This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You ( Chapter 6 )


Hey sweethearts….. I am back to torture you….lol…I know you guys are waiting eagerly for lhnl but don’t worry won’t make you wait for too long….I have started that will post as soon as I finish….. So here z the update and don’t forget to post your reviews…. Silent readers it will be lovely to know your opinions….till then love you all?

A great majestic mansion was standing firm on the outskirts of the city… was protected and blessed to enjoy the dense cover of mother nature….. But something was unusual about the air around the magnificent mansion which was no less than a king’s palace…..the rhythmic music which was been heard from one window was like a pleading from a distressed soul begging for renewal…..It was soothing to the ears but still could make a person scratch his head to think… Why the person was playing such a sad tone……it actually described the pain of a lonely heart…..
The curtains were drawn….darkness claimed its territory…. There was pin drop silence in the room….One could only hear the the sound of his own heartbeat…. The only audible thing was the sad melody which was being played on the kingsize piano….His fingers were engrossed but his soul was crying out in pain…..EYes had the intensity but everything was hidden by the mask of cruel behaviour…..

His ears stood up when he heard the small cracking sound of the door…..he watched from the corner of his eyes to check who z the intruder….. It was an attendant who was trembling with fear…. He smiled with arrogance after seeing the fear written on the attendant’s face…..
The attendant managed to utter,”Sir I brought your green tea.”
He poured the tea in a cup…..his heart beating faster after glancing at the person who was engrossed in his own world and was least bothered about him… was his hardluck that his trembling hands dropped the cup which broke into pieces with a disruptive sound which disturbed the person whose second name was fear itself…..
The face was hidden in the darkness till now was revealed finally……He was no less than any Greek God who loved darkness more than light…,”you disturbed my thoughts, you ashole.”he screamed with rage in his eyes…..

The attendant who was about die out of fear couldn’t take it anymore…..he crashed on his knees infront of his master,”I am extremely sorry sir….please forgive me.”
All he could hear was…,”Get up…don’t touch my feet and make me dirty,you son of a b*t*h…..break the remaining cups now.”
The attendant somehow managed to get up and stood up with his head bowed down….
He fliched when he heard his master’s voice commanding to break the rest cups placed on the tray….
The attendant broke all the cups one by one with shaky hands and his eyes pouring cursing his fate…..
His master’s sparkling laughter made him tremble more….the room which was doomed by silence was now filled with an arrongance filled laughter….
The attendant spoke in a crumbled voice, “Sir why you asked me to break all the cups.”
His MAster,”You small people…. your small middle-class cheap degraded mentality….. you broke one cup then think how incomplete the set z without that one cup which you broke…..I love perfection in all things…. Be it business or even if it z a set of crockery….. I can’t tolerate the site of imperfection….YAsh Raichand only loves the best and I break the things which can’t achieve the level of perfection I aspire. ”
Yash rudely snorted,”Clean the mess now until you want the glass pieces to be stabbed across your heart.”

He left the room in jiffy leaving behind a dead scared attendant….
Yash trottled down the stairs….he removed his phone from his ripped jeans pockets…. He dialled a familiar no,”Anisha where are you. ”
Anisha,”Yash actually I got stuck in the traffic but don’t worry will reach before your grand party…..I am sure of you winning this against that arjun.”
Yash smiled, “Anu my happiness z incomplete without you…..what’s the use of victory if I don’t have you to celebrate it…..I hope you come soon.”
He disconnected the call….his POV, “I don’t even know your real name but still in this six months you had a great impact on me….I love you Anisha and I wish your misconception about being my wife never clears.”

A girl was lying in a pool of blood….she was breathing heavily hoping it won’t take time to breath her last…..
All her hopes reached the sky after a man in his late 20s marched to her injured petite form and swept her off the ground to take her to hospital to breath life inside her….
She was admitted to the ICU and in couple of hours all seemed stable and calm….But the shocking truth was the girl had lost her memory due to the braininjury and was given partial amnesia to avoid giving her stress….
But for how long will they avoid answering her questions….she didn’t even remember her own what a pity indeed!….

