The heart needs what it needs chapter 19


The heart needs what it needs chapter 19
Swara: I need to tell u smthing all
Laksh: wat happened swara
Swara: I hav to stay in hospital for 7 months so that the baby is safe and so am I
Laksh: we hav to seperate again
Swara: yh I knw
Ragini: swara how cums u r telling us nw
Swara: sorry ragini actually so much happened and
Laksh: wen r u gonna get admitted
Swara: umm umm
Laksh: swara
Swara: today
Raglak: wat
Kritika: mama how will I stay without u
Swara: u hav ur badi ma and ur papa and ur bade papa
Ishaan: dw Kritika ur not gonna miss ur mama u can play with me
Swara: let’s go
Ragsan swalak ishrika go downstairs and tell everybody swalak also tell about their reconcile
The family members agree

Ap: sujata calm down they will be comming soon
Then swalak come inside with ragsan and ishrika
Sujata runs and hugs both ishrika
Ap also hugs them
Ap: swara u dnt need to say anything laksh has already told us
Nw u and laksh leave ur getting late right and dw we will take care of Kritika
Swalak leave

………..7 months later……….
Swara holding her baby bump
Swara: finally my await finishes I’ll be going home today to my family
Laksh comes in
Laksh: so mrs maheshwari u ready go to ur home
Swara smiles
Swara: always ready

Ragini is sitting on the sofa with pillows around her and sanskaar is sitting next to her with a glass of milk
Ragini: no sanskaar plz
Sanskaar: ragini
Ragini: mom plz tell sanskaar
Sujata: no I dnt wanna hear anything but I have to get ishaan ready after he’s back from skwl he’s just playing outside it’s almost dinner time aswell hurry up ragini and drink the milk
Ragini: mom I’ll help u get ishaan ready he won’t get ready that easily without throwing his normal tantrums
Sanskaar: no ur gonna stay ere I knw these r excuses to escape from having milk
Ragini: wait swara is comming home today sanskaar hav u called laksh to ask him where they hav reached
Ishaan and Kritika both come running
Kritika: is mom comming today and the baby
Sujata: no chori there’s still time for the baby to cum only ur mama is comming
Ishaan: dadi wen is my baby comming
Sujata: there is still time for ur baby to cum aswell
Ishaan goes to ragini and tries to sit in her lap but can’t cuz of her baby bump
Ishaan: offo mama wen is the baby gonna cum so that I can sit in ur lap
Ragini: aww my baby dw soon
Sanskaar: for nw will my lap do
Ishaan runs and goes in sanskaars lap
Dp rp come with ap
Ap: we went to the temple
Ragini: badi ma
Ap: ha ragini
Ragini: badi ma I was thinking once swara comes can we shift her to the downstairs room so that she is safe
Ap: yes not only swara but u will aswell
Ragini: I dnt need to badi ma
Ap: yes u do even u r expecting
Swalak enter
Kritika: mama
Swara gets happy seeing Kritika
Laksh: swara calm down even u didn’t get that happy wen u saw me
Swara nudges laksh
Laksh helps swara down
Swara meets the family members
Dp: let’s all sit down and eat just like we all used to
Everyone sit at the dining table both sujata and ap pamper swaragini Sanlak get jelous
Sujata: hi jiji I hope our happiness doesn’t get jinxed
Ap: haa sujata
Laksh: maa u haven’t fed me so lovingly in ages
Sanskaar: ur right lucky
Laksh: bhai if only we were pregnant then I would have said smthing but
Sanskaar: Innit
Sujata: hi choro hav sum shame chi infront of ji and bhaisa
Dp glares at laksh
Whilst rp tries to control his laugh
Ishaan and Kritika laugh
Swaragini also laugh
Ragini whispers silently to sanskaar
Ragini: ur very fond of being pregnant right I hav a surprise for u after dinner let’s go and I’ll tell oops I mean show u
Swara also whispers to laksh
Swara: laksh dw I will fulfil ur wish of being pregnant u will feel the happiness and the weight dw
Both Sanlak gulp and luk at each other

Precap Sanlak go through bad times
(Funny scenes )

Thank u for liking ??

Ishaan- shivansh kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Plz do read
Dangerous ishq by pushpa
Chand ka dusra chehra by Halima
Swaragini sorry by ??? ( not me)

Credit to: ???...

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  1. Hope swaragini give birth to their child without any prblm

    1. Thanx s priya I wanted to add another twist but If u dnt want me to then I won’t

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    1. He was naksh from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

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    Waiting for the funny SanLak scenes 😀

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