This Heart Mine Still Loves You( Chapter 4 and Chapter 5)


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Chapter 4
Night had dropped its dark curtains and darkness had empowered the daylight claiming its to be the superior one….It was past 12 but there was no sleep in lonely abandoned arjun’s eyes…..his light had abandoned him and now he felt himself distinct in the darkness…. The darkness which he used as shield against the light had become a curse for him today….

Night was difficult to pass in comparison with day because this was the time when he couldn’t escape her thoughts…. her words echoed in his ears and brought tears in his lifeless eyes….All he could wish was her lap to hide his face in her arms and make her blossom wet by his tears…..

ARjun didn’t knew for how long he had to put this fake mask of ‘everything z fine’ infront of all his loved ones….Each second without her was killing him and toring him apart…..his POV,”Radhika each day I die a death but still your memories and the craving to reunite with you breathes life in me…..I just hope that I see your face before closing my eyes forever.”

Aradhya who was sleeping on arjun’s abdomen tightened her grip around him as if she understood the thoughts running in his mind…
She was in deep slumber but looped her tiny fingers around arjun’s neck….ARjun caressed her black entangled locks….she was his bundle of joy which he loved more than his life…..Arjun’s life was lost in darkness without radhika but he made sure this didn’t had any effect on aradhya…..No one was allowed in aradhya’s room unless it was arjun himself or Neil or prerna…..she was the most precious possession of arjun and he did not let any unfamiliar face to sneak around her…..

Even the entrance of her room had a biometric clock…..the password was only known to ARjun…..he didn’t even trusted Neil in this….BAby aradhya spend her day in prerna’s arms but only slept peacefully when arjun cradled her on his chest… luck would have it even the one year old kid was also possesive about her father…..she would crawl to his feet and wait for him to pull her up to his chest which was technically the most safe place for her…..

ARadhya was a reflection of her mother but was a female version of ARjun Mehra…..she didn’t like sharing her father’s attention with anyone on this earth…..All the gifts given to her by her father were kept in a glass chamber and this girl didn’t even let prerna touch them…..
But ARjun was unaware of the fact that he z spoiling aradhya by giving her whatever she desired……The moment she laid her little finger
on something the very next moment that thing would be placed near her feet…..One thing was crystal clear aradhya was sure to turn a rebel in future and I will just say God save arjun that day!….

Sunlight beemed through the glass windows and disturbed aradhya’s sleep but Arjun’s palm blocked the path of sunlight which was falling on her face…..she smiled and buried her face in the crook of Arjun’s neck…..her POV, “I love you Dada…..I will not tolerate anyone between us….not even God himself.”

Aradhya was just one and a half year old but her grasping power was something which was not seen normally among kids….she was learning to speak with a lightening speed…..ARadhya had only two favourite words…..first was her name and second was ‘Dadaa’….she loved testing her acent by repeating the words that fell on her ears….though she was a kid but considered herself a grown up…she loved anacting like Arjun when he was not around and mind it she did it perfectly….. her Dadaa was the center of her universe and loved being ARjun’s princess….
Arjun slided the door of his wardrobe and glanced at his various options but he was confused about which suit to wear today….he glanced at his princess sitting on the bed and playing subway surf on his phone…..ARjun walked to her and lifted her effortlessly,”Tell Dadaa about your favourite colour…. He z confused about what to wear.”

ARadhya narrowed her brown orbs to take a closer look at his wardrobe….. Her expression was as if she was the PM of the country who had a heap of tensions on her little head….

She laid her finger on the black printed coat….normally girls are fond of pink or red but this girl was as unique as her father….she loved blue and black and hated pink…..

Arjun placed a chaste kiss on her forehead, “My ARadhya knows the best for Dadaa….Promise me you will never question my deeds and my decisions for you….Just remember No one z more important than Dadaa in your life and he knows what’s best for you.’
ARadhya as if understood what he wanted to convey kissed him on his cheek,” Dadaaa noe the fest.”she spoke in her innocent voice….
ARjun chuckled, “My doll not fest its best.”

But she didn’t corrected her word instead all her attention was on her game…..she loved winning and losing didn’t existed in her dictionary….In short she was replica of ARjun if we exclude looks….Arjun dropped her gently on the bed and left to get dressed….
ARjun removed every single thread on his body….water droplets started rolling down his perfect torso…..If I was asked to vote the most s*xiest man ever I would have surely screamed his name loud….His wet locks made him look more desirable….His muscular strength was the best part and all the nights with radhika were spend setting fire on the bed…. Arjun smiled recalling aradhya’s cute tactics but the thoughts of radhika again bruised his heart…..