The doctor walked to the man who saved her life…,”Yash we need to tell her something or else this stress will only make her condition worst.”
Yash,”Doc I don’t know anything about her….I just found her lying in the pool of blood and brought her here….if atleast we had known her name we could have informed her family but here her memory z as blank as a blank paper.”
Doctor thought for a second and replied, “Yash if she keeps on stressing her brain then I am afraid it may cause a permanent memoryloss or maybe something more disastrous…. I think we should tell her something else atleast after that she will relax.”
Yash,”Doc but what if she never gets her memory back.”
Doctor smiled, “God z great and I am sure he has a good plan for his every child.”
YAsh took steady steps to reach that girl’s room….his POV, “What am I supposed to do now?if I tell her that I don’t know a thing about her it will surely worsen her condition.”
The girl gave him a small smile and bombarded him with lots of questions, “Who are you?…who am i?….how I got this injuries?…Why am I feeling so weak?….where am i?…please answer.”
YAsh settled down beside her….took a deep breath and finally spoke,”I am yash raichand and you are my wife,Anisha raichand….. you met with an accident few days back but with God’s grace you survived….this z my house and please rest now.”
He lowered her on the bed and covered her with blanket but before he could leave she caught hold of his wrist,”Yash please can you tell me more about myself. ”
His POV, “I myself don’t know a thing about you….if this lie will keep you away from the stress then I have to tell you something more convincing.”

Yash smiled, “Anisha I will answer all your questions but for now please rest.”
She nodded and closed her eyes….. Yash kept watching her until she slipped in deep slumber….
His POV,”You are beautiful and this calm expression z the best thing on your face…. I hope you regain your memory soon.”
So I hope you all have guessed that this z our radhika but she does not even remember her own name let alone ARjun…..Yash loves Anisha from the bottom of his heart but he z not a pervet….infact his character z shaded….Now you people want aradhika confrontation soon but hold your horses for a while…..

ARjun was pacing inside his cabin….he smirked when he heard the knock on the door….,”Why are you late???I hope you brought a good news because if its not a good news then a bad news awaits you….saira if you doublecross me you know what I can do with you.”
Saira,”Sir I have shed tears infront of the cops and in one hour Yash Raichand’s image which has reached the sky will fall down with a thud…we also have leaked the mms in which he was helping me genuinely but the viewer will think he was trying to take advantage of my unconscious state…..everything z going according to your plan but one question popped in my mind that why are you so desperate to deflame yash.”
ARjun stood facing the window, “Yash z the biggest threat to my name…my career and if this thorn z not removed soon….it will surely hurt my feet when I will climb the ladder of success….
Siara,”ARjun sir but why this declamation game.”
ARjun grinned, “Yash needs to pay for his sins….apart from business rivalry there are many things left incomplete between us….go now….iniate the next move.”
Anisha walked inside the raichand mansion but before she could head to her room,she was caught in desperate hug…,”I missed you anu.”
Yash could sense her discomfort so he pulled away…..he glanced at her angelic face….his POV, “I wish someday you accept me after knowing the truth.”
Anisha’s POV, “Yash z my husband but still I don’t like his love and affection….. My heart screams out to stay away from him whenever he z near…’s been almost six months and I haven’t regained any of my memories with him instead I only hear one name in my every dream and that’s ARjun….I don’t know who z this arjun but whenever I utter his name…. my heart feels an amazing calmness….I hope I regain my memories soon then all my questions will be answered.”
Sorry for short one….I will try to make next one longer….

Precap….. Yash deflamed….Anisha arranges a dinnerdate to cheer him up…..Arjun’s grand party to celebrate success….Yash plan against ARjun…..Aradhika confrontation….

