This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You (Chapter 17,18)

Chapter 17

Neil unlocked his car door and got in…But little did he knew that his life was in danger since he was holding Yash Raichand most precious expertly hidden secret….He quickly texted Arjun..

‘ Arjun I have the file…. But I know they will try their level best to get it….we promised Mrs Goenka that we will reopen Siya’s case…I don’t know today I’ll be able to reach you or not… Arjun you can track my location easily with my watch which z a tracking device too….Do the needful But if something happens to me then take care of my Mother and also Sam….I know she does not deserve any love and care but please take care of her….Get Chashni back in your life…Always remain happy…Tell ARadhya Superman loves her the most in this world…I couldn’t be with you till the end of this battle… Sorry buddy’

As expected his car was crushed by a truck ruthlessly after few more hours…The contract killer took away the file and left Neil severely injured waiting for his death…
Few Hours Later….

ARadhya who was holding Arjun’s little finger left him behind and walked to Sam…She came between her legs and cradled her face in her small hands…She wiped her tears and spoke,” Aunty…I use to hate you first but now when I know that my mother z alive….then there z no reason left to hate you to that extent that I can always wish you to cry…Don’t worry…Superman z very strong… He’ll be fine.”

Sam felt as if God just blew some soothing breeze on her raw wounds…She hugged ARadhya and whispered, “ You are right…Nothing can happen to your Superman. “

Arjun bolted towards them and harshly pulled ARadhya away from Sam…the poor kid winced in pain…Sam got up and screamed, “ Arjun how could you hurt her?!”

Arjun growled in a thick tone,” Sam she z my daughter….I will do whatever I wish….You are no one to pinpoint or stop me…Get this straight… Stay away from my family. “

He turned to ARadhya.. He got on his knees and wiped the tears rolling down the cheeks of his daughter… He held his ears and did a lip movement of Sorry…He pecked her forehead and whispered in a soft tone he could ever mouth,” Baby…how many times I have told you…Don’t talk to strangers…why can’t you listen to dadaa?!”

Aradhya detached her head from his chest and spoke innocently,” Mamma says don’t punish the innocent. “
Arjun replied but his eyes were staring at Sam with immense anger and hatred,” Baby…mamma z right but she z not innocent. “
Aradhya snapped back,” Why!?”
Arjun cupped her face and spoke,” Do you trust dadaa?!”
Aradhya spoke without any doubt in her mind,” More than myself and anyone else in this world.”
Arjun,” Then don’t ask me questions I can’t answer.”

ARadhya nodded like a obedient daughter and kept her head on his chest…He wrapped his strong arms around her petite form and got up lifting her…He walked out for a while and strode towards his car…He unlocked the backdoor and placed her on the backseat…He locked her inside and turned towards his driver,” Take her home straightaway.”

Yash entered his house all drenched but the file was secured inside a packet…He turned to Radhika who was sitting on sofa…
Yash,” Anu do you trust me?! “
Radhika walked to him and held his hand in hers,” Of course I do.”
Yash cupped her face and whispered, “ Then listen to me very carefully… I have a important conference in Mumbai tomorrow but I need to deliver this file to dad…But I can’t leave the city today so can you….”
Before he could complete… She replied promptly, “ I will do it…don’t worry. “
She left the house in jiffy after assuring him about handling the file to no one but only Yuvan Raichand…
Yash dialled his dad,” The file reached me…”
Yuvan,” Where the hell z the file?!”
Yash, “ Dad it will reach you till morning. “
Yuvan,” Who has the file now?!”
Yash,” Anu will deliver it to you till morning. “
Yuvan spoke in earsplitting tone,” You idiot…How could you trust anyone with that file?!…Arjun will throttle anyone to get that file.”
Yash forehead ceased with lines of worry and fear…He disconnected hurriedly and almost ran towards his car…he got in and drove off…

