskaar: lucky forget me luk at u even ur pregnant who’s the dad
Laksh’s smile fades
Laksh: bhai I’ll show u the truth laksh lifts his jacket up sanskaar gets shocked to see the pillow
Even sanskaar picks his shirt up and shows laksh the same pillow both get shocked and kinda laugh
Laksh: bhai these sisters hav made our life hell right nw
Sanskaar: exactly this ragini made me wear this and she disturbed my sleep
Laksh: Innit bhai same with swara she suddenly woke up and said that I’m hungry even wen she was having Kritika she didn’t disturb me that much as she is disturbing me nw
Sanskaar: I wasn’t their wen ragini was gonna have ishaan so I wanna fulfill her demands but this pillow demand is the limit
Laksh: yh bhai where did they get this idea from
Sanskaar: lucky let’s hurry up or the family members will see us like this and they will make a joke out of us
Laksh: bhai I was thinking that m gonna remove this pillow in the morning cuz swara didn’t say how long
Sanksaar: same with ragini
Sanlak give each other a high five and leave to their respective room with smthing from the fridge
Swalaks room
Laksh enters and shuts the door with his foot
He goes upto swara and puts the plate infront of her and in the plate is a piece of chocolate fudge cake
Swara gets happy
Swara: laksh how did u knw I wanted to eat fudge cake
Laksh: cuz I knw u more than URSELF right even u said that to me once
Swara is choosing a dress for her self and is about to select one wen laksh comes and gets that exact dress swara chose
Swara: wow laksh how did u knw that I was gonna choose this dress
Laksh: I just knw
Swara: but I hav to say that u knw me more than I do
Laksh: really
Swara: yes
And they hug
FB ends
Swara and laksh feed each other cake
Sanskaar comes inside and sees ragini sitting on the bed holding her stomach
Sanskaar: ragini
Ragini: sanskaar there u r u tuk ages
Sanskaar: sorry jaan but I’ve got u smthing
Ragini sees the plate and get happy
Ragini: pastries sanskaar
Sanskaar: u love pastries right
Ragini: yep
Sanskaar: I’m sorry ragini
Ragini: y wat happened
Sanskaar: cuz I wasn’t there wen u were gonna have ishaan and at that momment u needed me the most but I
Ragini cups his face
Ragini: plz sanskaar don’t say that + u dnt even knw about ishaan
Sanskaar: but still ragini I should have been there with u
Ragini: anyways u r with me nw wen we r gonna complete our family
Both feed each other pastries and sleep
Morning mm
Sujata: hi jiji I was thinking shall we conduct the godh barai rasm today
Ap: yes Sujata even I was thinking the Same
Swara comes with laksh and laksh helps her to sit
Laksh is not wearing that pillow
Swara: r the kids gone to skwl
Sujata and ap luk at each other
Ap: wo beta
Swara: wat happened ma
Sujata: they both hav a very high fever
Swara: wat
Ap: actually they were playing outside with water so I think
Ragini comes aswell with sanskaar
Even sanskaar isn’t wearing the pillow
Ragini: mom they r ok right
Sujata: ha ragini dnt worry u shouldn’t take stress it’s not gud for u
Ap: ragini we were thinking of conducting the baby shower today
Ragini: that’s a gud idea
Sujata: so it’s final there is gonna be the godh barai of both of the daughter in laws of the maheshwari family
Laksh: bhai let’s go and select some clothes for our selfs anyways wats the colour theme
Sanskaar:lucky let’s have blue and gold
Laksh: perfect
Sujata: wat r u both preparing for men r not alllowed
Sanlak: wat
Ap: yes it’s only a ladies function
Laksh: but wen Kritika was gonna be born then u guys didn’t conduct a baby shower so wats so special nw
Ap: beta at that time we didn’t find it right and sanskaar
Ragini luks at sanskaar and gets teary eyed and luks down
Sanskaar notices that
Sanskaar: forget all this we r comming and we will see who stops us

Precap oil on the floor and ragini steps on it will ragini slip and fall will this be the end to ragsans family dream

To knw more keep reading the heart needs what it needs
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Ishaan- shivansh kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Credit to: ???...

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