The heart needs what it needs chapter 24

The heart needs what it needs chapter 24
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Sanlak and Samar go to swaragini dp and rp
Laksh: dad dnt u think we should go home nw
Dp: yes ur right anyways we hav spent a lot of time here let’s go
All leave
Car ragsans car
Sanskaar: ragini i wanted to tell u smthing
Ragini: hm
Sanskaar: I hav decided that I won’t go to office until ur delivery is done
Ragini luks at sanskaar
Ragini: but sanskaar u can’t just ditch ur office and neglect ur work like that
Sanskaar: and I dnt wanna neglect u either
Ragini: who says that u neglect me u take such good care of me so and anyways there is everyone at home to take care of me
Sanskaar: ragini try and understand I wasn’t there with u wen u were having ishaan I want to be with u nw each moment I want to live with the excitement tht any time my baby will cum
Ragini smiles at sanskaar
Ragini: vaise sanskaar wat do u think will it be a boy or a girl
Sanskaar: hmm well I think it’s gonna be a daddy’s girl
Ragini: oh a daddy’s girl why not mamas girl
Sanskaar: why u already hav a mummy’s boy
Ragini: mummy’s boy
Sanskaar: yh ishaan he’s always buttering u and supporting u in everything even I need smone to support me
Ragini: we’ll see
Laksh: swara
Swara doesn’t resound as she is lost in thoughts
Laksh: swara I’m sorry
Swara: huh laksh wat happened
Laksh: swara I’m sorry
Swara: sorry but why
Laksh: yesterday I behaved very rudely with u that’s why
Swara: it’s ok laksh I knw u r concerned about me and u r dealing with a big project so I understand
Laksh: thanks swara tysm
Swara: ur welcome and yh I love u
Laksh: I love u 2
All come inside and sit to hav breakfast
Kritika: mumma me and ishaan hav got holidays from skwl can we go out like on a picnic or anywhere
Swara: but Kritika where r we gonna go
Kritika: mummaplz anywhere
Ap: no Kritika beta ur mumma an ur chachi r not well so we can’t go we will go after the babies comes ok
Kritika: dad plz
Laksh: sorry princess
Sujata: why is ishaan so quite today normally it feels like a festival and today luk he’s soo quite
Samar: yes champ wats wrong Kritika do u knw
Kritika: no uncle all of a sudden her went quite wen we heard dadi discussing about the new babies and how mumma and ragini chachi will be busy with them
Ragini: ishaan
Ishaan hugs ragini
Ishaan: mumma u will still love me na
Ragini: of course ishaan I will and u r my first baby and u will always remain my first baby
All smile hearing ragini’s answer and do breakfast
…………….one month later…………..
Sujata: ha sumi ji finally one month is over nw there is only one month left
Sumi: yes sujata ji I just hope this one month goes smoothly for both my daughters but I’m more worried for swara
Sujata: dw she will be ok she will fight
Sumi: I hope so
Saying this she hangs up
Ragini is sitting next to sujata on the sofa
Ragini:ma where is uttara
Sujata: I dnt knw she is probably here smwhere
Samar comes
Samar: so ladies I hav an announcement to make
Sujata: wat announcement
Samar: it’s time for me to say goodbye
Ragini: wat
Samar: yh I’m going back to America
Ragini: plz Samar stay with us for a couple of more days and then go plz
Samar: ok
Swalak come
Sujata: aree laksh chora wat did the doc say
Laksh: nothing chachi everything is ok
Laksh makes swara sit
Laksh: swara I’m going out i hav some important work I will be back soon and yh take care
Swara: yh bye laksh
Laksh: bye

Uttara is walking wen a man comes up to her
Man: u still remember If u dnt marry me then watch wat I will do to u
Uttara gets shocked and starts trembling she moves back and her hand touches her phone she accidently calls ragini
Ragini: uttara…hello uttara
Uttara doesn’t speak and se doesn’t even realise that she has called ragini
Man: wat happened u got scared dw u Shouldn’t be sacred if ur future husband
Ragini gets shocked

Precap swaragini both decide to help uttara without telling Sanlak

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Ishaan- shivansh Kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

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-Nafrat ya pyar (raglak) by Halima ??❤️
-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️

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