In the midway…He found Radhika’s car left abandoned on the road…He panicked…his heart started pounding… He started sweating profusely… Just then he heard Radhika’s cry of help from somewhere in the woods which surrounded the road on either side…He bolted towards the direction from where he heard her voice….Again he heard her voice calling out to him to help her…He looked all around the place…The woods were densely packed by cover of bamboo rich trees. Luminous petals of silver freckled the sky. The stars were like lucid snowflakes of silver as they sprinkled the night sky. He could hear the throbbing of his heart along with crinkling sound that could be heard across every step he took…He heaved a sign of relief when he saw Radhika standing holding the file….But his heart stopped when he saw Arjun standing in front of her with his hands shoved deep in his pockets…

He spoke in a loud tone to gain their attention, “ Arjun the enmity z between us…Don’t drag her in this…If you touch her then I’ll kill you.”

He turned to Radhika who was stood rooted to the ground…few feet away from Arjun…,” Anu don’t worry…nothing will happen to you…Come here.”

Radhika smiled in response, “ Yash you are right nothing will happen to me…Its you who should fear for your life not me.”
Yash asked in a curious stammering tone,” Anu what’s wrong with you?!…why are you talking like that?!..” He paused and spoke in a gruff tone,” Come to me Now!!!”
She laughed animatedly throwing her head back…She clutched the file to her chest and spoke,” Yash sorry but now I can’t come to you.”
Yash screeched in a ear piercing tone,” ANISHA, I SAID COME TO ME NOW. “
He turned to Arjun who was smiling sardonically gazing towards Radhika, “ Arjun, you want the file?!….Keep it…Don’t harm her.”
Arjun arched his eyebrow and spoke hoarsely, “ How about I keep both of them.”
He turned to Radhika and opened his arms wide….She threaded towards him in a lightening speed and hugged him with excruciating intensity…
Yash crashed on the ground beneath him…He wished that he was blind today…His heart stopped for a moment… His eyes welled…He closed his eyes to swallow his pain when he saw Arjun cuddling Radhika lovingly…
Arjun wrapped his arm around Radhika and spoke to rub pepper on his wounds,” So Mr Yash Raichand…..Surprised???…Shocked???… Feeling Betrayed???…I can actually hear your heart breaking sound…Can’t tell you how much I love this painful look on your face.”
He turned to Radhika and traced his finger down her cheek to her collarbone to envy Yash more…He kissed her cheek deep and spoke,” Master stroke right?!…She was my trum card…Do you remember the night she came to my house to meet my daughter?!…..we were together for 2 days….In that I made her relive all of her past life….By God’s grace and my intelligence she remembered everything..”
Yash gazed at Radhika with pitiful eyes,” You have a past with him?!”
Radhika,” Common Yash…when you betray others you shouldn’t be the one playing victim here….It doesn’t suit you.”
Arjun tightened his hold on Radhika and spoke, “ Yash your biggest mistake was when you didn’t find it necessary to set up an inquiry about her past…But I don’t blame you for that… You was head over heels in love with my wife.”
Yash gasped in shock between his tears,” WIFE!!!!…She z your wife?!”
Radhika answered this time,” Radhika Arjun Mehra….Name itself sends shivers down my spine….But the good ones indeed… Can’t imagine what you are going through…”
Yash spoke in a pain filled tone, “ You betrayed me?!”
Radhika screamed back,” Can you please stop acting innocent…I know what kind of filthy man you are…What you did with Saurab…was that fair!!!?….you killed siya and you thought you will get away easily….was that fair!!!?…you defamed her as characterless perveted woman in front of the whole court that day…was that fair?!….you are a heartless crude ruthless monster and you don’t deserve to live let alone my love. “
She eyed him with hot angry tears streaming down her cheeks,” You tried to get intimate with me without my consent…. How could you!!!???….you thought I was drunk that day but I wasn’t sloshed that you had to……”
