This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You ( Chapter 15, 16 )

Chapter 15

Radhika was sitting on the passenger seat and enjoying eavesdropping view outside the window….The cool breeze fanning her face made her eyes heavy and she slipped into deep slumber….Yash turned his head towards her and spoke,” Anu, sitting beside the driver and sleeping also makes the driver feel sleepy….Get up and talk to me.”
She slowly lifted her sleep drugged eyes and whispered,” Yash that’s your problem not mine….you are so boring that even sleep z not contagious in your presence.”
He laughed at her wittiness,” Anu let’s talk then….How about you tell me what z going on in your head right now.”
Radhika smiled,” I only have sleep on my mind…my head z empty…she tucked her hair strands behind and averted her gaze from him…
Yash smirked,” But then why are your eyes not supporting your words”
Radhika,” OK fine I was thinking about ARadhya.”
Yash looked straight into her eyes and answered sardonically,” You are thinking about ARadhya Arjun Mehra….what about her?!”

Radhika understood the coldness in his voice….She reasoned,” Yash, I know Arjun and you are business rivals….But why are you bringing his daughter in your enmity….she z a innocent kid who has nothing to do with the cut throat rivalry between you and Arjun….I don’t know but whenever I see her….I feel I have known that kid since ages..”
Yash snapped,” Anu, everyone loves kids….ARadhya z no different……”
Before he could complete…Radhika cut him off,” No, she z different….Her eyes… they are ocean deep….I always find an emptiness in them…whenever I see her those brown orbs leave me spellbound….I feel there z a deep relationship between us.”
Yash spoke in a irritated voice,” Anu she z Arjun’s daughter….you should stay away from that kid.”
Radhika retaliated,” Yash you are being unreasonable….I really love spending time with her then why are you stopping me….Just because she z Arjun’s daughter?!…..Yash, she brings a smile on my face….her presence gives me a different kind of joy.”
Yash retorted,” Anu, stop fighting me for that good for nothing kid.”
Radhika grumbled,” Yash I won’t take a word against ARadhya….How can you say such things about a kid….I am going to meet her today….I am telling not asking.”
Yash threw his hands up in defeat,” Anu, I am just worried about you….what if Arjun thinks that you are upto something against his family…I mean you are my wife so he can…..”
Radhika cut him off again,” Arjun will think nothing….I’ll handle him and why will he create hurdles if Aru feels happy with me?”
Yash clenched the steering tight….he didn’t like her words but he kept quiet.
Radhika’s face beamed with happiness after seeing ARadhya’s name in the caller ID….she started talking happily with her completely ignoring Yash whose anger was at its peak…He couldn’t take his Anisha talking with his enemy’s daughter…
Arjun and Neil pressed the bell…A servant opened the door,” Whom do you want to see, Sir?!”
Arjun inquired, ” This z Dr Goenka house right?!”
Servant,” Sir, you are right….this z Dr Goenka’s house… But he z not in the condition to see anyone…. After his accident two years back he hasn’t stepped out of the house since then…if you want you can meet Mrs Goenka..”
Neil,” Can we meet her now?!”

Servant stepped behind and gave them the way…he politely spoke, ” Sir you can have seat…meanwhile I will call Mrs Goenka…”

Arjun and Neil moved their gaze all around the place…it was a unkept house….walls had some family portraits….But what caught their eyes was….Garland hanged on Siya Goenka’s portrait… Arjun walked to her portrait and spoke,” Neil, I and Siya were together in management course….I had met her few years back…She had changed a lot….she hardly spoke a word…her eyes were puffy…swollen…lifeless… She was in love with Yash Raichand but he just bedded her and broke all the marriage promises he made….I could never imagine this strong headed ambitious girl took her life….”

“NO MY DAUGHTER DIDN’T TOOK HER LIFE….HE KILLED HER” A stern voice greeted their ears…

They turned towards the direction from where the voice came….A lady clad in plain sky blue saree with her long grey hair that reached her thighs stepped forward… She eyed them with insuring gaze and tried to identify them but couldn’t.

