This Heart Of Mine Still Loves You ( Chapter 14 )


Part 14

Arjun dropped Aradhya to her school and left for office but something caught his eye….Across the signal Yash car was parked but only Radhika was inside…Where was Yash!?….she came with him then why he z not there with her?!….He took a u turn and drove to the other side of the road to see what was going on….He lowered his window pane and peeped his head out to see what’s going on….The sight in front of him killed him…..His POV,” How dare you Radhika?! How dare you let him touch you?!.”

The duo were enjoying chocolate pudding in one bowl. Some of it got stuck on her lips so Yash just rubbed his thumb on her lips to clean it off. She gave him a fake and forced smile and stepped back.
Arjun had gripped the steering wheel hard and his muscles were clenched hard against his shirt’s fabric. He wanted to stab Yash right in his heart and dig his grave at that moment. He took a deep breath to control his simmering anger. He just wanted to hear that Radhika was only his that too from her delectable same lips which Yash touched. He wasn’t just jealous, he was furious at Radhika too. Though she didn’t remember him but how could she let that f**kard touch her.
He fastened seat belt and drove off in a lightening speed. He just wanted to vent his frustration somewhere and right now he had nothing as his target. He haughtily growled,” Yash, I will rip you apart the day Radhika comes back to me.”
Somewhere deeply hidden in darkness, far far away from any single ray of light, amid the mysterious silence where the wind was fiercely blowing and the evil aura existed everywhere a man was resting on a wooden log staring at the deep dark sky. He had a vicious smile on his face. He didn’t even realize when his lips uttered,” Radhika….”

The word itself send shivers down his spine and all the coins of his body tightened inside. His desire was heated up with pure lust as he kept taking that name. She was like a forbidden fruit for him. The more he saw it, the more he craved for it. He couldn’t taste it as many huge barriers protected it from him. But he had something which could lead him to her by hook or by crook…..He was just waiting for the day his muse remembers herself.

He got up swiftly and walked to the huge wall size painting in front of him. He stared at it with lust dripping from his dark black eyes. He grinned with sarcasm in his tone,” It seems your beauty increases with every man that come across you..”

Ambition to have her in bed was always his thirst that can never be quenched all his life….The more he saw her, the more he craved to have her.

He moved his fingers from her lips to neck and further he brought them near his lips and kissed them. He laughed feeling the hot temperature of his body and conveying what effect the lady in the painting had on him.
Of the seven deadly sins, lust is definitely the pick of the litter.
Arjun reached home late and silently treaded towards his room with a red angry face. He kicked the door shut and furiously stared at his reflection in the mirror…He punched the mirror hard and blood oozed from his knuckles as the mirror cracked into tiny pieces, But the external pain was nothing in front of the tremendous suffocating fire inside him. He was angry with himself too that he couldn’t do anything when Yash touched his Radhika. He closed his eyes and a tear trickled down his cheek. He was never helpless to such extent in any hurdles that came his way and tried to break him. He crashed on the bare hard floor and a scream came out of his trembling mouth,” RADHIKAAAA…….
Yash laughed seeing the funny selfies they clicked on their outing…Never had he felt so much alive…He was doing all things he could never think of doing in his dreams. From traveling in a crowded bus to cutting the traffic, from playing blind fold game to eating road side unhealthy junk food he followed her crazy path which she lead him to. His boundless love for her was increasing and getting deeper by each passing second. Her eyes were like ocean of something divinity sparking with a twinkling tingle in them. But there was a fear too which gained him sleepless nights devoid of peace,” What if she remembers her own self and decides to go back to her family?”

Arjun was scribbling something on white board. His brain was desperately hogging to do something productive which could destroy Yash Raichand. He suddenly smirked sardonically as he came up with a plan which would definitely work. He quickly dialled a no,” You have no idea how much I missed you…I hope you know that file’s location till now…I want that file which has all proofs of scams done by Yash Raichand.”
After a heated conversation of about 5 mins, he furiously banged his phone on the bare floor, his face brimming with raging anger.