She couldn’t complete as her voice was breaking due to the throbbing pain racing inside her….
Radhika and Yash were slowly grooving on a soft romantic song….She had kept her hand as a barrier between their bodies….She was immensely uncomfortable but her brains were clouded by the exotic drink he gave her….her eyes were heavy….But still her protest was visible in either way….
Suddenly the whole sight turned to be a circular arc that’s when she realized that her feet were no longer rooted to ground but now she was coaxed in his arms….He walked to his bedroom and gently placed her on bed….She tried to wriggle in his arms….When he leaned on her….she turned her face away….She could very well recognize the lustful thoughts creeping in his mind but she had no strength left to protest….She cursed herself for having that drink…She sobbed and sobbed and sobbed…. What else could she do!?….
But all this pushed her to remember the day Arjun had asked her to either give herself to him or else sign the divorce papers….
(Guyzz this z a flashback Radhika z remembering in another flashback…. Don’t get confuse…Alright!?)
Arjun turned towards the door as he heard slow and steady footsteps accessing inside the room…He smirked as he saw her staring at him as if he was a predator and she was his prey…He spoke in a dangerously tantalizing tone,” So what have you decided?!..”
Radhika lowered her gaze and spoke in a stammering tone,” Sir, I can’t let you destroy Sam’s life.”
Arjun gave her an arrogant smile and spoke,” Then give yourself to me….Give me all my rights on you….either you do that or else don’t be a obstacle in my path.”
Radhika spoke in a frightful tone, “ Sir, but our marriage z a sham…So how can you….”
Before she could complete Arjun cuts her off in mid in a furious and fast tone, “ Whatever it z….a marriage z a marriage… I have all liberty to do anything with you in this room.”
Radhika gulped her tears and pain…She stared at him with earnest eyes begging him to take back his words…But Arjun was too adamant to give in those captivating brown orbs….
Arjun,” So Radhika where were we!!!?…Are you coming to me or signing the divorce papers.”
Radhika threaded towards him while he kept encouraging her to come more closer…
He cupped her face and lifted her chin to make her look nowhere but his eyes….He titled his face to kiss her but she turned her face away….He tucked her messy yet beautiful hair strands behind her ears and intertwined his rough fingers in her dark silky locks…He scooped her in his arms effortlessly and placed her on the bed..
.But what pricked his heart was those brown eyes begging him to show mercy on her….She didn’t had any love or passion or need like him who was head over heels in love with her…His eyes were full of undying feelings getting better of him….obstructing him from taking his revenge… He wanted to make her his but not without her consent… He covered her with blanket and patted her cheek,” Sleep Radhika. “
Before he could get up…she caught his strong fist in her small wrist..,” Sir but…”
He kept his right hand index finger on his lips,” Shusssh….”
He leaned on her and touched her forehead to his and spoke in a low tone,” You shouldn’t do something which your heart z not willing to do.”
He got up instantly and spoke again but in a much audible tone compared to which he used few seconds before, “ Radhika… What kind of a man I will be….if I have to force…..My manhood will be shamed if I do that. “ He paused and spoke again, “ Sleep….don’t eat the sparrow brain you have.”
His words rotated back and forth in the deep contours of her heart and travelled to reach her soul…A soothing sensation evoked in every cell of her body…She wanted to say something but somehow words were not enough to comprehend him today…
He made a pillow wall between them and turned to her,” Radhika…will you stop staring at me?!…sleep now.”
Radhika spoke without averting her gaze from him,” Sir….you are just not a man but a very good man.”
