This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You ( Chapter 9 )


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Chapter 9

ARjun gripped the steering wheel tight….All the flashes of today were replaying in his mind giving him a suffocating pain in his ribs….He felt as if someone was strangling him….his eyes were swollen owing to the tears he had been shedding since the time he met her today…
ARjun was angry….very angry on himself…. Why he always had to be hard on her?….his aggressive behavior was his biggest enemy though he couldn’t change it….he loved her too much to see her with some other man….it was a torture to his senses irrespective of the fact who the man was….

Yes he changed after falling for her…..he started dreaming a blissful life something which ARjun never knew…. All he was familiar with was darkness in which he was brought up but her light enlightened his soul….They were poles apart….she was ice while he was burning fire still her single touch made him surrender and bow down his head…
Radhika was the only female alive on this earth who dared to question his deeds….who saw a ray of hope in his dark soul….who dared to fight him to pull him towards the light….she did succeed in the end…
ARjun lost her heart to his road’s biggest hurdle…. Her never knew he had a heart before meeting her…. He was blinded by revenge but couldn’t stop himself from falling for his Panoti….Every memory of her was more precious than his life….
He still remembered the day when Nandu’s reality strike him…..He remained faithful to Nandu even after realizing his deep feelings for radhika in lonavala but that selfish woman never loved him….All she loved was her revenge….she brought him up in a way that he never believed in goodness….His soul was trapped in darkness and he was not even aware of it till radhika entered his life….She turned his life upside down…..she made his long dead conscience alive….radhika failed all his plans to trap Sam and he was losing his heart every moment he spend with her….
Strange it was Indeed!!!….she believed him even after knowing his revengeful motives and he couldn’t trust her even in the most crucial situation….

When he claimed his right on her three years back….the time when he brought her back from Hrishikesh….his heart felt a amazing calmness after pulling her in his arms intensionally….
He still couldn’t forget that night when first time she consoled him after Nandu’s betrayal broke him apart but radhika didn’t let him get lost in the darkness again instead forced him to see light which he was deprived of….

Radhika walked down the staircase grabbing her suitcase with the motive to leave his house…. his life forever….
But something halted her steps….it was him….ARjun the man who was strong enough to face any storm that came across him was crying bitterly today burying his face in his hands….it was clearly evident that he was broken and she could never see this rigid man losing himself in darkness again…
Radhika walked to him steadily and got down..,”Sir I am leaving…. I am sorry for breaking your relationship with your sister….sir you should forget and move on….time heals every wound. ”
She got up but before she could walk away he caught her wrist and pulled her down…
ARjun stared into her brown orbs hoping to find himself in them,”So now even you want to leave me alone. ”

Radhika averted her gaze from him fearing that he will know her pain to leave him,”Sir I have to leave… This marriage was wrong at the first place everything will be fine now….Sam loves you make a home with her…..she will give you the happiness you deserve…I should leave. ”
Her words hit him hard….a panic rose in each cell of his body…No he cannot let her go she was his only reason to live now….if he lets go now then maybe she will move on and forget him….this would be the most cruel blow on him…she was his…only his…He can’t let her leave…what if she finds someone who could snatch her from him….he brushed aside his insecure thoughts….,”Radhika please don’t leave….I am scared…. please don’t leave me.”

ARjun pulled her in a tight hug…his ironic grip which was turning desperate by each passing second…radhika who was holding back her emotions till now buried herself in his hard chest but nothing could break her loyalty to her best friend, “Sir I have to leave…. you belong to Sam and I cannot mock this relationship anymore…. I don’t have any courage left to bear more hatred from my loved ones….please let me go.”
Radhika tried to pull back but he kept tightening his grip,”Radhika please don’t leave me today… I need you….I am scared to be alone today.”
Her heart won against her brain which was reminding her that this was wrong…. She kept rubbing his back trying her best to comfort him….
ARjun touched his forehead to hers and sobbed rubbing his nose to hers….radhika wiped his tears streaming down his cheeks by moving her soft fingers on his face….she kissed his forehead to assure him of her presence….

RAdhika made him stand and interwined her fingers between in his long fingers and walked to his room….his eyes not averting their gaze on her even for a second…
She made him lie down on the bed and made herself comfortable beside him….she cupped his marblecut face and whispered, “Sir you need rest…please sleep.”
He obliged but buried his face in her blossom to find solace by inhaling her scent… She carrased his dark messed up locks with one hand while other rubbed his back to console him….
ARjun was still weeping…. Somehow his tears were not stopping today…he was like an abandoned child today whose only hope was her….he tightened his clasp on her waist to pull her more closer….he finally slipped into deep slumber his head still buried in her neck….
He was sleeping peacefully after a long period of time….he wasn’t sure about his fate but he took a oath to never let her go away because if their fate brought them together then he z nothing without her….

As the flashback ended a smile of satisfaction crept on his face….his POV, “I know you only love me….your brain lost my memories but your heart will keep you attached to me without any string.”
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I feel this was boring…. What you think???….

Precap…. ARjun furious seeing radhika’s trust on yash….Neil hurts arjun by behaving coldly….Radhika’s very first encounter with ARadhya….

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  1. Take care of urself dear…don’t worry about ff…it could be come anytime..its not boring at all…infact I like this episode of original mmz very much coz everything was perfect in that episode after a long nandu drama…more than actors I loved characters…

  2. Rg2015

    Hi supriya first thanks a ton for updating two Ffs today. Thanks a million. I was waiting for this one tooooooooo. Though a bit short it was toooooo gud. No it’s not boring. Pls give a double damaka for this one… Will rads remember smth abt arjun in flashes atleast? How will they meet frequently? If arjun is furious will he lose his cool on her? How will a aradhya react to her Mom? Will Sam befriend rads? Will arjun forgive Sam rads is alive? We rads and arjun have their romantic moments? Pls pls tell me supriya…,thanks

  3. Jessie

    Take care of urself Supriya… we will wait 4 updates and we need our friend to be healthy..dnt stress urself for ff.. ur ffs are so fab, so it will hav d same charm though u update late.. so.. leave all this behind
    Take rest n come back healthy… the chappy iisnt boring.. Arjun need to think abt himself after his behaviour so this chappyis much needed 4 d story

    1. Jessie

      Tats way I felt abt this got posted b4 I complete.. some times d site says. Slow down ur comments?..
      Excited 4 Rads n Arads first meet.. hope Arjun will learn patience to get his love back.
      U know like.P..A..T..I..E..N..C…E..ah..Arjun Mehra will blink looking himself in mirror aftr learning this.. wat say..??Take rest.. keep smiling.. stay happy.

  4. Rg2015

    Oops sorry pls take care of ur health. Every thing else can wait.

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    Outstanding episode, please take care of your health first, write your ff when you feel better. 🙂

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    Suppu ..pls take care of your health ..we will wait for your updates don’t worry …it was amazing 🙂 .though I never saw mmz on TV ..but still I connect easily with the scenes described by you so perfectly ..and forget everything just take care of your health 🙂 🙂

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