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  1. hope am the 1st to comment………..
    girl it was short but still am so happyyyyyyyyyyyyy…………… me am on cloud nine… knw that rasz is alive ………….. though she lost her memory but am sure arjun will get it back……….aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh finally a good news.
    hope his life returns to him soon and make the picture perfect.
    Am sure they ‘ll make an adorable family.. and also hope Neil reconcils with sam…
    But dont worry dear no hurry take ur time……
    one more thing r u a tamilian asked it out of curiosity…..
    and plz reply…..

    1. Thanks a ton shiva?m happy to know that you are very happy….stay on cloud nine…..well it has just started now toh so much z there which will leave you shocked…. So reconciliation will take time……no m not a tamilian…..will update soon….loads of love?stay blessed?

  2. Nice episode

    1. Thanks Gayu?stay blessed?

  3. Sammy

    Suppu update it soon ..or else I will come Mumbai and I will trouble you …but still iam angry with you ..where is my fav ?? Love you forever …and here arjun is playing his own games …yash…Mr perfectionist …anisha I like this name …pls update both ff soon 🙂 🙂

    1. Before u trouble Supriya I m coming to u little sweetie…ready for ur shot ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?…where are u little soumya darling…where is ur last shot of er…and m desperate for ur ds ff…update soon..else I’ll come in ur dream n scare u…

    2. Sammy sweety thanks alot?yup dear will update lhnl nd love you forever soon….anisha z my frd’s name nd even I love this name a lot… Rosie di even m waiting desperately for your all updates….. Be soon dear….nope m scared of you…lol….you are welcome to Mumbai nd we will have lots of fun here… you sweety?

  4. Awesome episode, I am so glad Radhika is alive, I just hope she gains her memory, Supriya you nail it, well done. Eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton brin dear?loads of love?stay blessed sweety?

  5. wow mind blowing episode….interesting ammu.. radhu(anisha) mind still arjun…really happy .precap awesome…ennala wait panna mutiyalai .eppo next update?arjun anisha first meeting eppati irrukum? ajunna theriumma? avloda memory la neil ,sam partha kanndopudithvidovala? short irrundalum super.thanks for updating .eaerly waiting next one…pls pls pls update soon..lots of love.

    1. Thanks a ton subha di?i m not a tamilian so plz can you translate your questions in Eng….do reply me…..thanks for your lovely words di…..will update soon….loads of love?stay blessed dear?

      1. sorry yaar…….. it ok ……pls update soon

      2. It’s fn…..will update soon di…

  6. hello supriya for the first time I read the story of yours

    and yes , Just like the poster is too much intense same as the Name of the story has the equal intensity

    +your writing make it more lovable depth and intensity of love of arjun towards Radhika

    I like it I can’t say I love it now coz I am still waiting for rads to come again in arjun life and me too craving to say you that day that I loved that part

    till now I like all the parts I read in 1 go all the parts amazing story line depth pain

    and yash I love his character

    Dear One more request make his character fresh equal love what arjun has for radhika

    make it difficult to choose for rads between arjun and yash in her forgotten state

    love to read that and yeah thanx for giving this fresh piece of writng dear

    request are always request I know you have many more surprised to give in your kitty

    waiting still dear for next part update quickly

    Keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

    1. Thanks a ton nisha darling for your lovely words?you boosted my confidence on my writing skills….. yup even I will w8 for day when you will say you loved it……yes your request z taken…..rads will be confused btw arjun nd yash….her hrt will always beat for arjun but her mind will keep her away from him… will c her struggle nd unrealized love in upcoming updates…..yash z a shaded character……you will know more…..thanks again?…..loads of love?stay blessed sweety?

  7. Its awesome dear Supriya…rads is Anisha…wow…don’t know why Arjun did that…but I don’t think Yash is bad for now…may b afterwards but not now…poor guy…waiting for the next

    1. Thanks a ton Rosie di?arjun has a past with yash… will know more…..will update soon…..loads of love?stay blessed darling?