Her words killed him…His guilty conscience made it worst…he couldn’t meet her eyes which were full of gratitude….Arjun; No Radhika…. I am not good…your eyes are misjudging me.”
Radhika spoke in a soft tone,” Sir….if you see yourself through my eyes….I am sure you will believe what I am saying.”
Arjun shrugged his shoulders and spoke in a equally soft yet careless tone, “ Maybe someday will come when I will have to do that….Sleep Now.”
She lied down facing him….her eyes were not ready to leave him today….She was trying to read his heart through those dark eyes he had…But Arjun was immensely uncomfortable with her unmoving gaze on him…He turned to the other side to escape her eyes….
As the flashback got over….A new strength soaked in her body and she gathered all her wits and pushed Yash away with all the strength she could collect…Though she was under the effect of that drink still she made it to her room stumbling all while….She latched the door of washroom and splashed cold water on her face….But even the water droplets couldn’t sustain her swollen puffy eyes….She stared at her reflection which was the most unfortunate sight for her….Her kohl had spread down her eyelashes… Her long hair were dishevelled… Above all this was not the Radhika who valued her ethics and values more than anything else….Her sleeves were almost falling off her shoulders revealing a tantalizing view of her cleavage…She wept endlessly until she got her calm back… She picked her mobile lying on the dressing table and dialled Arjun….
Arjun furiously roared at her,” Hell Radhika!!!… I tried calling you numerous times…where the hell have you been?!…I was so damn worried about you…Why are you tongue tied now?!…Trust me I am this close to come there and throttle you…Answer dammit!!!”
Radhika sobbed snuggling the phone closer to her ears,” Arjun, he tried to….”
She couldn’t complete and her tears sprang up and made it worst and impossible for her to tell him her woes….
Arjun took a deep breath to control his simmering anger and spoke in a calm soft tone he could ever use,” Baby….Stop crying…tell me what’s wrong.”
Radhika sobbed between her tears and stammered, “ Arjun…He intoxicated my drink and he….”
Before she could complete Arjun spoke in a high pitched tone,” Radhika did he touch you??!…I swear I’ll rip him apart with bare hands….Answer me did he hurt you? “
Radhika wiped her tears and spoke in a soft tone,” Arjun, I pushed him away when he…..” She couldn’t complete and all she could do was cry bitterly clutching the phone closer….
Arjun clenched his fist tight…his eyes were red with anger….his ferociousness affected him so much that rightnow he wanted to cut Yash into thousand pieces and feed those to vultures….He spoke in a desperate fiery tone, “ Radhika… I am coming to take you away NOW. “
Radhika refused, “ No Arjun….stick to the plan….you promised Mrs Goenka that you will get justice for Siya….I value each promise you made and I’ll try my best to keep all of them intact….Once we get the file then no one can come between us…Once and for all culprits will be punished and then no more distance….”She paused and spoke in a broken tone,” Oh Arjun I miss you so much..”
Her low sobs full of pain broke his heart…
He thought for a while and spoke mischievously,” Radhika… I wish I would have been there….I would have loved to kiss your red nose…your neck…your collarbone…and then your….”
Radhika cheeks heated up…She lost her appetite hearing to those naughty words….She blushed and spoke urgently,” Arjun!!!!….”
Arjun smiled slyly, “ See I can make you blush red just by my words….Verbal romance z not that bad.”
Her lip curve stretched and a shy smile replaced the tears brimming from her eyes…She again acknowledged what effect he had on her…She wanted to bury her head deep in his strong broad chest and inhale his manly scent…She whispered his name almost crying it out to let him know how much she needed him right now…his warmth…his tender yet passionate touch…his eyes dark with colour of love…passion…need…His lips doing amazing caresses to her body….She abstained her thoughts before exploding in puddle of emotions….