Arjun assured her,” Mr Goenka am Arjun Mehra….I am your daughter’s friend. ”

She replied in a grim displeased voice,” What do you want?!…Siya z no more….I don’t want to see anyone…. Please leave. ”

Arjun threaded towards her and spoke, ” Mrs Goenka, I want to know what happened with Siya that she had to take her life.”

Mrs Goenka growled in anguish,” My daughter was murdered….You call yourself her friend then how can you think that a strong headed girl who always had positive approach towards life can end her life with her own hands…..He killed her…”

Arjun eyes flew open,” Who?!”

Mrs Goenka spoke with immense hatred in her lifeless eyes,” Yash Raichand….Please leave me alone….I don’t want to talk about all that horrible events that we experienced. ”

Arjun,” Mrs Goenka, don’t you want to give your daughter justice. ”

Mrs Goenka spoke with anger sparkling in her eyes,” Justice!!!!…. Common people like us shouldn’t expect justice however big the crime z….either truth z clouded or surrounded by lies or it z killed or buried in grave…. Once the justice z delayed one should understand that its denied forever….”

Arjun snapped, ” Mrs Goenka, please I really want to help you get her justice.”

Mrs Goenka,” Arjun, I just want to live in peace….my husband z bedridden…I lost my daughter…. I have nothing left in my life to hope for justice…. For whom should I’ll get justice???…. My daughter won’t come back by all this….I advice you to stop this interrogation and leave….They are too much powerful and I don’t have strength left to fight them.”

Arjun was losing his patience…. She was not ready to even let him explain….He was about to raise his voice but Neil nodded negatively….

Neil spoke in a calm voice, ” Mrs Goenka, I agree whatever happened with your family was terribly wrong but think about your daughter…. Did she deserve to die at such a tender age….Her culprits are still roaming freely without any fear… know why?!…Because your silence has boosted their strength… You have given up your fight for justice that’s why they are living in no fear….But you are dying here every second….They created havoc in many lives but they never got any punishment because people like you give up….Just give up without even thinking for a second…. Doing injustice z a sin but tolerating the injustice done by someone z a bigger sin…..”

Mrs Goenka spoke between her tears,” What you know about what we went through?!…Its very easy to talk big things about law….But no one stands up for the truth in today’s world…No one wants their neck under the knife.”

Arjun spoke in a determined voice, ” Mrs Goenka, if you are ready to fight this battle then we promise you that we will be with you till the end….you will never be alone…Arjun Mehra values his promise more than his own life….you have my word.”

She crashed on the sofa jeopardized remembering the haunting past which took away her every reason to smile…..,” We had everything by God’s grace….Siya was our only daughter….Every corner of this house has her memories…. Right from the day she was born till the day she just……” She sobbed burying her head in her hands….She lifted her head up and continued her pact,” My daughter was the best daughter God can give to any mother…. She was modern but her roots were her values….her ethics which she valued more than her life….The Only mistake she did was….YASH RAICHAND!!!!!…He made her false promises but her eyes were as if blinded by his love….She couldn’t take a word against that filthy man….When she confronted him to fulfill the promise of marriage he made….He refused and insulted her….She was left heart broken…..But still Arjun, she composed herself and stood on her own again…. Yash’s ego was slaughtered seeing a girl whom he rejected had moved on in life so easily…Her constant success was pricking in his eyes….My daughter had made pain her strength.. ..She kicked his job and took a job in his rival company…He couldn’t take it when she snatched a big project from his company….He kidnapped her…..tortured her by giving her high doses of arsenic …kept her in a place where even a small ray of light couldn’t reach….Still she didn’t gave up….she kept on fighting….When she tried running away….he broke her limbs….he killed her soul…..He pushed her down the terrace and made it look like suicide. When we lodged a FIR….He showed her suicide note stating that she couldn’t live without him so she z taking her life….”

Neil,” But, Mrs Goeka how you came to know all this things?! ”

Mrs Goeka,” He confessed all of his vicious activities on her first death anniversary when he came home to rub pepper on our raw wounds. ”

Arjun clenched this jaw hard…. His muscles stiffened against his shirt fabric causing ripples on it…..He was burning with rage….How could someone be so disgusting and heartless?!….Neil’s condition was no different… His eyes were darkened with the ferocity of his anger….He was continously rubbing his palms together to calm down..

