The heart need what it needs chapter 16

The heart need what it need chapter 16
Ragini and swara r sitting down in swara’s room
Ishaan and Kritika come and they r quite
Kritika hugs swara and sumi takes swara and Kritika to her room
Ishaan also hugs ragini
Ishaan: mama why hav we come to the baadi
Ragini: ishaan
Ishaan: hav u had a fight with dad just like chachu and chachi
Ragini gets shocked
Ragini: ishaan how do u knw
Ishaan: Kritika told me cuz she saw everything and after that she hasn’t spoken a word but mama tell me hav u had a fight with dad
Ragini: no ishaan we r just here so that we can luk after swara chachi and Kritika we will go back soon
Ishaan: I miss dadi
Ragini: and she probably misses u aswell
Sanskaar calls ragini
Ragini decides not to pick up but ishaan sees sanskaars name on the phone and quickly takes the phone of ragini and picks it up
Ishaan: hi dad
Sanskaar: hey champ
Ishaan: dad r u gonna com to meet us
Sanksaar: yh soon
Ishaan: dad we r gonna cum to park me mumma and Kritika
Sanskaar: ok champ I’ll see u then
Ishaan: offo dad u didn’t ask the time
Sanskaar: sorry champ wat time
Ishaan: ummm @ 4
Sanskaar: ok done
Ragini comes in
Ragini: ishaan r u done nw
Ishaan: yes mama
Ragini: ishaan u go and get ready and first eat then we will go to the park
Ishaan: ok mama but wat about Kritika
Ragini: I will talk to her
Ishaan goes
Ragini goes to swara’s room and sees her sitting luking at her phone
Ragini: r u waiting for laksh to call u
Swara quickly puts the phone down
Swara: no nothing as such
Ragini: ok then I’m gonna take ishaan and Kritika to the park why dnt u come along with us
Swara: no u guys carry on I dnt feel like it
Ragini: plz swara Anyways it’s gud for both of us and our babies
Swara: ok I’ll just get Kritika ready
Ragini nods and leaves
Sanskaar is in his room luking at his files and he then sees ragini
Ragini: sanskaar how many times hav I told u not to throw ur wet towel on the bed
Ragini nods her head
Sanskaar is just staring at her
Ragini: sanskaar I’m talking to u
She goes and shakes him and waves her hand infront of him
Sanksaar stands up and moves towards ragini and pulls ragini toward him and puts his finger on ragini’s lip he is about to kiss her wen he falls on the bed
He then realises that it was just his imagination
Sanskaar: wat the hell wat has she done to me I’m even imagining her am I missing her…… No that can’t be… I think I’m just thinking abit to much
Lakshs room
Laksh is crying luking at swara’s and his pic that is in a frame
Laksh: I’m sorry swara I feel disgusted for hitting u but why why did u do this to me…… Why did u hide such a big fact from me
Sanakaar is standing outside laksh’s room and then txt’s smone
Ragini is feeding ishaan and Kritika and she gets a msg
She opens the msg
Ragini we need to get laksh and swara back 2gether and for that I need ur help I knw ur going to the park try bringing swara there and I will bring laksh…….from sanksaar ?
Ragini replies back to the msg
K I am ready to help u with this plan and dw swara is already commin to the park u just need to bring laksh
Sanskaar gets the msg and goes inside lakshs room
Sanksaar: lucky hurry up and get ready the clients mr fields is getting angry and we hav to deal with him
Laksh: wat r u saying bhai why is he angry
Sanskaar: becuz becuz um um ya in our absence rishi gave the presentation and he didn’t like it so nw we hav to go
Laksh: wat ok bhai let’s go
Sanlak leave
Swara and ragini reach in the park with Kritika and ishaan both ishaan and Kritika run to the swings
Ragini: swara u go to the other side over there and check if thy sell ice cream I’m gonna see the kids here and I’m a bit tired and rest for a little while
Swara: ya ragini u rest
Sanlak also reach the park
Laksh: bhai why hav we cum to the park
Sanksaar: so that u and swara and reconcile
Laksh: bhai meaning all this was a drama
Sanksaar nods
Laksh: bhai and hugs him
Laksh gets out of the car as sees swara going and runs to that direction
Sanskaar also gets out of the car
Sanksaar: nw where is this ragini madam
Sanskaar sees ragini sitting on the bench and goes to it
Ragini is luking at the kids playing wen she suddenly feels some hands on the shoulder ragini gets frightened and starts breathing heavily she is about to go wen that person stops her he pulls her back but then ragini gets relieved seeing sanksaar she hits him
Ragini: excuse me mister wat the hell were u trying to do
Sanskaar: oh hello NM
ragini: NM do u even nw I’m married and I hav a son and I’m expecting my second child soon
Sanskaar: wat I’m so surprised I mean u luk so young if u weren’t married then maybe just maybe I would hav fallen for u
Ragini: r u not married I mean u luk old so that’s why
Sanskaar: excuse me wat did u just say I luk old no I dnt and yes I am married and I also hav a son and my wife is expecting my daughter
Ragini: oh really
Sanskaar: yes wat a coincidence eh u and my wife r expecting
Ragini: anyways plz stop disturbing me otherwise I will shout and ppl will beat u for teasing a girl
Sanskaar: teasing u wen did I tease u
Ragini: just nw by calling me young
Sanskaar: it was a compliment
Swara is walking an she trips on a rock she is about to fall wen laksh holds her on time swara has tears in her eyes and holds her stomach
Laksh lifts her up
Laksh: swara u ok na nothing has happened to u right and wat about the baby
Laksh quickly embraces swara and swara also reciprocates the embrace
She then realises and let’s go
Swara: laksh wat r u doin here plz leave
Laksh: I’m sorry swara I dnt knw for wat and how much shall I apologise to u…….for the slap……for not trusting u…..for not listening to u…or for not giving u a chance…or our relationship a chance
Swara is about to say smthing wen Kritika comes
Kritika: wat r u doing here to hurt my mama again go away go away leave us alone ur bad papa u made my mama cry ur bad papa
Laksh gets hurt listening to Kritika
Laksh: Kritika plz baby listen to me at least give me a chance
Kritika: no until my mama won’t forgive u I won’t either and wen my mama does then I will aswell
Kritika holds swara’s hand and takes her
Ragsan r still arguing wen they hear ishaan scream
Ragini: ishaan
Sanskaar: champ
They both go and see him on the floor covered in mud
Ragini: ishaan wat happened and wat is this how did u fall into the mud
Ishaan: nothing mama I was playing on the slide and I had an argument with a girl and she pushed me
Sanskaar: wat to do champ all the girls r the same
He luks at ragini
Ragini: ishaan Listen to me never ever fight with anyone it’s a bad thing ok
Ishaan: ok mama Waise dad hav u ever fought with a girl
Sanskaar starts coughing
Swara and Kritika come and laksh comes behind them
Ishaan: chachu I missed u soo much
He’s about to hug laksh but ishaan luks at Kritika and stops himself

Precap laksh sneaks into baadi in the night with sanskaar

Ishaan- shivansh kotia
Kritika- ruhanika dhawan
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