Arjun heaved a sign of relief,” you are my brave Radhika…. You are my fiery princess not some damsel in distress who waits or prince charming to rescue her….Radhika please stop crying…I can’t stand your tears….I can go through anything but you tears will give me a slow painful death.”
Radhika nodded and wiped her tears,” Arjun…I love you so much.”
Arjun smiled,” Finally I get to hear those magical words….”
Radhika smiled between her sobs and prayed for courage to carry on with their plan….
Radhika buried her head in Arjun’s hard chest and wept remembering that day when she was about to lose her dignity to a filthy man….
Arjun slid his hand up and down on her back and rubbed her shoulder with other hand to give her his strength…. He held her by nape and brought her face close to his jaw and kissed her forehead lovingly….
He breathed near her scalp and spoke softly,” Its OK….I am there right!?…”
She nodded But suddenly she remembered Neil’s accident… She chirped in a low tone,” Neil?!”
Arjun’s nostrils flared….He was huffing in anger….He stared at Yash who was lying lifeless on the ground and walked to him and kicked him hard…Yash gave a painful groan….Arjun had broken his limps already now he feared that Arjun might kill him today…But Arjun didn’t intend to give him salvation by taking his life….He wanted him to die every second…Arjun believed that life z more torturous hell when that hell z bore from someone’s revenge….
Arjun bend down and answered Radhika but his eyes fixed on Yash,” Doctors said its hard to come to a conclusion now….Next 24 hours are really crucial…. If he does not gets his conscious then he might slip in coma.”
Radhika’s eyes widened in horrific expression… Her eyes welled up….All vile thoughts crept in….She rested her head on Arjun’s shoulder and wept….He turned to her side and pulled her in his arms….He whispered, “ Radhika… He z a fighter….he won’t give up and I won’t let him give up.”
Radhika pulled back and spoke in desperation, “ Arjun But but….”
Her words died in his mouth as he enclosed her lips with such intensity that she gasped due to sudden loss of breath but she needed him more than the oxygen at that weak moment…. He cupped her face to have more access and hold her in place….Her fingers automatically threaded in his dark locks to caress them….She broke the kiss as she loss the ability to breath completely… She inhaled a lot of air to overcome the sudden loss of oxygen in her lungs…He chuckled as if he had never experienced the loss of breathing…he cradled her face,” You still can’t match me in this.”
Radhika lowered her gaze and spoke,” You are like a tornado….you hit me unexpectedly and you expect me to cope up with you.”
He laughed hearing the comparison she made… He looped his arm around her waist and dialled a number,” I have the proofs…come and arrest him now.”
He gave her a peck and spoke,” Baby its not over yet…. His monster of father will try everything possible to rescue him….I know what kind of filthy lousy piece of shit he z….”
Radhika kissed his cheek and spoke rubbing her nose on his cheek,” I know you will not let him win….I trust you.”
He intertwined his fingers in hers and whispered, “ Your trust z most important for me….I hope Neil gains conscious back soon.”
Yash got arrested after sometime in charge of Siya’s coldblooded murder and some other scams too and attempt to rape too…It was crystal clear that he’ll have to spend his life behind the bars but Arjun had something else to offer…
His POV, “ This z not over yet….Taking one’s life z a pretty easy escape from the hell of life he’ll live…But destroying your enemy’s life and making him beg for death z real victory.”
Chapter 18
Arjun guided Radhika to his car and unlocked the door for her….he got in next to her and ordered the driver to start the car…As he took place beside her…Radhika hugged him tight and cried rubbing her nose and lips on his chest which was left exposed by his shirt whose top four buttons were left unbuttoned…. His hand trailed from her back to the dark tendrils of her midnight black hair….he clutched her nape harshly and pulled her head back which was resided in his chest…. She stared at him with displeasure and confused expression…. Her heart overwhelmed with annoyance and disapproval for losing his warmth….He cupped her face and brought her closer and pecked her lips lightly and whispered while nuzzling his nose on her collarbone, “ Radhika… Don’t cry…No one can even touch a hair on your head till I am there.”
She again hugged him and her head owned his chest forever….She inhaled his manly scent and kissed his jaw stubble,” Oh Arjun….I missed you so my much…”
He patted her head breathed near her scalp….Her hair smelt feminine…. He intertwined his fingers in her dark locks and caressed them gently,” Radhika….will drop you home… I need to go back to hospital. “