ARjun had an important conference and he wanted all eyes only on him….he wanted to crack the deal anyhow and for that looking your best was the most aspect….Who knows the board members includes a female…

He was obsessed with the mirror today and had spend three hours in getting ready still he was not satisfied…
Radhika who was observing his weird behavior since morning was biting her nails in anger….she was not happy with the fact that her husband wanted to be the center of attention……her POV, “He z just impossible…. When I do the samething he will glare at me and taunt me for enjoying other man’s attention….Need to teach you lesson.”

ARjun who was staring endlessly to his reflection blinked his eyes wide after seeing her dressed in a black one piece which was barely covering her knees….

Radhika smiled to see that her plan worked….she walked to him,”Ready for meeting, let’s go.”
She walked few steps ahead only to be pulled back with a jerk….her soft body collided with his hard one….her cheeks heated up by this sudden close encounter… But she controlled herself,”What’s wrong Arjun.”
ARjun flared his nostrils, “What’s wrong???you shouldn’t be the one asking this….what the hell do you think you are wearing?….
Radhika tucked all her hair on one side and gave him a tantalizing view of her bare back which was left uncovered by as her dress had a low V shape cut….

ARjun’s anger was fueled….he looked straight in her eyes,” Go and change now.”

Radhika tucked her hairstrands behind and brought the most eavesdropping expression on her angelic face,”Why would I do that….am I not looking hot right now….let it be I am bored of listening to your compliments will ask someone else. ”

ARjun fisted,”First no man will see you in this dress to compliment you and second go and change now otherwise I will do it myself…. Don’t give me that embarrassed expression…. There z nothing of you I haven’t seen.”

All her anger went flying away after listening to those intense words…..a soft blush made her cheeks flush red but she was no less than him….
Radhika stubbornly refused, “I am not changing and you keep your hands off me….If you want everyone’s attention on you then how am I wrong in wishing the samething.”

Arjun had locked his hands behind his back to avoid hurting her for this undue courage but he had completely lost his patience till now…
He pulled her closer and invaded her lips….the aggression she felt in the kiss was something different but not love…..he didn’t even spare a minute to catch breath instead he just went on deepening it….she couldn’t move as one of his hand had locked her both struggling hands behind while the other one had clutched the nape of her neck tight enough to leave it all red…He didn’t care for the tears running down her cheeks and the low sorbs that escaped her mouth….but all her gasp were lost in his mouth…He remained unaffected for more than five minutes,finally gave a small bite on her lips and pulled back….ARjun glanced at her face….her smockey makeup on her beautiful eyes was all ruined up now….her lips had lost the lipstick but still they appeared bloodred owing to his assualt on them…,”I hope you got the answer to your question….you are my wife….only mine….spell an other name except ARjun will show you more….I don’t care how many look at me but I do care when someother man except me enjoyes watching you,get that straight. ”

Radhika looked straight in his eyes,”I won’t change till you button up all the buttons of your shirt.”
ARjun,”Would you like to do the needful.”
Radhika tucked all the button of his shirt though only first three were left open but gave a clear view of ample view of his chest…. She hated it when girls watched him as if they are going to eat him up next moment….

ARjun pulled her closer and entangled her one leg around his abdomen while his hand was tenderly messaging her thigh which was left exposed by her short dress…,”How about spending the day in bed instead of office. ”
Radhika chirped, “what about your meeting?”.
She knew that was a stupid question to ask because the strap of her dress was falling off her shoulder…. He was not asking but actually telling her… Though this madness was annoying sometimes but she loved him with all the bad
he had…He whispered,” That’s the advantage of being the boss…no one dares to question you…will go after break but need to calm my nerves now.”
ARjun swept her off her feet and dropped her on the bed like sack….he gave her the most s*xiest grin ever seen…she blushed and lowered her gaze acknowledging what will happen next….
Arjun’s eyes turned moist as the flashback met its end….his POV, “I will find you and bring you back to me where you belong.”