Mrs Goeka, ” Imagine the extent of anger I feel when I find him
everywhere…News…newspaper… Social sites…He behaves as if nothing happened… He even got married to some….” She paused for a second, thought for a minute and continued, ” Anisha….She must have been equally disgusting like that f**kard marry that him” She spitted out in her anger without thinking.

Arjun spitted venomously, ” Not a word against my Radhika. ”

Mrs Goeka corrected,” Arjun, I said Anisha. ”

Arjun spoke in a calm yet firm warning tone,” Mrs Goeka, her name z Radhika Arjun Mehra…don’t talk about the people you don’t know.”

Mrs Goeka spoke in a conserned voice,” I am Sorry Arjun…But why z your wife staying with that a*sh*le?!…She z not safe there.”

Arjun,” Mrs Goeka, My hands are tied up….My wife had an accident six months ago and she lost all her memories… She does not remember a thing about her not even her own name…..let alone me….Unfortunately she was found by that pigheaded man…He has put all this lies in her head…Conclusion z they are not married and she z still my wife though she does not remember a thing about our love….marriage…. Everything. ” He spoke in a painful voice…

Mrs Goeka,” Arjun, how can you leave her alone with Yash?!…He may also try to get intimate with her or worst than that maybe harm her”

Arjun retaliated, ” She won’t let him close….I can guarantee her heart.”

Neil, ” Arjun, she z absolutely right….Yash can harm Chashni.”

Arjun snapped, ” There z only one way to solve all this mess….we have to find that file.”

Mrs Goeka, ” You mean the file that has proofs against Yash?!”

Neil questioned back,” How do you know about that file….We thought except us no one had knowledge about that file.”

Mrs Goeka, ” That file was supposed to be the turning point of our case in court…Our lawyer, Mr Sidheswar Dikshit only knew its location but he died in an accident caused by Yuvan Raichand.”

Neil,” This father-son duo are the most terrible sinners I have seen. ”

Arjun,” I am not surprised…. Mrs Goeka, did he share that file’s location with someone else maybe his family.”

Mrs Goeka, ” I have no idea….But his family migrated after his death. ”

Neil,” Arjun, They left the city this clearly indicates they knew something maybe that’s why left.”

Arjun nodded and spoke, ” Mrs Goeka, I will find his family though they are are hidden in any nook or corner of this country. ”

Mrs Goeka,” I know, you will.”

ARjun walked to her and took her hands in his,” Mrs Goeka, Siya’s case will reopen once we get that file.” He turned to Neil,” Let’s Go Neil.”

His words worked like some magical energy on her…There was hope enlightened in her eyes devoid of positiveness….., ” Thank you”

Arjun,” Don’t thank me…Those bastards have also snatched many precious people from mine..I want revenge and you want justice… I am not doing anything great.”

Once they were inside their car…Arjun took the wheel and Neil took the passenger seat….Both didn’t admit but were scared for Radhika.
Chapter 16

ARadhya was playing blindfold game with Radhika in the lawn that surrounded Mehra Mansion….ARadhya had brought her mother here to give Arjun an opportunity to meet Radhika….Radhika had blindfolded her eyes….ARadhya was running all around her….her anklet was constantly making sweet jingle sounds which was giving Radhika good hints about her location….But little kid was a storm….So Radhika was repeatedly failing in catching her….Arjun parked the car in the parking lot and came there with Neil….His eyes were greeted by the best view ever….His Radhika!!!!….He couldn’t control himself more…he wanted to go and pull her in a bone crushing hug….he wanted to lose himself in her beauty…her innocence…her chirpyness….her bubbly sweet nature…He wanted to wrap his fingers in those midnight dark long lustrous hair….He wanted to see her soul through her innocent eyes….He could watch her without even blinking his eyes once….He didn’t even notice when blindfolded Radhika approached him and caught him instead of ARadhya…Radhika removed her blindfold and spoke in a winning tone,” See kiddo I caught you.”
Her eyes wide opened seeing Arjun in front of her…She apologized instantly,” I am sorry Mr Mehra….I thought its ARadhya.”