Mumbai was traumatized by Hindu-Muslim riots and thousands were killed….hundreds lost their families…many were in vegetative state….City’s roads were smacked by trails of blood everywhere…Nothing was greater than religion for those demons in human bodies running with daggers to kill each other…Such was inhumanity that they didn’t even spared the children

Three severely wounded journalist were being admitted to the ICU but they were bound to die as there was no hope of survival. When Dr Aryan Mehra was asked to certify their death’s cause as lost their lives in riots…He refused,” They were poisoned and then dumped on the grounds of riots…..Their lungs are totally damaged because of that poison…They did not die in the riots…I won’t issue a fake death certificate.”
The man who asked mehra to do it grabbed his collar and warned,” Why you want to invite your death and make your son an orphan..”

Dr Aryan pushed the man and said upfront without any fear,” You don’t worry about my son….I will get my head cut but won’t do anything which does not fit in my ethics…I will not issue a fake death certificate.”
A journalist who heard their complete conversation walked to Aryan after that man left…He spoke in a confident voice,” Dr they are the man of powerful politician Yuvan Raichand and he only caused this riots to later apply ointment on the bruised hearts of people to get their votes in the upcoming elections and continue his vicious motives….This journalist were my colleges and they had collected some proofs against that bastard and when he came to know all this…he hatched a plan to end their lives and that’s how their bodies reached on the grounds of riots.”
Dr Aryan spoke exasperated voice,” Oh God!!!…Such a big scam…what you want from me?!”

Journalist Sooryan thought for a while and spoke,” Dr I have a copy of that proofs against Yuvan Raichand, if you give me the death certificate stating they were poisoned then I can publish everything in tomorrow’s newspaper.”
Aryan handed over the death certificate to him and left for his house….he was anxious and impatient to read tomorrow’s newspaper, but he did not show his fears to his beloved family….His small world was blessed with God’s grace….he had loving old parents and a faithful trustworthy wife and a eight year old brave son who was the apple of everyone’s eyes….

He took his son in his arms and cradled his face,” Arjun always remember we all have to pay for our sins in this birth itself so always walk on the path of truth.”
Little Arjun nodded positively and earned a loving peck on his forehead from his father…
Next morning Aryan had scattered all the newspapers to read all that journalist assured him to publish but that was nowhere to be found….he hurriedly headed towards the hospital and was shocked to see sooryan lying on a bed and gasping and struggling to breath…he was trying to tell him something but his voice was not audile to Aryan and finally he breathed his last leaving behind the city full of evil and taking with him the last hope to establish humanity again….

Aryan was still trying cope up with sooryan’s death when he received a threatening call from a man who was working for Yuvan….Aryan was asked about the alleged proofs which sooryan had informed him about but he himself didn’t knew where sooryan had kept them….

Aryan was framed in a forgery and his house was burned by people….his father and wife died on the spot but his mom left with her grandson Arjun clasped to her blossom….Aryan died in a shock of the horrors Yuvan Raichand had caused..
His mother left little arjun in front of the gate of an orphanage and later she was killed by someone… The horrible heart wrenching events of the day took away the childhood and tenderness of little Arjun’s innocent heart and made him rigid as stone… He vowed to destroy the one who budged inside his small world and created havoc….Later he was adopted by Nandini and she became the one who could bend Arjun according to her will owing to the abiding love and care she showered on Arjun…

Arjun revenge was just on fuelled by the event in his college life but he wanted to seek revenge from Yash Raichand’s entire family for snatching away his loved ones and making him so cold hearted….

Precap- Arjun receives a clue about that file….Radhika and ARadhya sweet moments….Radhika’s bitter words hurt Arjun…

I know it was short…sorry for that…will update soon…This one z dedicated to Sree di….you r a swthrt my pikachuuuu….love you my dear….stay blessed…Till then byee to all…I’ll be back soon….love you all…have a great day ahead…

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