The heart needs what it needs chapter 15


The heart need what it need chapter 15
Thank u soo much for the bday wishes actually my bday was on Wednesday and I wrote it that day but due to sum compilation so couldn’t upload it and later wen I did upload it u forgot to change it anyways thanx for the comments and wishes
Swara reaches baadi after dropping Kritika to skwl swara knocks on the door and dadi opens it
Dadi: swara
Swara luks up and her eyes r kinda red and she still has tears in her eyes
Dadi: Swara wat happened is everything alright
Dadi then notices the slap marks on swara’s face
Dadi brings swara inside the house

Dadi: swara wat is this how did this happen did that laksh slap u tell me swara wat happened
Swara doesn’t say a word and goes staright into her room
Ragini comes back after dropping ishaan of to skwl she sees all the men sitting down and drinking coffee
Ragini: papa bade papa how cums u guys all haven’t gone to wrk yet
Dp: ragini beta we hav given the staff a holiday and laksh said That if staff can hav a holiday then whey can’t we
Ragini smiles
Dp is about to drink a sip but then the police arrives
Police: mr maheshwai u r under arrest
All the maheshwari family get shocked
Laksh luks at dp
Laksh: papa u and arrested I’m not able to digest that
Ap has tears in her eyes whilst sujata and ragini r just shocked
The police cum inside and stand infront of laksh with handcuffs
They handcuff him
Police: u r to remain silent until u r asked to speak and anything u say will be taken as evidence and presented in court
Dp and the rest of the family members get shocked
Dp: may I knw why u r arresting my son
Sanksaar: and that to without an arrest warrant
Police: sorry mr maheshwari for comming unexpected but wat to do if ur son cannot behave himself
Dp: wat do u mean

Ap: plz inspector my son is innocent i knw he can’t do anything wrong
Police: well he has abused his wife mrs swara maheshwari
All the family members get shocked and ragini has tears comming out of her eyes
Dp: wat r u saying
Police: someone has complained on behalf of mrs swara maheshwari
Dp: who
Police: some lady named Parvati yes it was Parvati Gadodia
Dp: wat kaki ji

Ap: ji let’s go to the baadi and clear all the confusions
Dp: yes Annapurna ur rite let’s go and inspector plz come with us
The inspector agrees and all head to baadi
Swara is sitting on her bed and has her head on the headboard she has tears continuously comming down
Dadi comes in
Dadi: swara beta hav smthing to eat plz beta in these days u shouldn’t stay on a empty stomach
Swara: dadi plz take the food away I dnt feel like eating anything sorry dadi but I wanna be left alone plz

Dadi leaves
And says in her head
Dadi in her head: vaah laksh has left my granddaughter nowhere even though she’s expecting his second child still he slapped her nw wait and watch how I get u punished
The maheshwari family reach the baadi ragini runs to knock on the door but sujata comes and stops ragini
Sujata: ragini u do knw that ur not meant to run in this state say if anything happens to the child be careful
Dadi opens the door
Dadi: laddo

And she hugs her
Dadi: laddo u cum inside but dnt let the rest of the maheshwari’s cum inside they r my swara’s culprits
Ap: plz kaki ji at least let us meet swara
Dadi: no already cuz of u guys she hasn’t eaten anything and she is just in her room crying
Laksh gets shocked listening to all this and kinda feels guilty
Ragini runs Inside and sees swara
Ragini gets emotional seeing swara in that state
Ragini hugs swara and whilst hugging her she happens to see the slap marks on he face
Ragini: swara
Swara luks up
Ragini: swara this mark

Swara: ragini and she cries
Ragini: so that means laksh did and she runs outside and grabs lakshs collar
Ragini: how dare u slap my sister even though wen u knw that she’s expecting ur child still u slap her
Sanskaar: ragini plz stop accusing my brother
Ragini: sanskaar
Swara hears some noise outside and goes to check
Swara comes outside and is shocked to see laksh handcuffed laksh luks at her and he also sees the mark
Laksh: swara I’m sorry plz forgive me
Swara: wats happening
Police: mrs maheshwari ur husband is accused of abusing u and this complaint is made by ur grandmother
Swara luks at dadi
Swara: dadi
Dadi: haa swara I couldn’t see u in pain
Swara: there’s probably some misunderstanding here cuz my husband did not slap me
All luk on shocked
Swara: yes this slap marks that u can see r just a accident well I was stopping my husband from going through my phone as a joke but he accidently slapped me and he wasn’t even facing me wen this happened he had his back towards me

Laksh in his head: she lied for me
Police: r u sure mrs maheshwari r u saying this in any pressure
Swara: no sir I’m telling the truth in my full senses
Police: but there is a problem we r gonna hav to still take him to jail
Swara: plz I said that he’s innocent so plz leave him
Ap: swara beta cum let’s go home
Swara luks at laksh and he nods his head
Dadi: nahi neither will swara or ragini go cuz I dnt trust ur sons
Epi ends on the shocked faces of ragsanlak and sad face of swara

Precap laksh trying to convince swara to accept his apology ragsan funny moments

Sorry guys u found the epi boring in knw it was a bit to much I mean too boring oh yh and 1 more thing do u want swalak to hav a patch up soon or should it take some time
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  1. nice. should take some time.. even there daughter also be with swara and laksh try to convince swara and krithika becz she also saw when laksh slap swara… please…..

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  4. Patch up soon….

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