Arjun smiled,” Just Arjun….What brings you here?”

Radhika spoke in a guilty tone,” Oh I am so sorry….I should have asked you before coming here.”

Arjun was immediately hurt seeing his Radhika behaving like a stranger….Still he masked his pain and replied calmly,” You don’t have to apologize….I am happy to see you here.” He realized what he said and corrected himself,” I mean I am happy to see my ARadhya happy.”

Radhika nodded….But the little kid watching both of them had different plans…She casually walked towards them and pushed Radhika on Arjun….They both lost their balance and landed in the most uncomfortable and compromising position….Radhika was on top of Arjun while his hands were wrapped around her waist….She had closed her eyes due to the fear of getting hurt….Arjun’s one hand was firmly attached to her waist while the other one was busy tucking her messy hair strands behind…She lifted her eyes and met his gaze…Her heart was beating faster than ever….She didn’t knew why an unknown man had so much control over her….Whenever he was near her….she felt nice…..her heart craved for his presence….his nearness…his touch though her mind opposed it…Their lips were just inches apart…She immediately tried to get off but her hair were stuck in his shirt buttons….She yelped in pain when she tried to get up,” Aahhhh….my hair.”

Arjun’s stance of thoughts broke hearing her voice….He got up holding her close,” Let me help you….Don’t pull OK?!”

She nodded in acceptance….He separated her hair from his shirt buttons very gently taking care they do not break….She was shocked by seeing so much gentleness that too from a man like Arjun who was a nightmare for her….Arjun,” Its done…you move away from me now…”

Radhika quickly got up and even he did…Both were embarrassed because Prerna and Neil were standing in front of them smiling…She escaped saying,” I think its too late now…I’ll bid goodbye to Aru and leave.”

Arjun didn’t wanted to let her go but he was helpless…ARadhya as if read his thoughts requested Radhika to stay for lunch…She couldn’t refuse when ARadhya put forth her biggest weapon to convince….Her innocent eyes filled with sadness!!!…
Arjun smiled seeing their beautiful bond…His POV,” Once a mother always a mother.”

They moved inside the house….Radhika felt that known and familiar aura all around….Prerna spoke,” Anisha, come I will show you washroom…your clothes have become untidy with some dirt…You should change….washroom z…..”

Before she could complete Radhika cut her off,” Washroom z in the straight left after going climbing the staircase…”

That one sentence instantly turned everyone’s heads towards her….Arjun smirked…Neil’s jaw dropped on the floor…Prerna’s eyes opened wide…ARadhya widened her eyes as much as she could….
Prerna,” Anisha how you know where z the washroom in this house?!”

Radhika didn’t had any answer….Arjun understood her state so he changed the topic to avoid her from putting stress on her memory,” Prerna Aunty…Aru looks so hungry that if we stand here for a minute more….she’ll eat us all up….” ARadhya snapped,” Dada that’s not fair?!….how can you make fun of Aru?”

Their cute bickering continued…Radhika laughed seeing them fighting like kids…She thought Arjun was so different with his daughter….In whole world if anyone could make Arjun Mehra bend then that was none other than ARadhya Mehra…

Once when they all were seated to dine..Prerna was serving everyone porridge…When she came to Radhika…..Arjun quickly stopped her,” No aunty….She z allergic to mushrooms…this porridge has lot of mushrooms.”
Radhika,” Arjun you don’t know me…”
His POV,” Really?!…I know you more than anyone else….please Radhika don’t retort…I am talking for your own good….please don’t eat it.”
Radhika ate the porridge to prove Arjun wrong but she didn’t know what was coming next….

As soon as dinner got over….Radhika’s eyes turned watery and they were constantly shedding tears….her face bloomed red…she had a itching sensation on her calves…her head started spinning….Arjun noticed….His held her shoulders tightly and scolded,” When will you learn to listen to others Radhika?!….You always do what you want to do…why can’t you listen to me once?”

Radhika released herself from his death grip and retorted in a high pitched voice,” Yash was right I shouldn’t have come here at the first place….How many times do I have to tell you this that my name z Anisha Raichand….z that difficult to spell?!”….why can’t you accept I am not your Radhika?!”