Radhika,” ARadhya?! “
Arjun assured,” Baby z at home….she’ll be on cloud nine after seeing you there.”
Radhika, “ I know.”
Arjun,” Radhika do you hate me for leaving you with Yash even after you had remembered everything. “ He spoke suspiciously in a low tone…His desperation made it worst….He could live without her but couldn’t stay with her hatred….Her silence to his question fuelled his fury…her response was dreadfully annoying…He barked in a high pitched tone,” Answer dammit!!!”
She was scared witless at his abrupt high pitch angry bark, and she’d no idea when he’d strode over to her and taken shape right in front of her. His desperation that was slowly turning into helpless fury, his eyes flashed down at her, enough for her to get his bottomless black pupils.
She answered in a grouch tone trying her best to show him that he didn’t scared her,” No I can never hate you.”
He stared deep into her eyes which were a mirror of her heart….He spoke huskily,” Z that all you have to say?!”….He audaciously wanted to her to confess her love But here she was staring back at him cluelessly….He just ignored his urge to hear those words and rested her head on his chest….
He dropped her home and headed back to hospital…. He knew that right now Neil needed him the most….
As he entered and strode near his ward….He saw prerna and Sam crying holding onto eachother….panic rose in his veins….He had lost enough…No he can’t lose Neil….He ran towards them….Prerna threaded towards him and hugged him and wept, “ Arjun….Doctors shifted him to general ward two hours back….he z stable now..”
Arjun spoke in a befuddled tone,” Why are you crying then?!.”
Prerna wept her tears with the back of her hands and spoke,” Arjun I am overwhelmed with happiness…. I thought I lost him when his breathing stopped abruptly few hours back….He fought back death for us.”
Arjun turned to Sam,” Sam your father called me almost 20 times since evening…. You didn’t inform him anything?!”
Sam,* No I just came here running when I got to know about his accident. “
Arjun spoke in a low tone,” Sam you need to rest….He z fine now….we are there to take care of him….I’ll drop you home.”
Sam refuted,” No I want to stay here.”
Arjun growled, “ Sam…..Neil z not on mount Everest that you’ll have to walk miles to reach him….I am saying Go home take rest and come back….you look like a zombie now!”
Sam replied, “ OK Arjun but you won’t stop me from meeting Neil?!”
Arjun,” I won’t He will refuse to see you.”
That one sentence brought tears in her eyes….her chest started paining with the fear of losing him….she stared at Arjun who gazed at her impassively….was this the same man who claimed to love her few years back?!…though it was all for his revenge but he didn’t even show humanity today…..But then her guilty conscience pricked her…..She deserved this hatred….she deserved this!!!!….
Arjun dropped Sam to her house and left for his house….he was relieved after knowing that Neil z fine now….After Radhika and ARadhya….Neil was the most precious to him…He entered his house and threaded towards ARadhya’s room…
Radhika was sitting on bed caressing ARadhya’s face who was fast asleep with her head buried in Radhika’s lap….He strode towards the bed and squat beside her….She glanced at him and whispered, “ Arjun you should sleep too….. I know you won’t admit but you had a tiring day.”
He sided ARadhya from her lap and covered her with blanket without disturbing her sleep….He turned to Radhika and ushered a command,” Come with me now.”
He held her hand and climbed down the staircase along with her….He led her to a room and blindfolded her eyes… Radhika; Arjun what are you doing?!”
Arjun,” You’ll know that soon.” He pecked her cheek….he removed her blindfold….And her eyes brimming with happiness and tears slide down her cheeks…
It was a collage of all her memories with him….He had captured every moment and hidden them like precious pearls….Their first selfie together after he brought her back from Hrishikesh…. Their all passionate encounters together flashed in her mind and made her feel on the top of the world….Her POV, “ My Arjun would be stone hearted for some But for me he has the most pure heart ever. “

Precap…. More challenges ahead

Hii Sweethearts….Long time Indeed nah?!….well you’ll be missing me for 5 months now….I’ll update very frequently….So sorry for that…vivas approaching now and need to study too….
Happy Diwali to all of you….May this diwali enlighten your lives with light of happiness….May God bless all of you…
I wanted to write more but time restricts then I am helpless….I haven’t done any proofreading…. Ignore my typo errors….
Love You all….Till then Byeee????

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