The heart needs what it needs chapter 18


The heart needs what it needs chapter 18
Ragsan go to the terrace
Ragini: so wat r u doin here
Sanskaar: ragini do u not understand I am here to meet u
Ragini: so wat
Sanskaar: I wanted to meet u
Ragini:but I dnt
Sanskaar: after the long separation of 5 yrs I dnt wanna separate from u again
Ragini gets touched by sanskaar words and hugs him he to hugs her
Ragini: sanskaar even I dnt wanna seperate from u I’m sorry
Sanskaar: even I’m sorry
Ragini: but what about swara and laksh
Sanskaar breaks the hug
Sanskaar: yes I knw we hav to help them get back together
Ragini: hmm
Sanskaar: by the way where is champ
Ragini: he is sleeping with mom dad and Kritika
Sanskaar: poor them
Ragini hits him playfully and runs around the terrace sanskaar runs after her he catches her and pulls her closer they both sleep in each other’s embrace
Swara wakes up and finds Laksh missing
Swara puts her hand on the side draw to get her phone and on her phone there is a sticky note
Note: hey beautiful the morning which I start off by seing ur face is beautiful do u wanna see it aswell go and see it from my eyes
Swara gets up and sees another note stuck to the mirror
She picks it up and reads it
Note: see u luk so beautiful and to make sure the beauty comes out fully there is a surprise and u will find it where I slept yesterday
Swara: wat is this……I’m sure it’s laksh
She goes to the sofa and sees a gift box with another note on it
Note: I knw ur not gonna wear it but plz for my sake and for my love wear it although I trust my love and I knw u will wear it
Swara luks at the packet and thinks
She goes inside the bathroom and gets changed and comes out
Wearing a purple long dress with a silver border with diamond earrings and with small curls in her hair
Swara sees another note stuck to the door
Note: come to the terrace
Swara: wat the hell nw wat does he want
Swara goes to the terrace she sees a big massive heart saying I LOVE U
and IM SORRY decorated with flowers and a table with candles
She sees laksh on his knees with flowers in his hands
Laksh: I’m sooooo sorry swara for hurting ur feelings and for insulting my love
Laksh has tears in his eyes
Swara: laksh
Laksh: no swara let me say It that I’m useless GFN and idiot who couldn’t recognise his love and her feelings and intentions
Laksh gets up and gives the flowers to Swara
Laksh: swara this is a small token of sorry
Swara accepts the flowers
Swara:laksh plz I hav already forgave u but I just wanted u to com and convince me and make me accept ur apology
Laksh gets happy and smiles
Laksh: swara do u really accept my apology
Swara: yes and after all the arrangements how can I say no both swalak hug and Kritika comes in with ishaan
Kritika: mama
Swalak break the hug
Laksh: Kritika
Kritika: no ur lying to my mama and I knw ur gonna hit her again
Swara: no Kritika ur papa is really sorry and he actually means it
Kritika luks at laksh and hugs him
Kritika: I’m sorry papa
Laksh: I’m sorry too baby doll
Ishaan: wat about me
Swara hugs ishaan
Ragsan come in
Ragsan smile at laksh
Ragsan r sleeping in each other’s embrace
Wen laksh comes to the terrace and get shocked seeing ragsan he coughs
Sanskaar half asleep: ragini wats wrong with ur voice why hav u changed it like a males voice
Ragini: no sanskaar
She wakes up and gets shocked seeing laksh she quickly gets ups nd wakes sanskaar up
Ragini:sanksaar plz wake up
Sanskaar: no first get me up
Ragini: sanskaar laksh
Sanskaar: we will help laksh later let me sleep come u sleep to
Laksh: bhai chachi is here
Sanskaar quickly gets up
Sanskaar: mom im sorry well actually mom
Sanskaar luks around and sees only raglak
Sanskaar: laksh
Laksh: wat laksh ur here enjoying ur married life and having fun
Sanskaar: jealous
Laksh: why wouldn’t I be my love story isn’t even on track yet and u I thought u were my bhai
Sanskaar: do u hav any doubt
Laksh: yes
Sanskaar: wat
Laksh: I mean bhai u knw I
Ragini: u want us to help u
Laksh: exactly even ragini understood but u didn’t bhai even ur wife is clever than u
Ragini winks at sanskaar
Sanskaar: tell us wat u want us to do
Laksh: I am planning a surprise for swara make sure no one comes to the terrace
Sanskaar: ok done
End of FB
Laksh walks upto sanskaar
Laksh: bhai no one means no one not even the kids
Sanksaar: I tried my best
Laksh: well I can see that
Sanskaar: forget me check u out with all the arrangements huh
Laksh: Bhai dnt jinx me plz
Ishaan: dad u knw wat happened
Sanskaar: wat happened champ
Ishaan: chachu an chachi were hugging swalak get embarassed
Swara: umm I need to tell u smthing all
All r shocked

Precap 7 months leap

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Shivansh kotia- ishaan
Ruhanika dhawan- Kritika

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Dangerous ishq by pushpa
Chand ka dusra chehra by Halima
Swaragini sorry by ??? ( not me)

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