  8. Awesome and Breathtaking Supriya 🙂 Yash sounds ruthless Radhika is Anisha and he toois in love with her 🙂 hey waiting for Neil’s marriage announcement and what about Sam ???? 🙂 Also waiting for Aradhika meeting 🙂 stay blessed darling loads of love 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton di?now your answers….Neil’s marriage announcement in Arjun’s party…..Sam will keep her aside for some updates…. For now m focusing on Yash…Anisha…arjun…..will update soon dear….love you….muaaaaaaaah…. Tc?

  9. Rg2015

    Wow supriya its toooo gud. It’s short but grt. By d way since rads doesn’t remember will she feel tat she knows him? Will arjun try to understand tat rads is amnesia patient or will he misunderstand her? Wats btw yash and arjun. Will yash use rads against arjun? Will rads comes back to arjun. Supriya I know u can’t give me all d answers but plz give me hint. I can barely hold my curiosity

    1. Thanks a ton Rg darling?yup her heart will keep her attached to arjun but mind will keep away…..she will feel a connection with him whenever they will meet….ARjun will hurt her in next one but after knowing her condition….he will turn a ice from a volcano….. Yash nd Arjun’s past you will know later….hope you got the hint…..thanks for this curiosity….will update soon…..loads of love?stay blessed sweety?

  10. Jessie

    Yay…. I was waiting 4 this moment.. finally u brought her.. so yash is a bad guy.. good.. Rads remember oly Arjun’s name ..too good… Arjun is already considers Yash as his enemy … very very good… ardhika meet… wow.. supriya.. I loved it… eager 4 nxt one… Arjun the king.. he n his kingly orders…

    1. Thanks Jessie dear?your lovely words always make me happy…..will update soon….loads of love?stay blessed?

  11. Supriya darling it was amazingggggggg…i m soooo happy to see radhika back….wow..she is back…. Ohhh so Yash n arjun already r comipetor….game is on i guess…precap…..i m so excited.. Pls nxt one sooon na…love

    1. Thanks a ton dipika di?you always make me feel special…..will update soon….loads of love?stay blessed sweety?

  12. S.v

    Supriya superb that was fantastic finally Radhika’s where about is revealed . She has lost her memory and also who is that Yash raizada and what is he has with Arjun, why was Sam been made as a victim for the mistake which she never had and now is yash has any feel on Radhika ?? I’m having more question yaar please make it clear and the precap is really nice dear Ardhika is gonna meet yippieee and update the next part soon dear. Pls……………..

    1. Thanks a ton swthrt for your wonderful words…..m on the cloudnine right now…..yup yash loves rads but rads z not comfortable whenever he z around…. She trusts him but ARjun owns her heart…..Memories will escape our mind but love won’t go till last breath…..I m going to show her heart turmoil…..abt Sam you have to w8…..will update soon….love you loads…tc?

  13. Nice.epi suppu ..loved it..but i have a doubt when she.met.with the accident ardhikas kid was already 1 year old ah?? And that kid was with sam??

    1. Thanks a ton neetz dear?now your answers….when she met will the accident ARadhya was 1 yr 6 months old… she z 2 yrs old….you will know more….loads of love?stay blessed?

  14. Sweetie

    Supriya dear..It’s awesome as always..Yaar I’m unable to read your other FF’s because of my time constraints,please give me some time to catch up with all the episodes..Lots of love and keep smiling.. 🙂

    1. Thanks sweetie darling?take your time dear……there z no hurry… m not going to make you give a exam on all my ffs…….loads of love?stay blessed?

      1. Sweetie

        Hehe..Thanks yaar..Even if you want to make me write an exam,I’ll fail yaar,bache ko rulaogi kya???Love you too dear..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

  15. please suppu behna jaldi nxt episode update kardo ………………. i’m eagerly waiting for aradhika’s confrontation……………… loads of love ,hugs, kisses to you ………tc

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    1. Thanks ritu?will update soon….loads of love?

  17. Awesome episode, love you loads

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