She left the house in jiffy leaving behind a hurt Arjun…But more that that he was worried about her health….she ate mushroom porridge despite his refusal now he knew that her body will get sore in an half an hour as a reaction to her action of consuming mushrooms…

He also followed her by his car….he didn’t wanted her to be alone….According to his assumption….Radhika’s eyes became heavy and she started feeling dizzy…but she tried her best to keep her eyes on road while driving….The road was near the suburbs so it was an inhabited area….Radhika lost control on the car and she was about to hit a tree But one Black SUV stood between her car and that tree…Arjun had realized her condition when the car was moving left…Right….So he drove in such a way that his car overtook her and saved the day…..He gripped the steering wheel hard…he got off and walked towards her car….he opened the door and saw an unconscious Radhika…He swiftly swept her off her feet and threaded towards his car….He placed her gently on the passenger seat…buckled up her seatbelt…he took the wheel and drove off somewhere….
That’s a mystery!!!!…Don’t ask me now…After few more updates you will know…
Yash constantly dialling Radhika’s number…But her phone was switched off…he banged his phone on the floor in his anger…his POV,” Where are you Anu?!….why z your phone switched off?!….I hope you are safe…”
Arjun had updated Neil the location of Siddharth dikhit’s family and asked him to make them spill the bins out….
Neil arrived on the location…It was a creepy unkept house whose roof was a bit cringed….he knocked on the door and a young lad in his late 20s opened the door for him…he took him inside….Neil quickly questioned him,” You are the son of Siddharth Dikshit right?!”
The young lad answered in a fearful tone,” Sir, I didn’t did anything.”
Neil,” Did I said you did something wrong?!…. Young man why are you so scared…Relax…tell me your name?!”
The boy snapped,” Shankar dikshit.”
Neil,” Instead of beating around the bush….tell me where z the file?!”
Shankar started trembling in fear….,” Sir I don’t know why you are talking about?!”
Neil threatened,” Shankar I exactly to know how to open your mouth and make you spit out the truth….Don’t make me do something which neither me nor you will like…”
Shankar pleaded with him,” Sir, I really don’t know that file’s location…If I had known it then they would have killed me till now….My dad kept everything confidential…”
Neil thought for a while and understood that whatever Shankar said was right…Yuvan and yash would have killed him to know the file’s location But he himself was naive…Neil snapped,” What were your father’s last words?”
Shankar,” Sir, he pointed towards the wall which was exactly in front of him when he died….”
Neil,” z there something behind that wall…some door or some tunnel?!”
Shankar,” Sir as far as I know there z nothing.”
Neil,” Where z that wall?”
Shankar pointed towards the wall adjacent to the kitchen….Neil walked towards it and brought his ear closer to the wall…he heard a squeaking sound as if there were rats on the other side of the wall…
He banged his fist on the wall and again the squeaking sound came but louder this time….he turned to Shankar,” Its not a wall….it’s just a set up to make it look like a wall….Help in removing it…I am sure we’ll get the file on the other side.”
Both the man removed the set up with difficultly as it was ancient….What they say shocked them to core,” A Wardrobe!!!!”
Neil turned to shankar,” Go bring some sharp object.”
Shankar went out and brought a stone and handed it over to Neil….Neil broke the lock and pushed open the door…Two rats jumped out instantly as if they were trapped inside for ages….As Neil had said….File was there covered with dust and cobwebs…Neil opened it,” Holy mother of God!!!…we did it Arjun.”
Yash spies informed him about Neil’s visit to Shankar’s house….He understood that something was fishy out here….,”That File!!!!…If it reached Arjun than it was impossible to ever get it back….I have to stop Neil….That file should only reach me.”

Precap….Yash causes Neil’s accident….Neil critical…Sam broken…Arjun restless and worried….File reaches Yash But…

Hii Dearies….How was this one?!… Cliffhanger…. Hehehehe… Don’t worry Suppu won’t make you
cry….So do let me know your reviews…Next one either by Wednesday or Thursday…. Love you forever very soon….This one z dedicated to Myra di….hope you liked it…loads of love…stay blessed??

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