The heart needs what it needs chapter 23


The heart needs what it needs chapter 23
Sooooo sorry guys for the late epi but trust I hav been soo busy and handling 2 ff’s is not my thing sorry about that and yh hopefully I will try to upload both of them regularly but to make it up to u guys I hav wrote a long epi hope u guys enjoy it

Morning mm
Ragsans room
Sanskaar is sleeping and wakes up to sees that neither ragini or ishaan r there
Sanskaar: where did ragini go and ishaan
Sanskaar gets up and takes his clothes from the Cupboard
Sanskaar: strange ragini normally takes my clothes out from the cupboard but wat happened today
Sanskaar goes to the washroom

Laksh is sleeping and wakes up and has his eyes closed and touches the bed and feels nothing there so he calls out for swara
Laksh: swara……swara where’s my black coffee
Laksh fully wakes up
Laksh: where did swara go
Laksh gets up and gets his clothes and goes to get changed
Both Sanlak come down
Laksh: bhai swara is missing I hav looked for her everywhere
Sanskaar: laksh even ragini is missing
Laksh: wat where did they go
Sanskaar: and even Samar is missing
Laksh: yh bhai they r probably together
Sanskaar: laksh luk over there
Laksh turns around and is shocked to see samar in a track suit and both ragini and swara wearing dresses
With dp and rp
Sanskaar: dad where did u all go
Rp: sanskaar we went on a walk with Samar it was great fun aree ragini swara where did ishaan and Kritika go
Ragini: they both r playing outside
Just then sujata and ap come from the kitchen
Ap: ji breakfast is ready let’s go
Dp nods
Dp: come on everyone let’s go and do breakfast
Laksh whispers to sanskaar
Laksh: bhai wen we ask swara and ragini to come with us for a walk they dnt and luk at this Samar who has come only yesterday
Sanskaar: I hav an idea from tommorow onwards we will go on a walk with these guys aswell
Laksh: bhai it means we hav to get up early
Sanskaar: lucky
Laksh: sorry bhai
They all do breakfast
Everyone is still siting down wen they hear a voic from behind
Voice: surprise
Everyone luk back and get shocked
Sanlak both run and hug that person
Laksh: uttara seriously if nw u say u want to go anywere then watch wat I do to u I missed u soo much
Uttara: sorry bhai but u knw na that I love trips and yh this was the longest trip yh I knw 4 yrs sorry
Sanskaar: anyways uttara welcome home and come inside
Uttara is welcomed by everyone
Uttara hugs swara and goes to ragini
Uttara: I missed u soo much and so did my bhai
Ragini smiles
Ragini: I missed u 2 and it’s gud ur back
Uttara: yep I got two surprises
Laksh: wat surprises
Uttara points to swargini and all understand
Laksh: uttara it’s not just 2 surprises it’s 3
Uttara: 3 how bhai
Laksh: Kritika ishaan
Both Ishaan an Kritika come inside
Ishaan: wat happened chachu r we going anywere
Uttara: chachu
Sanskaar: he’s my son ishaan sanskaar maheshwari he’s mine and ragini’s son
Uttara luks at ragini and she nods
Samar gets mesmerised seeing uttara
Uttara hugs both ishaan and Kritika
Ishaan: dad who is she
Sanskaar: she is ur bua
Ishaan: bua really mamma
Kritika: yes ishaan we hav pics of her in dadi and dada ji’s room that wen my mumma told me about her
Ragini: yes ishaan she is ur bua
Uttara hugs ishaan and all family members smile
Samar: aree aunty at least give my introduction
Sujata: ha uttara he’s Samar laksh and sanskars business partner n
Uttara: oh umm hi I’m uttara
Samar: hi I’m samar
Laksh: ok mom we need to go to office
Sanlak leave and so does Samar
Sanlak come back along with Samar
Ragsans room
Sansaar comes in and takes his clothes out from the cupboard and leaves to get changed ragini comes inside the room
Ragini: u dnt knw sanskaar I missed u soo much today can’t believe we hav lasted one day without talking to each other
Sanskaar comes out and sees ragini
Sanskaar: ragini……how r u and
Ragini: I’m fine wau
Sanskaar: not well
Ragini: why sanskaar wat happened (in a worried tone)
Sanskaar: obviously the whole day my wife has been away from me and hasn’t even spoken to me then how can I be well
Ragini: oh really so wat do u want as the medicine
Sanskaar:that’s like a good wife
Ragini: hmm
Sanskaar: well a kiss would be the perfect medicine
Ragini: oh….ok then
Saying that sanskaar comes closer to ragini and ragini moves back and hits the wall ragini leans forward and kisses sanskaars cheek
Sanskaar gets shocked
Sanskaar: wat was that
Ragini: a kiss
Sanskaar: a kiss that too a small kiss and on my cheek
Ragini: well u didn’t say where I should kiss u
Sanskaar: oh I didn’t say
Sanskaar comes closer to ragini to kiss her but sujata knocks on the door
Sujata: ragini ragini
Sanskaar gets fed up and moves back
Sanskaar: wow such a romantic moment and mom came on the right time right ragini
Ragini starts laughing
Sanskaar opens the door
Sanskaar: wat a nice surprise mom u came on the right time
Sujata: ha Sachi my chora u respect me soo much and u love me soo much….anyways where is my DIL I need to talk to her
Sanskaar: I’m going
Sujata: chora where r u going to play with ishaan
Swara enters the room and sees lakshs jacket on the bed
Swara: laksh wat is this
Laksh: swara plz I’m tired
Laksh is on his phone and doesn’t even luk at swara
Swara bends to pick the jacket up
Swara: aahh
Laksh hears swara and gets up quickly
Laksh: swara wat r u doing if anything happens to u then I’m sure I’m gonna get the blame and the first one to blame me will be ur new favourite Samar right
Swara: no laksh it’s nothing like that
Laksh: anyways forget it
Laksh takes his jacket and leaves
Morning mm
Dp rp swaragini and Samar r ready to go on a walk just then Sanlak enter
Rp: sanskaar laksh where r u going wearing a track suit
Sanskaar: dad we thought to join u and give u some company
Dp: well it’s good u decided to
Ragini: but sanskaar if we all go then who will stay with the kids they r sleeping
Swara: oh yh Kritika is in moms room
Ragini: and ishaan is in our room
Sujata: dw u guys all leave me and jiji r there to take care
They leave
Swaragini rp and dp r siting on the bench at a far side Samar and Sanlak r together
Laksh: Samar do u wanna hav a race
Samar: of course guys why not
Sanskaar: hmm let’s see who’s fitter us or Samar right laksh so wat do u say Samar
Samar: let’s start the race
All 3 r of them get ready and decide to finish near the tree and start the race Samar is infront of Sanlak but eventually Sanlak catch up all 3 r running at the same speed wen Sanlak luk at swaragini and increase their speed and end up winning
Both of them hav a glow on their faces and r very happy
Samar: not bad guys
Laksh: thanx and yh always remember no one can beat us in a race
Samar: ok boss
Sanlak luk at swargini

Precap uttara in some trouble

Once again sorry guys but yh hope u liked the chappy and do share ur views and thoughts about the chappy through ur comments
Thank u
Ishaan- shivansh Kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan

Plz read or u may have read an if u hav then plz continue to read

-Nafrat ya pyar (raglak) by Halima ??❤️
-love happens by kasam ??
-Rahul: papa lavanya: mama (raglak)by dafsi ?
– pyar tune kya kiya season 2 by Riya kapoor ??❤️

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