Part 5
Baby ARadhya was playing with her toys when she came across radhika’s photo….she glanced at her mother unaware of the fact who she really was….her POV, “Why do I feel some connection with you….I never felt this deep about someone except Dadaa.”
Guyzz sorry for interruption but ARadhya’s POV will be correctly pronounced but not the dialogues….
ARadhya stared at radhika’s frame with wide open eyes….she called for prerna,”Daadu eed(need) you.”
Prerna came running to her room to check if she was fine and heaved a sign of relief after seeing her staring at her lovingly….she lifted her in his arms but got a shock after seeing radhika’s pic in her hands….

ARadhya gave her a questioning look and gestered her to tell her about this lady whose pic she often saw in her dadaa’s hands…
Prerna made her sit on her lap and lovingly caressed her soft locks,”Baby this z radhika… you want to know what relationship you have with her.”
ARadhya like a good listener nodded to her question…Prerna spoke without any delay,”Radhika z your mother….the one who brought you in this world.”
Little ARadhya had no one in her life to call as mother….she didn’t even know the meaning of the word but she could understand that radhika brought her in this world…

ARadhya whispered, “Daadu wat( what) z a further( mother)….
Prerna laughed at her cute statement,” Baby its not further its mother….A mother z a girl’s first friend…. No one on this earth can replace a mother….she z created by God because he can’t be everywhere to take care of babies like you…she z the best creation of God because no one z as selfless as a mother…the one who can kill to protect her child z a mother….the one whose eyes show endless love z a mother…the one whose one smile enlights a child’s heart z a mother….A mother will care for her child even after death and her soul won’t rest in peace if there z no one to take care of her baby,she will always remain around her child in someway or the other….radhika z your mother.”
ARadhya was spellbound after hearing the definition of a mother….but honestly there z no word in the dictionary that can correctly define a mother or I will say it just not good enough to describe a mom….

ARadhya stared at radhika’s eyes and tried finding endless love in her eyes but instead concluded that her mother had the most beautiful eyes ever….
ARadhya clutched the frame close to her heart,”Daadu ver( where) z my moer( mother)?.”
Prerna eyes which were moist till now were filled with anger after listening to her question….she recalled the disastrous day….her POV, “I will tell you now how Sam snatched your mother away from you but not now but will make sure you grow up to hate Sam who z the murderer of your mother….Sam didn’t got punished for her deeds but when she will see hatred in your eyes she will die every second.”
Prerna spoke with rage in her eyes,”Baby someone very heartless snatched away radhika from us specially from you….she gave immense pain to your mother and atlast took her life.”
ARadhya who was listening patiently felt irked after her Daadu told her that someone gave immense pain to her mother and killed her….her nose turned red and eyes lost the innocence but a feeling of revenge replaced it….
Prerna smiled…her POV, “Baby you will take revenge on behalf of everyone who hate Sam.”
Prerna wanted ARadhya to grow up to hate Sam and punish her for her deeds but she didn’t notice how wrong she was in sowing the seeds of hatred in the tender heart….

Prerna continued, “Baby it does not matter if you forget your mother’s name but don’t forget her murderer’s name….don’t forget how she snatched your mom from you.”

History was repeating itself one more tender heart was instigated to take revenge….ARadhya was going to step in Arjun’s shoes….He had lost his childhood in nandu’s selfish motives and now his daughter who was not completely aware of the destruction that happened that night and who was the real culprit had made up her mind to punish Sam who she thought was responsible for her mother’s death….let’s see who saves her from losing herself in darkness which was worst than death….

Arjun was moving his fingers all over his screensaver which was none other than radhika….
Neil barged inside his cabin which made arjun grumble,”I know you are my friend but atleast maintain some curtoesy to knock.”
Neil ignored his curses,”What have you thought about the deal…arjun our company will lose its market if we lose this to raichands.”
Arjun,”We won’t lose this deal….I know how important it z…..Some games are played outside the conference room….I have a plan to deflame the raichands don’t worry….The only person whom I consider my competitor z that Yash raichand and his brothers I will tackle them easily…. Arjun Mehra never learnt to lose on anything and if Yash loves winning I will fail him this time by hook or by crook….He thought he rules this business world but he should know that if you want to survive here bend down in front of the king and that’s me.”
Neil smirked…his POV, “I am so eager to meet you Yash….can’t wait to see ARjun’s victory.”

recap….. Yash Raichand entry….prerna fuels ARadhya’s hatred against Sam….neil announces marriage with Sharon….Sometimes your mind can fail to recognize the person you love most but your heart will recognize in a minute….

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