The heart needs what it needs chapter 14


The heart needs what it needs
Chapter 14
Hey guys today’s my bday so thought to take out some time and celebrate my bday with u by the help of this ff

Night mm
The episode starts with ragini comming into her room crying sanksaar comes in and hugs her from the back ragini senses Sanskaars touch and wipes her tears
Sanskaar: thank u ragini for making me dad again
Ragini: u dnt need to thank me
Sanskaar: of course it was team work and he winks at her
Ragini: sanskaar
Sanskaar: so wats my princess doin
Ragini: princess
And she breaks the hug and turns around and luks at him confused
Sanskaar: yes princess I knw we r gonna hav a princess and lucky will hav a cute and handsome prince
Ragini: nw how do u knw that
Sanskaar: I just do
Ragini: we’ll see if it’s a boy then
Sanksaar: wait hang on I said it first so listen to my demand first if it’s a girl then ur gonna hav to listen to watever I say and if it’s a boy then I’m gonna listen to u
Ragini: done and thy both hug
Ishaan comes in and they break the hug
Ishaan: mama wens the baby comming I can’t wait let’s go and get it right nw
Sanskaar laughs and ragini nudges him
Ragini: ishaan ur gonna hav to wait
Ishaan: how long
Ragini: 9 months
Ishaan: no mama that’s not fair that’s too long
Sanskaar: Innit ishaan even I was thinking that but ishaan tell me wat do u want a brother or a sister and he winks at ragini
Ragini nods no
Ishaan thinks and then says
Ishaan: a sister
Sanskaar shouts yes
Ishaan and ragini laugh at this act of his
Swara is lying down and laksh comes In the room and goes on the bed and kisses swara and Kritika swara wakes up but Kritika doesn’t as she is tired and fast asleep
Swara: laksh
Laksh: shush Kritika will wake up anyways I love u and thank u for this present
Swara smiles
Laksh: I’m gonna get changed and then go to sleep u also get some sleep u need it u luk so tired laksh kisses swara’s forehead and wishes her good night

Morning mm
Swara is downstairs helping ishaan and Kritika get ready whilst ragini is making breakfast in the kitchen
Laksh is in his room luking for a file
Laksh: this swara god why can’t I find my file
He knocks most of the clothes down and inside the clothes their is a file laksh bends down to pick the file up he is about the read it wen he suddenly got a call from the doctor
Doctor: hello mr laksh maheshwari congratulations on swara’s pregnancy
Laksh:thanx doctor
Doctor: well I must say that swara is brave otherwise who will risk their life for their child
Laksh gets shocked
Doctor: hello mr maheshwari
Laksh: yh doctor
Doctor: sorry to say mr maheshwari but after knowing that swara becoming pregnant again will hav too many complications and that her life is at risk but I’m sure u guys would hav taken this decision carefully or swara can still hav an abortion there’s still time anyways I’m gonna hav to hang up oh yh u can check swara’s report u will get all the information there I hav to go and see other patients take care
The doctor hangs up and laksh is double shocked he stands their frozen he has tears in his eyes
He falls on the floor and breaks down
He checks the file and sees swara’s report he checks it and throws it on the bed
Swara comes inside and sees laksh standing near the window she is about to say laksh but then her eyes grab the attention of the report
Swara: oh no I hope he hasn’t found out
Swara places her hand on lakshs shoulder he turns around and sees swara
Laksh: anyways swara wats up anything happened
Swara smiles and says noting
Laksh: swara how can u smile
Swara’s smile vanishes
Swara: laksh wat r u saying
Laksh: after deceiving me u think that u can smile
Swara: wat how did I deceive u
Laksh: by not telling me about the complications in ur first pregnancy and then nw in this pregnancy
And he starts crying

Swara: I’m sorry laksh I wanted to tell u but
Laksh: but wat and anyways wats the use of saying sorry nw
Swara: laksh plz listen to me the doctor said there is chances that both me and the baby will survive
Laksh: plz swara stop fibbing and stop giving me false hopes
Laksh is about to go wen swara tries to stop this
Swara: laksh plz dnt leave at least listen to me
Laksh:swara leave me
Swara: no laksh
Laksh gets angry
Laksh: swara I said leave me and he get angry and slaps swara and she falls on the floor all this is witnessed by Kritika
Kritika: mama
Laksh Turns around and sees Kritika standing at the door and laksh feels guilty he then walks off in anger
Kritika runs upto swara and hugs her swara cries and packs her bags to go to the baadi swara comes down with Kritika where all of mf was present their including laksh swara hides the slap marks and says she is going to the baadi with Kritika laksh luks on swara luks at laksh and has tears in her eyes
Ap: swara beta laksh will drop u
Swara: it’s ok ma I’ll go
Ap: but swara Kritika needs to go to skwl
Swara: I will drop her on the way
Ap: ok beta go carefully and take extra care of ur self and make sure that u eat plenty and hav ur medicines although I will call sharmishta ji aswell but still
Swara: ji ma
Swara takes everyone’s blessings and hugs ragini and leaves with Kritika
Ishaan: that’s not fair mama can we not go to the baadi
Ragini: we will go another day
Sujata: ki chora u want to leave ur dadi alone
Ishaan: no no dadi I was just saying anyways how can I leave u and if I go then who will go to the park with u and help u do excersize secretly
Rp chokes and laughs whilst dp tries to hide his laugh
Sujata luks around and gets embarrasssed Sanlak also laugh whilst ap and ragini just smile

Precap the police arrest laksh

Ishaan -shivach kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Thank u for reading I hope u hav enjoyed and sorry I’ll try adding more ragsan scenes and about swara dying or staying alive u willl find out later so until then plz keep reading
Do read
Dangerous ishq- by pushpa
Chand ka dusra chehra- by Halima

Credit to: ???...

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